List of Top Ten Winning Projects at ETHGlobal Superhack 2023

Author: LianGuai0xxz

On August 19, 2023, the three-week ETHGlobal Superhack hackathon came to an end, and 10 winners were selected from 295 projects submitted by 1200 hackers from 87 countries and 26 time zones.

ETHGlobal Superhack is an event that brings together some of the top thinkers and experts in the Ethereum ecosystem. By providing rich web3 resources such as mentors, sponsors, and software, the hackathon teams are able to create great products in just 3 weeks. Each hackathon team can have up to five members.

The 10 winning projects are: Shadow Rollup, Clink Safe, PerCapita, Stardust CCIP, On-Chain Review, Shortcuts, Atestamint, GlobeGrafter, Refer, and Supersearch.

Here are the introductions of the 10 winning projects:

Shadow Rollup: Creates a Rollup that is a complete mirror of another Rollup, with some additional rules in its execution engine. These rules record and track the gas consumption of each smart contract in the other Rollup and store the data on-chain.

Clink Safe: Clink is the simplest way to send and receive encrypted tokens. With Clink, anyone can deposit tokens and send them to another person, regardless of whether they already have a crypto wallet.

PerCapita: A decentralized initial NFT distribution platform that utilizes blockchain protocols to ensure transparency, scalability, and verifiability.

Stardust CCIP: A space business game where players transport secret cargo between different blockchains using CCIP and SHA256 hashes. Built with Godot, Godot Rust, and Ethers-rs.

On-Chain Review: Reviewing deployed contracts? Difficult. Even more challenging in a multi-chain world. On-Chain Review is a code viewer that visualizes cross-chain deployed contracts with trusted proofs from colleagues and auditors.

Shortcuts: Merge chain transactions into shortcuts, define inputs, and execute them from EOA or Safe. These shortcuts can also be shared with others.

Atestamint: An NFT launchpad and smart insurance vault that ensures responsible use of funds.

GlobeGrafter: GlobeGrafter aims to help game developers develop Roguelike games in the web3 environment. The competition has completed RNG, map generation, and a rogue-like game made with this module.

Refer: Refer is an anti-witch recommendation protocol for on-chain activities. It is a codeless tool supported by a new protocol for setting up and participating in on-chain referral activities. It showcases Worldcoin’s proof of humanity, LayerZero’s cross-chain, and Safe and Pimlico’s account abstractions.

Supersearch: Supersearch is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily search for transactions, accounts, and other data on the Ethereum blockchain.

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