Collection of Key Comments: What are Your Unpopular Cryptocurrency Views?

We (cryptocurrencies) will not change the world.

On July 8th, Blockcrunch founder Jason Choi conducted a poll on Twitter called “What unpopular cryptocurrency opinions do you have?” As of July 13th, the survey has received nearly 4.4 million views.

There were some interesting opinions and insights such as “GameFi is a false proposition”, “There won’t be a new high after halving, ETH will surpass BTC and perform much better than BTC in the next decade”, “Most applications don’t need tokens” and so on.

Removing boring advertisements and marketing, DeepTide TechFlow collected some of these opinions and saw if these unpopular “swords of thought” can resonate with you.

Gab Yang, Arccommunity

We (cryptocurrencies) will not change the world.

Westie and Hemic, founders of SODIUM

Product-market fit (PMF) comes before decentralization. The importance of PMF is much greater than any decentralization element, and all modular technology stacks converge on the same thing, so as long as you get PMF, it doesn’t matter where you build it.

Jordan, Founder of SojuDAO

We need more applications and less infrastructure. The current infrastructure can support new consumer applications, but Web3 has not built applications that attract new people, and infrastructure is severely overvalued compared to applications. But most VCs like infrastructure.

Craig Anthony

Zero-knowledge proof is a technology beyond blockchain.


We are self-paralyzing, the number of people in the entire circle is decreasing, the number of active users using wallets is decreasing, and the entire ecology is becoming more and more isolated, but we believe that mass adoption is coming.

ZachXBT, a well-known on-chain detective

For 99% of people, it’s not worth risking funds in DeFi.


Whether a project can succeed does not depend on investment institutions (big names) or the amount of funds raised. Instead, less financing will allow the project to profit from the project itself.

Ryan Berckmans ryanb

Continuing to waste billions of dollars on Bitcoin mining instead of building industries is doing more harm to the industry than most insiders know. At today’s prices, the daily cost of BTC mining requires funding for 20 rounds of seed rounds.


By the peak of the bull market, ETH will outperform all L2 tokens.

Brent Xu, Umee Co-founder

Cryptocurrencies and DeFi will eventually move towards semi-regulatory status.

Mr F, BitGlyphs Founder

Bitcoin doesn’t need to exist. It’s slower, more expensive, and much less practical than Ethereum, while also consuming a lot of energy. PoW and Bitcoin have brought us to where we are today, which is incredible, but they need to disappear.

Zaheer: Split Capital

Most of the ideals of cryptocurrencies will not be realized, but this does not mean failure.


GameFi is a false proposition.


There will be no new highs after the halving, ETH will surpass BTC, and its performance over the next decade will be far superior to BTC.


Only BTC and ETH can survive in the long run, with BTC as a commodity (digital gold); Ethereum as a gambling chain – where all Ponzi schemes thrive and die.

Richard Chen, 1confirmation Partner

In 6 years, the total market value of NFTs will exceed the market value of all cryptocurrencies except BTC, ETH, and stablecoins.

lightspeed mert ´╝îHelius CEO

Solana will become the most frequently used chain in the next 5 years.

Devansh Mehta

The next billion crypto users will come not from gaming, but from reliable oracles transmitting real-world data to the chain.

CL, eGirl Capital Partner

VR will be the singularity that eliminates human social distance, and digital currencies will be the basic transaction medium in this new reality. 90% of industries (such as automobiles and airlines) that exist to shorten distances will face bankruptcy. All of this may take 20-30 years.

Martin Krung

Tokenization is beneficial for people to earn money, but it will kill most projects because the incentives disappear.

kevinjlu, Scalene co-founder

In the world of Web3, people’s attention is constantly shifting to new and exciting developments. However, it is important to remember that building a successful and sustainable industry is about prioritizing the people and talent involved.

Lex Moskovski

Mainstream adoption is a mistake. We don’t need enough regulations to make up for the strengthened regulatory scrutiny. Cryptocurrencies should be an elite club that anyone willing to work hard can join, just like the internet.

viksit, Solarplex

Blockchain will disappear from collective consciousness and become another foundational layer that people are not aware of.

jaimin, Caddi founder

In the next 5 years, most tokens in the United States will become securities. In the next 30 years, most securities will become tokens.

Raman Sha, builder of Crypto Jobs List

People spend 90% of their energy building some esoteric projects (NFTs, DeFi, etc.), and less than 10% on mass adoption, basic payments, etc.

Claire Kart, VP of Marketing at Mina Foundation

Communities are not built by giving money away.

michaellwy, contributor to Blockcrunch

Account abstraction (EIP 4337) is not some panacea that “attracts the next billion users.”


Huge financial rewards are needed to attract newcomers.

Coin Bureau, well-known crypto KOL

If cryptocurrencies continue to rely on centralized stablecoins, they will eventually become a worse version of the existing financial system rather than an alternative solution.

boost, NEAR Foundation collaborating engineer

Cryptocurrencies are only suitable for niche use cases, not mainstream adoption.

Shawn, Artichoke Capital

Most applications do not need tokens.

Blockingrv, founder of Estate Protocol

“Being more decentralized or changing the way the same thing is done does not bring about large-scale adoption. People will only join in when we improve the user experience of what they care about.”

Brendan, Co-founder of Dharma

The adoption of cryptocurrencies will not follow the technology adoption curve and will be much slower than most people hope/believe. This is because cryptocurrencies are more of a cultural revolution than a technological one, and cultural revolutions are more about generational shifts than changes in thinking.

Ouriel, CEO of Zengo

Defi is not decentralized. Hardware wallets are not secure solutions for storing cryptocurrencies. Most layer 2 solutions are useless.

cc (e/acc)

VC is largely incompatible with the ideals claimed by cryptocurrencies and is not a very good public financing product.

Bisol, Founder of Mycryptopedia

Fiat currency is a good thing, as it stimulates economic and technological growth. Cryptocurrencies with a fixed supply will never be important candidates for replacing the monetary system.

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