From Zero to $100 Million: Jack Butcher’s Journey from Employee to Creator of VV Checks

Cryptocurrency KOL starzq.eth introduced the background of VV Checks founder Jack Butcher, and detailed how he discovered and established his own positioning and brand, as well as how he turned his skills into a product that can be standardized and sold.

2019: Paid to exhibit VV original posters for $20 each; Early 2020: Bank account only had $58 left; End of 2020: Received $1 million in “sleep income”; January 2023: Launch VV Checks, with transaction volume exceeding $100 million; May 2023: Checks Element exhibited and auctioned at Christie’s.

How to discover and establish your own positioning and brand? Jack Butcher greatly narrowed my attention and focused on solving the uniqueness problem: making complex things easy to understand through visual design. He examined his own experience and realized that he had spent years making presentations for clients at work, while most of his colleagues were not good at or interested in this work. The purpose of these presentations was to visualize intangible concepts: how the logic of software products works, how process X saves company time, and so on.

How to turn your skills into sellable, standardized products? Based on his unique skill of “making complex things easy to understand through visual design,” Jack Butcher posts 2-3 visual design contents on Twitter and Instagram every day, mainly philosophical quotes and mental models, gradually attracting interactions and consultations from some small businesses, proving that his unique skills have interested paying users. Jack’s income from “services” fluctuates greatly, with the main bottleneck being how much time he can sell. After launching his “product,” he successfully broke through the time barrier, earning over three times the income of “services” in a shorter time and without extra labor, ultimately bringing in over $1 million in product sales that year.


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