Worldcoin’s Open Letter on Coin Issuance A New Identity and Financial Network for 8 Billion People Worldwide, Now Open!

Today, Worldcoin officially launched its token WLD.

Worldcoin’s official Twitter account released an open letter co-signed by Worldcoin founders Alex Blania and Sam Altman. The letter has been translated by Odaily Star Daily and is as follows:

Over three years ago, we founded Worldcoin with the vision of creating a new global identity and financial network that is collectively owned by everyone. Today, this project is officially launched. If successful, we believe that Worldcoin can greatly increase economic opportunities, provide a reliable solution for distinguishing between humans and AI while protecting privacy, promote global democratic processes, and ultimately demonstrate a potential AI-funded UBI path. (Note: UBI stands for Universal Basic Income.)

Worldcoin consists of a privacy-protecting digital identity (World ID) and a digital currency WLD that can be obtained solely for being human (where permitted by law). In places where the rules are unclear, such as the United States, we will take measures to benefit more people.

You can now download the World App, the first protocol-compatible wallet that reserves a share for you. After accessing Orb (biometric verification device), you will obtain your World ID. This allows you to prove online that you are a real and unique individual while fully protecting your privacy.

As Orb’s global distribution accelerates, you can find the nearest Orb and make an appointment for verification on and the World App.

Worldcoin is attempting to achieve consensus on a global scale, and this journey is challenging with an uncertain outcome. However, seeking new ways to widely share the upcoming technological prosperity is a daunting challenge of our time. We hope you can join us.

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