Evening Recommended Readings | LTC Falls Instead of Rises, Will BTC Halving Bring a Bull Market?

1. Interpretation of the three narrative threads of the Ethereum LSD track: Why is hot money pouring in?

This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the LSD track from three dimensions: liquidity staking protocols, liquidity staking DeFi protocols, and decentralized solutions. It also provides a summary analysis of representative protocols, believing that the current three narrative directions have basically formed and will burst with strong vitality in the upcoming industry cycle, showing a thriving development trend. Click to read

2. Civilization Evolution: Breaking Away from Internal Competition, from Urban Residents to Digital Nomads

Currently, the activities of digital nomads are more about awakening the memories that urban residents already have, making everyone revalue public life and community culture, and refocusing on publicness, inheritability, and sustainability. This is actually a value scale that puts people first. If urban residents can embrace this value scale, embrace leisure, and hope to transform into digital residents, they will gradually break away from internal competition, restore public life, promote social structural transformation, and improve the sustainability of civilization development. Click to read

3. Developer’s Guide: How to Build Products on the Base Mainnet?

Base is a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly Ethereum Layer 2 solution built on the OP Stack. Since the launch of the Base testnet in late February, it has established connections with many excellent developers and witnessed their thriving development on Base. Click to read

4. The Crazy Multichain Universe, the Crazy OP Stack

A madness of “one-click chain deployment” is coming! OP Stack is a “super chain” that can create Layer 2 with one click. This article comprehensively analyzes the OP Stack architecture, the ZK elements in OP, and the security issues of Rollup. Click to read

5. Halving Narrative and Reflexivity: LTC Drops Instead of Rising, Can BTC’s Halving Welcome a Bull Market?

At 23:00 on August 2, the block height of Litecoin (LTC), once known as “Bitcoin’s silver counterpart,” reached 2,520,000, and the block reward was officially halved, reducing the mining reward from 12.5 LTC to 6.25 LTC. Litecoin’s official Twitter account immediately tweeted to celebrate. Click to read

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