Inventory of OP Stack’s star projects and airdrop interaction strategies

In this article, we delve into OP Stack, a modular and open-source solution that aims to provide a highly scalable and highly interoperable platform for blockchain development. The article focuses on five star projects being built on OP Stack, including Base, opBNB, Zora Network, Public Goods Network, and Worldcoin, each exploring their unique innovative approaches. Whether you’re interested in basic information about each project or their airdrop strategies, this article provides detailed information. In addition, the article includes various useful resources, including project documentation, GitHub links, and even how to add these projects to your wallet. If you’re interested in blockchain technology, the future of the financial ecosystem, or digital asset airdrops, this article is an excellent read.

Let’s explore together:

  • What is OP Stack?
  • Five star projects being built on OP Stack.

Special feature: Alpha airdrop strategies on how to interact with each major project. 🪂

Introduction to OP Stack

What is OP Stack?


💡 "OP Stack is a modular and open-source blueprint for building highly scalable and highly interoperable blockchains." OP Stack

Here are five star projects being built on OP Stack:

  • @BuildOnBase
  • @ourZORA
  • @pgn_eth
  • @worldcoin



💡 “Base is a secure, low-cost, and developer-friendly Ethereum L2, aiming to onboard the next billion users to Web3.”

Base🔵 Basic Information

  • 🔗
  • Built by Coinbase
  • Coinbase funding: over $500 million
  • Possible $BASE token, but not confirmed
  • Base testnet is live

Base🔵 Airdrop Strategy 🪂

  • Mint “Base, Introduced” on Zora🔗
  • Cross-chain GAS to Base testnet🔗
  • Complete Base quests🔗
  • Run a Base testnet node🔗

Base🔵 Resource List

  • Base documentation🔗
  • Base GitHub🔗
  • Add Base testnet to your wallet🔗
  • Base testnet $ETH faucet🔗



💡 “This is an optimized Layer 2 solution aimed at unlocking the full potential of the BNB chain with lower fees and higher throughput.”

opBNB🟡 Basic Information

  • 🔗
  • Built by Binance
  • It is unlikely that $opBNB tokens will appear, but no confirmation
  • opBNB testnet is now live

opBNB🟡 Airdrop Strategy 🪂

  • Cross-chain BNB Gas to opBNB testnet🔗
  • Explore the opBNB ecosystem🔗
  • Run an opBNB testnet node🔗

opBNB🟡 Resource Collection

  • opBNB documentation🔗
  • opBNB GitHub🔗
  • Add opBNB testnet to your wallet🔗
  • opBNB testnet $BNB faucet🔗

Zora Network⚪

💡 “Zora Network is a fast, cost-effective, and scalable Layer 2 network designed to bring media to the blockchain. Many Layer 2 networks currently focus on DeFi, while Zora Network is an ecosystem centered around NFTs.”

Zora Network⚪ Basic Information

  • 🔗
  • Zora funding: $60 million
  • Zora supporters: LianGuairadigm, Coinbase Ventures, etc.
  • Confirmed existence of $ZORA tokens
  • Zora has launched on the Ethereum mainnet
  • Zora Network mainnet is now live

Zora Network⚪ Airdrop Strategy 🪂

  • Mint NFTs on Zora (Ethereum and Zora Network)🔗
  • Cross-chain GAS to Zora Network mainnet🔗
  • Mint “Energy” NFTs on Zora Network🔗

Zora Network⚪ Resource Collection

  • Zora Network documentation🔗
  • Zora Network GitHub🔗
  • Add Zora Network to your wallet🔗

Public Goods Network🟢

💡 “PGN is a digital Sherwood Forest and the world’s first Layer 2 dedicated to creating persistent and recurring funding for public goods.”

PGN🟢 Basic Information

  • 🔗
  • Supported by Gitcoin, Public Nouns, Protocol Labs, etc.
  • There may be $PGN tokens, but it is not confirmed
  • Public Goods Network testnet is now live

PGN🟢 Airdrop Strategy 🪂

  • Transfer GAS from other chains to PGN testnet🔗
  • Stay updated with the latest news about PGN🔗

PGN🟢 Resource Collection

  • Public Goods Network documentation🔗 ****
  • Add Public Goods Network testnet to your wallet🔗
  • Public Goods Network testnet $PGNETH faucet🔗



💡 “Worldcoin is building the world’s largest identity and financial network as a public utility, giving everyone ownership.”

Worldcoin👁️ Basic Information

  • 🔗
  • Founded by Sam Altman (OpenAI ~ChatGPT CEO)
  • Funding for Worldcoin: $125 million
  • Backed by supporters such as a16z, Coinbase Ventures, etc.
  • Confirmed existence of $WLD token
  • Worldcoin is live on the Optimism mainnet

Worldcoin👁️ Privacy Notice

  • ⚠️Please read the following content before engaging with Worldcoin⚠️
  • Worldcoin privacy notice🔗
  • Worldcoin biometric data consent form🔗
  • ⚠️Consider reading before proceeding with Worldcoin strategy⚠️

Worldcoin👁️ Airdrop Strategy 🪂

  • Download the World App🔗
  • Get a World ID🔗
  • Apply to become a Worldcoin operator🔗

Further Reading

OP Stack🔴🔵🟡⚪🟢👁️ is not alone.

Arbitrum Orbit, zkSync Hyperchains, StarkNet Stack, and Polygon Stack are also under development.👀🪂

“The Layer-2 Evolution: Superchains, L3s, and More”

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