Multichain Announcement: Multichain assets have been transferred by unknown IP addresses and the CEO’s sister.

Author: Multichain Official Source: Twitter, @MultichainOrg Translation: Blocking


Since July 7th, the Multichain assets have been transferred abnormally twice, with a total amount of up to 265 million US dollars. The transfer event on July 7th was reported here:, and the abnormal transfer event on July 9th was reported here:

After the incident, the community generally suspected that it was an internal personnel behavior. On July 14th, the Multichain team issued an event announcement, stating that the user assets locked on the MPC address on July 7th were abnormally transferred to an unknown address, which was a behavior of an IP address in Kunming. On July 9th, the assets were abnormally transferred to the EOA address controlled by Zhaojun Sister.

However, Zhaojun Sister has been taken away by the police and lost contact, and the team was forced to stop operating Multichain.

1. On May 21, 2023, Zhaojun, the CEO of Multichain, was taken away by the Chinese police from his home and has since lost contact with the global Multichain team. The team contacted the MPC node operator and learned that their operation access keys to the MPC node server had been revoked. Moreover, these MPC node servers, like other ordinary servers, are actually run under Zhaojun’s personal cloud server account. There is no member in the team who can access Zhaojun’s personal cloud server account, so no one can log in to these MPC servers.

2. Subsequently, the Multichain team contacted Zhaojun’s family and learned that all of Zhaojun’s computers, mobile phones, hardware wallets, and mnemonics have been confiscated by the authorities. Since the start of the project, all operating funds and investor investments have been controlled by Zhaojun. This also means that all the team’s funds and access to the server are in the hands of Zhaojun and the police.

3. Due to the lack of case-related information, the Multichain team can only try to maintain the project operation through the remaining access rights on some non-MPC servers that have not been revoked. According to the lawyer’s advice, the team chooses to cooperate with the demands of Zhaojun’s family as much as possible and abide by the requirements of local laws and regulations, and does not disclose unauthorized case information to the public.

4. On May 30th, the team, in a responsible attitude towards the community, announced the news of Zhaojun’s disappearance and informed the community of the technical problems currently facing.

5. On June 4th, Zhaojun’s family successfully logged in to the cloud server platform using historical information on the home computer. However, Zhaojun’s family only allows Multichain team engineers to physically access their home computer to fix the technical issues of Router2 and Router5.

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