Evening Read | The Value and Ambition of Worldcoin

1. Coinlist: A Comprehensive Explanation of Archway, the Cosmos Native L1 Public Chain

Archway is a Cosmos native L1 blockchain that supports developers in capturing the value they bring to the network through a novel, developer-centric economic mode. Click to read.

2. Variant Fund Partner: Should Web3 Social Networks Prioritize Assets or Ideas?

I see two main approaches to building Web3 social networks: asset-first or idea-first. The asset-first approach focuses on users’ desire for profit, unlocking potential opportunities through digital ownership and placing funds at the forefront of the platform. Financialized features allow users to consume, collect, and earn money within the network. Click to read.

3. This Week’s Focus on Cryptocurrency Policy in Hong Kong

This week, Hong Kong’s actions on the direction of cryptocurrency-related policies can be described as frequent. Not only did the SFC hold a press conference on the 23rd to summarize its views on virtual assets, but it also published multiple guidelines related to cryptocurrencies in the constitutional report yesterday, further elaborating and explaining various aspects such as retail trading, stablecoins, and money laundering. Click to read.

4. DCG Announces Closure of TradeBlock: The End of an Era?

Digital Currency Group (DCG) announced the closure of its subsidiary TradeBlock, citing the uncertainty of the US digital asset regulatory environment and the extension of the Crypto “winter”. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the platform has provided trading execution, pricing, and bulk brokerage services to institutional investors and will cease operations on May 31, 2023. Click to read.

5. The Value and Ambition of Worldcoin

chatGPT has continued to heat up in the first half of the year, with many bloggers in the cryptocurrency circle beginning to use prompt techniques for daily updates and a lot of funding going into the AI field. In Web3, almost the entire first half of the year was filled with various short-term memes and artificial hot topic narratives, with few innovative products. Worldcoin can be considered one of them. This project has recently gained a lot of attention, and I personally think it is mainly due to the halo effect of Sam Altman. Click to read.

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