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Correct Management of MPC Wallets from the Multichain Incident

Loki, a researcher at NewFire Technology, explores how to effectively leverage the characteristics of MPC technology, such as preventing conflicts of interest, decentralized custody,…

The tragedy of Fantom’s fish pond How big is the vulnerability? Can it be self-resolved?

Fantom's ecosystem bears a determined shortfall of 56 million US dollars and a potential shortfall of 151 million US dollars due to the Multichain…

Multichain Announcement: Multichain assets have been transferred by unknown IP addresses and the CEO’s sister.

The disappearance of Multichain CEO Jun Zhao has caused multiple problems and plunged the project into crisis.

Analysis of Multichain Hack: A Mysterious Theft Case? Involving Approximately $126 Million in Funds

The cross-chain bridge project Multichain has been attacked, involving approximately $126 million in funds.

Multichain: Some cross-chain routing is currently unavailable due to force majeure, and the restoration time is unknown.

MultiChain, a cross-chain interoperability protocol, released a tweet stating that although most of the cross-chain routing on the MultiChain protocol is functioning properly, some…

What happened to Multichain? Cross-chain asset delay causes token to plummet by 35%.

Multiple users have posted on social media stating that assets transferred across chains using Multichain have not arrived after more than 48 hours, indicating…

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