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With large language models like ChatGPT sweeping into people’s daily lives, the future development of AI has also sparked countless imaginations. A wave of AI fever has swept the world, and blockchain is also inevitably affected by AI, and related concept tokens and projects have been mentioned to varying degrees.

Blockchain and AI, as technologies that can change the current “game” rules, both have the potential to completely change the entire world. Blockchain is known for its security and decentralization, while the large language models born out of AI have already shocked people. Although these two technologies seem unrelated at first glance, their collision complements and strengthens each other, showing a unique and amazing synergistic effect.

From enhancing trust verification to improving collaboration, data sharing, and application cases of algorithm fusion, the combination of blockchain and AI provides a series of benefits that can help enterprises and individuals.

Currently, the combination of blockchain and AI will usher in an automated intelligent decision-making system, which outputs very reliable results and triggers real-world operations based on tamper-evident data. The combination of blockchain and AI will also unlock new business models, improve operational efficiency for enterprises, automatically complete repetitive work for individuals, exchange data more securely and efficiently, enhance decision-making processes through AI smart contracts, and improve trust and transparency in critical infrastructure and transaction processes. The combination of blockchain and AI will not only benefit traditional business applications, but will also extend to other fields. By combining the powerful analytical capabilities of AI with the security and decentralization advantages of blockchain, it can be applied to various fields such as education, healthcare, energy, society, agriculture, and urban planning, to better make decisions based on data and improve resource management efficiency.

In this article, we will explore the development and progress of blockchain + AI.

01 AI Algorithm Helps Blockchain

The intersection of blockchain and AI algorithms is an exciting new field that has the potential to create new applications that are more secure, transparent, and efficient. AI algorithms can be used to analyze data stored on the blockchain to identify and make predictions, while blockchain technology can in turn ensure the integrity and security of data. Blockchain technology can serve as a secure and transparent platform for storing and sharing data, which is crucial for AI applications that rely on big data.

Currently, AI algorithms are selected based on the specific application scenarios and domains, in order to achieve the optimal solution. AI algorithms continue to break through and innovate, continuously improving the accuracy and efficiency of algorithm models, and are being applied and implemented in various specific fields.

SingularityNET is a typical case of AI algorithms being specifically applied in blockchain. SingularityNET’s vision is to establish a decentralized AI platform, allowing various AI algorithms and tools to collaborate and communicate with each other, in order to promote AGI (Artificial General Intelligence). AGI can learn and adapt to new situations flexibly like humans, and can autonomously perform reasoning and decision-making. Although significant progress has been made in current AI technology, many technical problems and ethical issues need to be overcome to achieve true AGI. SingularityNET believes that only effective collaboration and interconnection between various AI algorithms and tools can accelerate the realization of AGI and promote the development of the entire AI field.

Another case of AI algorithms is, which is an AI application chain built on Cosmos-SDK. Its vision is to build a decentralized intelligent world, and to achieve functions such as intelligent self-organization, intelligent contracts, and intelligent agents through blockchain technology and AI algorithms. has its own AI agent framework and algorithms, which can be applied in different fields and scenarios. Currently, has built a series of ecological applications on its own AI technology, such as Resonate (Social+AI Feed), MOBIX (Move to Earn), and Atomix (DeFi Protocol), and is currently exploring the integration of AI and blockchain applications.

The integration of AI algorithms into blockchain projects makes them more intelligent. This is the change that AI brings to blockchain. However, at the same time, the characteristics of blockchain are also improving the problems that exist in AI.

Through using blockchain technology to store and share data, AI researchers can ensure that their data is secure, tamper-proof, and can only be accessed by relevant parties. In addition, the transparency promoted by blockchain allows easy tracking of data access, which provides answers to pressing issues such as data privacy and compliance.

From a technical perspective, the decentralized nature of blockchain ensures that no entity controls the data, making it almost impossible for malicious actors to change or manipulate information. This is particularly valuable in industries with the highest data privacy and security requirements, such as healthcare, finance, and government, among others.

02 Blockchain Improves AI Shortcomings

Ocean Protocol is one of the decentralized data exchange protocols that establishes a decentralized data market for data providers and users, allowing AI developers to exchange data more securely and reliably on the platform. Ocean Protocol adopts a blockchain-based data market model that allows data owners to publish their datasets to the market and control access and use of the data using smart contracts. Ocean Protocol’s current partners include not only traditional industry giants such as IBM and Mercedes-Benz, but also many blockchain projects such as Balancer (DeFi protocol), Cretik (contract audit), SingularityNET, etc. Its partnership includes but is not limited to jointly launching blockchain-based data markets, data sharing, data privacy protection, data analysis, and AI applications. Ocean Protocol’s development momentum is good, attracting more and more data providers and partners, and also gaining more and more recognition and support.

From a business perspective, blockchain-enhanced trust and verified AI can bring significant competitive advantages. Trustworthy and verifiable AI will enable enterprises to make wiser decisions, discover new opportunities, and reduce risks. In addition, blockchain technology also paves the way for new business models based on trust and verification.

In addition, blockchain technology can also help companies comply with regulatory requirements surrounding data privacy and security. The transparency of the blockchain makes data access tracking easier, which may be effective in proving compliance with regulations and helping companies avoid costly fines and legal disputes over the collection and use of data to train AI models.

By using blockchain to store and manage AI data and algorithms, users can be confident that their data has not been tampered with and that the algorithm is performing as expected. When blockchain is used as a data protection mechanism, it can enhance trust in AI, enabling businesses and individuals to confidently rely on AI for critical decision-making.

03 Conclusion

Over time, we will witness a closer integration of AI and blockchain, making the relationship between humans and AI more important than ever. In this evolutionary process, blockchain technology will play a key role.

AI faces various threats, such as forced shutdowns, data tampering leading to incorrect decisions, etc., all of which may hinder the progress of AI. However, blockchain technology can effectively protect AI from these threats. As AI intelligence approaches or even surpasses human intelligence, the decentralization and transparency of blockchain will protect humans from possible AI enslavement.

We should have a more open and inclusive attitude towards the development of AI and blockchain technology, whose synergy could bring revolutionary changes to many industries.

It is foreseeable that as the two technologies cross and improve each other, creative solutions will emerge, which will stimulate a series of industry transformations. People also look forward to seeing more breakthrough applications of AI+blockchain.

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