Deciphering Starknet’s 2023 roadmap, when will it become faster and more stable?

Starknet has been criticized by users for being slow and unstable. Coingeener, a cryptocurrency researcher, has reviewed the roadmap for Starknet for each quarter of 2023. These plans will bring significant improvements in performance and cost to Starknet.

Originally, this year Starknet was planning to undergo a Regenesis upgrade, which would involve migrating from Cairo to Cairo 1.0, a Rust-based language. Cairo 0 would be removed from the network, and all contracts would be migrated to Cairo 1.0. When this change was first planned, it meant restarting the blocks and clearing all history. However, this was later abandoned, and Starknet opted to provide a more seamless option for users, in which the network would be fully protected.

Future roadmap: 1) Throughput and Latency (Version 0.12.0, Q2 2023): New Rust-based sorter (open source), new Rust-based Cairo VM (open source), and significantly reduced block execution times post-update. 2) Cheaper Transaction Costs (Version 0.13.0, Q3 2023): Supporting Volition and EIP-4833, where Volition can choose to store data on or off the chain, which accounts for 95% of the cost. EIP-4844 will provide a solution for data sent to Ethereum and significantly reduce the cost of rollups.

3) Fee Market (Version 0.13.0, Q4 2023): Improvements made prior to this update will result in a significant increase in network performance. However, in times of network congestion, it will change based on current traffic, not just transaction order. 4) Shorter and Fixed Blocks (Version 0.15.0, Q4 2023): Currently, each block is set at a fixed cost, and sufficient transaction volume is required before reaching this cost. After the upgrade, each block will have a fixed duration. Proofs will be sent within 2-3 blocks.


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