OpenAI releases new feature now you can customize the personality of ChatGPT.

①From the actual use, this function is equivalent to setting a “prompt word” at the system level;

②In addition to using the GPT model, custom instructions can also be used in patch mode.

July 21st, according to Cailian News, on Thursday local time, OpenAI announced that it has added a new feature called Custom instructions to ChatGPT: customizing some instructions for the chatbot at the system level, making the chatbot more personalized and better meeting the needs of users.

(Source: OpenAI)

After communicating with users around the world, OpenAI realized that in order to meet the unique needs of different regions and backgrounds, it is necessary to add some “controllability” to the chatbot. So this new feature allows users to set a series of requirements for the chatbot themselves and become the preset background when starting a new chat.

In simple terms, this is setting system-level “prompt words”, avoiding the need for users to train ChatGPT every time they start a new chat, including the fields “who the user is” and “what requirements the user has for the chatbot”.

In the example provided by the official, a teacher who teaches 3rd-grade science courses can ask the chatbot to provide elementary school teaching materials, and explain the pros and cons of discussing these topics in elementary school classrooms in the form of a table, such as whether elementary school students can understand these topics. Before this feature, ChatGPT would just throw out a bunch of proprietary terms.

(Comparison before and after using Custom instructions, Source: OpenAI)

Similarly, users can also preset their own identities and the instructions that the chatbot needs to follow in the replies. For example, a software programmer can ask ChatGPT to answer questions using specified code (instead of the default Python) without explanation; users can also preset their location, so the chatbot will be more “down-to-earth” when recommending recipes.

OpenAI stated that this feature has been launched on Thursday and is already available for Plus users outside of the EU and the UK, and will be expanded to all users in the coming weeks. In addition to using the GPT model, custom instructions can also be used in patch mode.

According to our actual test, the biggest effect of this feature is to reduce the steps for ChatGPT to understand the desired results from the user.

For example, we asked ChatGPT to play the role of a mental counselor with experience in the securities industry and to include charts as much as possible in the replies. Then we asked it a question about how to deal with investment losses.

Without using custom instructions, ChatGPT would only vaguely say things like “you need to study and learn more” and “focus on long-term investment value”.

After setting the instructions, ChatGPT naturally took on the identity of a “mental counselor” and deepened its understanding of the securities industry. Of course, ChatGPT also did not forget the instructions and even made a table to summarize the answer.

Of course, this is just a very basic trial. In the comments section of OpenAI, some users have expressed that this feature allows them to customize the writing style of ChatGPT, avoiding the need to repeatedly copy and paste a bunch of prompts. Many users also look forward to this being just the first step towards a personalized and customized path for ChatGPT in the future.

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