Starknet’s four major games in the ecosystem: LootRealms, influenceth, TheDopeWars, CafeCosmosHQ

Currently, full-chain games have no correlation with 3A quality or game depth. Their significance lies in opening up new gaming opportunities through decentralization, composability, and longevity. Cryptocurrency KOL NingNing introduced the four full-chain games known as the “Four Heavenly Kings” in the Starknet ecosystem.

1) LootRealms is a full-chain game that focuses on the concept of self-owned worlds. Currently, only its Play2Die text RPG game LootSurvivor is available to play.

2) Influenceth is a sci-fi strategy MMO game that focuses on construction, mining, trading, and exploration. Personally, I see it as an enhanced version of darkforest_eth.

3) TheDopeWars is a hip-hop pixel-style strategy game that has released its own coin (ERC20). Its popularity is relatively low.

4) CafeCosmosHQ is a casual life simulation game with a Doodles-style art. It is currently in the prototype stage, and players can plant, craft, socialize, and more in the game. It also has a unique game economy model.


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