Evening Must-Read | How is the current situation of Ethereum given the dual expectations of futures ETF and Cancun upgrade?

1. Overview of the Top Ten Winning Projects of ETHGlobal Superhack 2023

On August 19, 2023, the three-week ETHGlobal Superhack hackathon concluded, and 10 winners were selected from 295 projects submitted by 1,200 hackers from 87 countries and 26 time zones. Click to read more

2. Why is friend.tech becoming popular?

I want to write an article about friend.tech, explaining why I believe it will continue to grow and be a part of the first wave of Web3 social. I didn’t pay enough attention to the growth of TG Bots, so I promised myself to be more proactive when potential new Metas appear. Click to read more

3. The Explosive Growth of friend.tech: An Overview of the Top 5 Hot Data Tracking Tools

On August 18, Bitcoin fell below $26,000 multiple times, and a combination of factors once again plunged the entire cryptocurrency market into deep bearish sentiment. However, while the community mourned the “8ยท18 in the crypto world,” a social project attracted attention with impressive data. As of August 21, friend.tech has a trading volume of over 30,000 ETH and protocol revenue of 1,383 ETH. In the past 24 hours alone, friend.tech generated nearly $710,000 in protocol revenue, surpassing well-known DeFi protocols like MakerDAO and Lido, second only to Ethereum and TRON. Click to read more

4. The Recent Situation of Ethereum under the Dual Expectations of Futures ETF and Cancun Upgrade

Since the London upgrade in August 2021, the Ethereum blockchain has implemented the ETH burning mechanism to optimize transaction fees. EIP-1559 divides the gas fees that users need to pay to miners on Ethereum into two parts: base fee and miner tip. The base fee is a fee that users must pay and will be burned instead of going to miners, while the miner tip is a dynamic fee used to incentivize miners to prioritize users’ transactions during network congestion. Click to read more

5. As Challenges Rise, Is the Era of Airdrops Coming to an End?

It was probably around March 2022 when a news article caught my attention: “Aptos Raises $200 Million in a16z-led Strategic Financing.” It can be said that the story of the Move ecosystem started to develop after this news was released, and many projects related to the Move language and communities emerged. However, what I want to share is not the development of the Move ecosystem, but another fascinating story behind Aptos, which has been popular for over a year since then: interactive airdrops. Click to read more

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