Deep dive into cross L2 reading of wallets and other use cases

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin wrote an article exploring how to make it easier to read from L2 to L1, read from L1 to L2, or read from another L2 to L2. He believes that solving this problem is crucial for implementing asset/key separation architecture, and there are also valuable use cases in other areas such as cross-L2 calls.

1. The most realistic workflow for having a cross-chain social recovery wallet is to maintain a key repository in one location and maintain wallets in multiple locations.

2. A key factor in making this possible is cross-chain proof. Whether it is ZK-SNARKs, Verkle proofs, or custom KZG solutions, it seems to be the best choice.

3. In the long run, it will be necessary to have a bundler generate aggregate proof as part of an aggregation protocol that creates a bundle of all UserOperations submitted by users, in order to minimize costs. This may be integrated into the ERC-4337 ecosystem.

4. L2 should be optimized to minimize latency in reading L1 states (or at least state roots) from within L2. Directly reading L1 states from L2 is ideal and can save proof space.

5. Wallets can not only be on L2 but also on systems that are connected to Ethereum at a lower level.

6. The key repository should be on L1 or a high-security ZK-rollup L2.

7. Solutions should be committed to privacy protection and any proposed suggestions should be forward-compatible with privacy protection.


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