How to find and track whale wallet addresses

In cryptocurrency trading, mastering some basic research methods is crucial for investment. Cryptocurrency researcher 0xUnicorn shared a simple method for finding whales in the market, as well as the on-chain tools and websites involved in the process.

How to find whale wallets: 1) Visit dexscreener, select new pairs, winners and losers, or even just choose a single chain on the left to explore any interesting currency pairs (such as tokens that have surged 100% in the past 24 hours), click on the pair, and then copy the token address; 2) Then visit bubblemaps, paste the copied token address, click enter, and you can see a series of wallets that hold this token, select any larger or recently active one, and copy the wallet address; 3) Visit Zerion, paste the copied wallet address, and you can view the whale’s holdings and transactions and learn about their latest trades.


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