Overview of the latest cohort of 6 projects from Outlier Ventures Base Camp accelerator:

Author: Blocking0xxz

On June 8th, 2023, encrypted VC Outlier Venture announced that the latest six project list of the Outlier Ventures Base Camp accelerator, which it cooperated with Decasonic, was determined. Outlier Venture said that this 12-week acceleration activity focuses on mainstream Web3, scalable blockchain infrastructure, and AI-driven blockchain.

These six projects are: Assisterr, Bubble, Continuum, OkTY, Contented, Neuron.

Blocking takes you to quickly browse these six projects.


Assisterr is an AI assistant that uses large language models and GPT models to generate user-customized research reports and market insights through social, news, on-chain, and financial data sources, focusing on generating encrypted market analysis and customized investment portfolio market performance reports for experienced traders. Their technology uses large language models and GPT models to obtain information from social, news, on-chain, and financial data sources, and generate user-customized research reports and market insights. They offer free and paid service models, providing software as a service for standard, advanced, and professional traders.


Bubble is a communication layer that connects the Web3 community with various Web3 applications and communication protocols. Their omni-channel approach allows community managers to broadcast messages to their communities through Web3 applications, wallets, markets, and Web2 platforms such as email, Twitter, and Discord, including community announcements, lottery and issuance information, etc. They focus on business models.


Continuum is a learning platform that makes professional learning fast, fun, and social through short-term courses and rewards. Continuum collaborates with Web3 brands to build and publish engaging educational content on their website. Learners can improve their skills in brand-related fields and receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and NFTs. This approach combines education, gamification, and incentive mechanisms to encourage learners to engage with content and develop their skills on-chain.


OkTY is a data-driven platform that helps brands reverse user churn, increase conversion rates, and increase user stickiness; while helping their Gen Z users monetize data for the purchase of their favorite brand products and services. To achieve this goal, OkTY has created a set of products, including unique data-paid tools that provide brands with higher return on investment. OkTY seamlessly integrates into online stores and subscription partners, allowing customers to choose to share their data and convert it into value (cash/digital currency) for purchases at their preferred retailers, creators, or subscription platforms. By doing so, OkTY optimizes brand advertising spending, maximizes customer engagement, and increases sales performance.


Contented provides a better, faster, and more cost-effective way for brands to attract and reward creators. Its decentralized ecosystem promotes collaboration, harnesses the power of AI to enhance creative talent, and puts more power and profit into the hands of professional and emerging creative talent. This community-driven platform will become the preferred content platform for buyers, creators, and Web3 builders.


Neuron is a Web3 protocol that allows software applications to discover and connect to IoT devices. The protocol rewards device contributors, lowers the barrier to entry for developers, and is designed to serve the interests of all community members.

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