Nansen: Decoding on-chain data on Starknet

More than 500,000 unique wallets have been bridged from Ethereum to Starknet, with over $65 million deposited on the network. Nansen analyzed the wallets and protocols bridged to Starknet on-chain.

Since the mid-March increase in deposit limits, Starknet deposits have accelerated significantly. ETH is the main bridging asset (accounting for nearly 75%), mainly because it has the highest limit set by StarkWare to date.

The bridging amounts for most wallets are very low. 60% of depositors have deposit amounts between 1-100 USD; 94% of depositors have bridging amounts below 1,000 USD; this indicates the risk of airdrop mining, witch wallets, and deposits on new networks. The usage time for most wallets (~75%) is less than one year.

What are the protocols ranked highest by total locked value? JediSwap is the dominant player, with a TVL of more than twice that of the second-ranked protocol. The only non-AMM in the top 5 is the lending protocol zkLend.


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