Quick Look at a16z’s Investment Landscape in Q1 2023

Observing the capital movements of venture capital funds can help users discover market trends early. Undoubtedly, a16z is a venture capital institution that must be followed. Cryptocurrency researcher Surf outlined a16z’s investment trends in the first quarter of 2023.

The asset management scale of a16z is $35 billion, with investment focuses on biotechnology, consumer goods, enterprise IT, securities, fintech, and gaming. In terms of trends, a16z is entering the AI industry, including investing $300 million in OpenAI, $50 million in medical AI company HippocraticAI, and $100 million in vector database Pinecone. In addition, their current investment portfolio includes holdings of UNI worth approximately $74.4 million, COMP worth approximately $8.82 million, and MKR worth approximately $2.59 million.

a16z’s top five cryptocurrency projects invested in the first quarter of 2023 are: 1) Story Protocol, aimed at changing the way metaverse is created with Web3 technology, providing a way to create, manage, and authorize IP on-chain; 2) LayerZero, a blockchain message transmission protocol developer that allows applications to cross chains and solves cross-chain communication problems; 3) Capsule Wallets, an infrastructure provider for encrypted wallets, dedicated to helping developers create transaction wallets with interoperability; 4) Town, hoping to create a digital town square through decentralization and Web3, where members can define boundaries, establish rules, and build the world they want; 5) Stelo Labs, a software company that protects users from phishing and fraud.

Reference: https://twitter.com/0xsurferboy/status/1661688636847575040

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