Evening Must-Read | Understanding 10 Questions About EDX Markets, Including Behind-the-Scenes Investors and Compliance

1. One night on the headlines: 10 questions to understand EDX Markets behind-the-scenes investors, compliance, and more

After discovering that EDX Markets had the backing of top Wall Street financial firms such as Citadel Securities, Sequoia, Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, Blockinradigm, GTS, and GSR Markets, the crypto market reversed the recent downturn of the past few days, with bitcoin prices briefly surpassing $29,000. What is EDX Markets, and why does it have such a big impact? Cryptonaitive reporter Blocking answers 10 questions about what kind of crypto market EDX Markets is. Click to read

2. Vitalik: In-depth understanding of cross-L2 reading – what are the cross-chain proof schemes?

This article will more directly focus on the technical aspects of a specific sub-problem: how to make it easier to read from L2 to L1, read from L1 to L2, or read from one L2 to another L2. Solving this problem is crucial for implementing asset/key storage (keystore) separation architecture, but it also has valuable uses in other areas, especially optimizing reliable L2-to-L2 calls, including asset transfers between L1 and L2 and other use cases. Click to read

3. Web3 kernel: freedom, hosting, and utopia

Until today in 2023, Web3 is still in the early stages of exploration, but it is already relatively clear in definition, which is to use the characteristics of blockchain to subvert the data monopoly of traditional Internet giants. It’s just that the industry still has a lot of differences in development categories and forms. The true form of Web3 has not been fully revealed yet, and it may go through many stages and evolutionary processes. The process of leading to a new form of the Internet is quite bumpy, and the content of this article is based on my subjective perspective and the current industry situation to discuss what the significance of Web3 is and how Web3 should develop. Click to read

4. Wall Street giants’ ETF and EDX invade the cryptocurrency industry, good or bad?

It was surprising to many that the pace of traditional finance’s attack on the crypto industry could be so rapid. A few days after Hsaka’s tweet was released, the EDX trading platform announced its launch. Andrew Blockingrish, co-founder of Arch Public, pointed out that in the past 48 hours, trading companies such as BlackRock, Citadel Securities, Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, WisdomTreeFunds, and Invesco US have all jumped into the crypto field. And all of this happened 7 days after the SEC sued Coinbase and Binance. Click to read

5. One-sentence understanding: In-depth analysis of the current situation and regulation of global stablecoins in 2023

In recent years, stablecoins have received great attention because they can combine the advantages of digital currencies and traditional fiat currencies. By maintaining a 1:1 peg with reserve assets or algorithms, stablecoins connect the world of digital currencies and fiat currencies. In this report, we cover everything from the rise of stablecoins, the four major types, market status, application scale, emerging stablecoin models, and stablecoin regulations and supervision. Click to read

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