Conversation with Azuki Community OG: Azuki’s fandom and the community at a crossroads

Listen to how Azuki OGs view this Fud incident.

This article is transcribed from HODLong, a podcast by Mable, the Chief Growth Officer of STEPN and former partner of Multicoin Capital. Click the link to listen to the original podcast.

On June 28th, the new Azuki NFT series, Azuki Elementals, was released, causing a stir in the community. In addition to the short ten-minute whitelist minting window, the project team transferred 20,000 ETH directly after the sale ended. The community’s most discussed issue is the high degree of similarity between Elements and the features of the first generation of Azuki. This incident has left many early Azuki users extremely disappointed, while many Holders still support the project with undiminished enthusiasm, reflecting the crazy fan culture.

STEPN’s Chief Revenue Officer, Multicoin Capital’s former partner Mable, and Azuki community OG Christine County and Nomad discussed the above-mentioned issues. BlockBeats has compiled the contents of the podcast as follows.

Blockbeats Note*: Relevant reading “Azuki has fallen too, is the narrative of picture NFT over?”

Mable: Today we have invited two OGs from the Azuki community, Nomad and Christine. Before we start, I would like to ask the two of you to talk about your backgrounds.

County: I used to work as a project manager at a large retail company in Silicon Valley, responsible for the entire process of product development, listing, and sales. I returned to China around 2018 and started my own company. I joined Web3 at the end of February 2022, which was also the first time I came into contact with the concept of Web3.

Nomad: I had just graduated before entering Web3. I am a relatively senior NFT player. I have been playing NFT since the first wave of NFTs emerged, and I joined the Azuki community on the first day, experiencing the entire process of prosperity and decline.

Mable: You have already drawn such a conclusion from the process of prosperity and decline. Because both of you are early community members, I would like to ask you to describe what Azuki’s community was like on Day1, or even how you discovered Azuki even earlier.

Nomad: Actually, the community’s form was completely different from what it was later when we first held Azuki on the first day, and the concept of the community was not that strong at that time. In early 2020, many people who played NFT in China played on Weibo, and there were not many people who played on Twitter. So at that time, the atmosphere of playing NFT in China was not so hot, and we didn’t even know who the team was, and which members belonged to the team.

Because I have also started a business myself, I think it is impossible for entrepreneurship to be smooth sailing, so I particularly understand him, and I think his failure is the inevitable road to Web3 innovation. Everyone may have to experience failure to grow, so I am very supportive of Zaga.

At that time, the community was also very divided, and everyone was arguing. There were many Fud voices. At that time, Nomad and I formed the Red Bean Garden, which was also the Red Bean Chinese community. Our relationship became closer at that time and grew in such hardships. So my concept of “playing” is not so much about doing whitelist. My concept of “playing” is more about having a community where everyone becomes good friends, going to see comics together, drawing comics, and chatting about their favorite topics. That’s why I think the atmosphere of the later Red Bean Garden was very good, because it was not a utilitarian organization itself, but a friendship-driven organization based on interests, and the atmosphere was relatively relaxed. So I met more friends, and I had a happy life every day. It was a relatively simple starting point.

Mable: This situation may be more common, and many such avatar communities are like this. After you mentioned the Fud incident just now, there were more than 10,000 Twitter SBlockingce participants. Before that, Twitter SBlockingce was not used by so many people. After that, you said that you feel that there are more community concepts. In addition to the more active Chinese community, what other regional communities are more active, do you know?

郡主: In fact, they also have more holders in the United States, but many of them are ABC or have Asian blood. Because I didn’t go to their offline conferences, but I asked many people in the district, the mainstream is still Asian faces. In Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, there are also a large number of red bean holders widely distributed. After Zaga had an accident in May last year, I was actually very angry. Why did everyone judge him like this, so I spent time chatting with red bean holders from basically all over the world. I have contacted people from Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan, and I asked the local holders, I said, do you have an organization there? How do you think about this? Do you still like the red bean brand?

These things were all done privately by myself. I spoke with them with great confidence. Actually, as long as he does his job seriously, these noises of external misunderstanding or slander against Zaga will slowly disappear, so I am very confident. Later, I also kept in touch with holders from different regions for a long time, because we all grew up together from that time, so the emotions will be relatively strong.

Mable: Nomad, you have been paying attention to Azuki for a long time. Can you introduce what NFTs are currently in the Azuki ecology?

Nomad: Officially, there are mainly three series, one is the first generation of Azuki, and the other is the latest released Azuki Elementals, Azuki Bobu, and there is also a small bean Beans and mung beans. Like the first generation of Azuki and Azuki Elementals, they are more inclined to avatars. Beans is now made into an independent brand, which may go to the cute style of small yellow people or LINE FRIENDS. This is a sinking brand.

Mable: My question is that generally if a project party wants to issue a series of NFTs following a series of NFTs, they must write some new narratives or give each asset a position in the entire worldview. What are these additional NFTs doing in the entire worldview?

郡主: I want to ask, what do you mean by “additional NFT”?

Mable: Like mung beans, like Azuki Elementals, why issue this?

郡主: This is a very good question, and it is also a very acute question. If you ask this question in the Azuki community, you may be told that you are Fud. Because you don’t need to have a problem. You just need to listen to the community manager’s slogan.

But to answer this question seriously, none of us know, at least I don’t know what its positioning, meaning, and narrative are. We thought we knew before, but later found out that it was wrong. Why did I say before? Because Azuki officially issued an activity during the Chinese New Year this year, which should be to find Yuki. Yuki is a female character role, and everyone will think that finding Yuki, the concept of rabbit holes will play an important role in the next generation of narratives. So we previously thought that this generation of Elementals would be related to rabbits and Yuki, which are concepts that the official is hyping. But this time, it seems that there is no connection with the previously laid out narrative. I think this is a confusion for many people, so you are indeed very sharp in asking this question, but it is also very on point because we do not know why.

The second one is in Las Vegas this year. I saw the pictures and videos of the event. It was a very cool atmosphere where everyone was enjoying themselves, enjoying the moment, and enjoying the highlights that Azuki brought. So I think the most spectacular offline events in the United States should be these two, and they also held some small events. At a local farmer’s market in Las Vegas, it is a kind of community where everyone sells their favorite things. Some products made with Beans IP were displayed at the offline event, and what impressed me most was a knife, which was really well made. I was particularly eager to buy it after seeing it. Little beans are printed on the knife, which is very funny, and the expression is really cute.

This is the most impressive offline event of Azuki in my impression. To sum up, it is an auction in Hong Kong, a gathering with Holders in Japan, two very large Blockingrties in the United States, and peripheral products made of small beans auctioned at a farmer’s market. I don’t have much impression of the others.

Nomad: I remember there was another one. There is a popular rap group in Korea called EPISODE, and they have a collaboration with them. The group sings at the music festival, and the background board uses some promotional pictures of Azuki. There shouldn’t be much else. They should have done three offline events in the United States. One is the empty Beans you just mentioned, and the other is an event like the Japanese summer festival, in the location of New York Fashion Week.

County Princess: The NYC NFT Conference was done very well. I asked many Chinese people who said that the atmosphere was very good and they felt like they were in Japan.

Mable: My stereotype of Azuki before was that it was very close to the trend culture. I would be very willing to wear their cultural shirts out, and everyone would feel very face. Maybe for many people, including Pudgy Penguins, the route they are taking is to make an IP and turn these toy entities offline and turn them into a business model. Has this trend appeared in Azuki’s community or official language? Did they say that they want to develop into consumer goods for street culture?

County Princess: I think its overall design style, including the music on the website, including all the deliveries of Tiger Jacket later, is biased towards trendy culture, and even we all guess whether its next cooperation partner will be Supreme. So this community actually has a very clear positioning and perception of itself.

Mable: Do you think Azuki cares about commercial cooperation? Actually, it is very difficult to get the IP cooperation of Line Friends, especially the parent company of Line Friends is not willing to have any relationship with public chains, or is relatively conservative in the short term. From your feelings, is the official desire to win big IP cooperation strong?

County Princess: I think it is strong. I think for any web3 project party to cooperate with big IP, who doesn’t want it? If you can cooperate with big IP, your product and brand will definitely soar, so it is the same for the red bean project party. I think they are also very eager to cooperate with big IP. But whether they can cooperate or whether they have the resources and ability to cooperate is a question mark. I later found that there was not much landing with the cooperation with Line Frieds. After they announced the cooperation, there was no follow-up, at least in my opinion.

Mable: Compared with traditional IP cooperation, especially with Japan, it can be understood that although they want to cooperate, their efforts are insufficient. I think it is a magical thing that many people actually think that the Monkey community or some other blue-chip communities are not as strong as Azuki’s community. The concept of “community strength” has not been defined well. What kind of activities do you think the members of the community have organized to make the sense of belonging in the community so strong?

County Princess: I don’t think this question should be asked in this way. You shouldn’t ask what kind of activities will make everyone have faith, or what kind of activities will make everyone more united. Later, I found that the real answer should be that Azuki attracted Holders who were relatively high-quality at the beginning, and the positioning of the initial crowd and users was relatively good, which would make his later community building easier. If the initial users and positioning are relatively poor, if they do not recognize this brand, it is difficult to form a very cohesive community no matter how much effort they make later. So I think the core point of this question should be returned to a point, how to screen out high-quality community members at the beginning, I think this is the reason why the community is very good. Because these Holders of Azuki, if they go to other projects, I believe they are also very good Holders, not because they are fans of Azuki, so they are very good Holders, but because they are very good themselves, and they happen to be fans of Azuki. This is my understanding of this matter.

Nomad: These days have been a process of personal faith collapse for me. I used to think that everyone was shouting slogans on Twitter together and that the volume was very loud. We have organized many offline activities together, including more than 20 events organized by the Holders when they hold events in Europe and America. In addition to official activities, the Azuki community has made more than 6,000 derivative works, which is unmatched by any other Web3 community.

However, in the process of faith collapse, I am also rethinking what it means to be “strong community”? Is it strong if it has strong purchasing power? I don’t have a good answer myself. But from some data, I can also reflect that the more than 6,000 derivative works I just mentioned, the cost of a derivative work is at least 0.1 ETH. The cost they may have paid in the process of making derivative works has exceeded 1,000 ETH, which is not seen in many aspects of the community.

Jiang Zhu: For the personnel composition of the Red Bean community, I have participated in many communities myself. Because I have also bought a lot of NFTs. I think the composition of the Azuki community is indeed what I think is relatively pure. Why do I say it is pure? Because the people in it are some artists who are very passionate about digital art. The Azuki community really has a lot of very good artists, and they can release a series of NFTs themselves without any problems. These artists really like the art and pictures of Azuki, and they will do secondary creation on it, so these active and high-quality artists constitute the bottom color of the Azuki community.

Secondly, many luxury players will come to Azuki community, playing watches, playing bags, they think that Azuki can be like watches, with permanent commemorative significance, collection significance, so many people really regard Azuki as a luxury positioning to buy, including myself, I am actually a person who likes to buy luxury goods, so I did look at it with the mentality of luxury consumption at the beginning.

The third is that there are many high-quality returnees in the Azuki community, many of whom are studying in very good schools in the United States and have encountered very good education. So I think the bottom color of Azuki’s community is composed of artists, luxury goods, and high-quality returnee communities. Therefore, when these three kinds of people gather together, they have many common hobbies and topics to chat about. At the same time, everyone is relatively nice, so the bottom color of the community is great. Although I have experienced such a long time, including these recent things that have destroyed my beliefs, I still think that the bottom color of the Azuki community is still very good, and everyone’s quality is very high.

Before, I thought about it for a long time and divided it into these three categories. Let me talk about the Azuki fan culture. I think it has a strong fan circle characteristic in it. The fan circle characteristic is that you will maintain a person as if it were a god, worship it, push it to a high position, support its behavior, explain it, and pay for its product. So Azuki really has a strong fan circle bloodline and characteristics in it, which also makes me feel quite different from other NFTs. Back to this question, is the Azuki community better than the Monkey community? I have never thought so, even when I was doing the Azuki community, I never thought so. In fact, I am also in the Monkey community. I think the Monkey community is relatively more diversified than Azuki, because the main composition of the Azuki community is Asian, but there are many different backgrounds and different user portraits in the Monkey community, so the Monkey community is actually a more diverse and inclusive community.

I think that after surfing for a year and a half in Web3, the output of the Monkey community and what the Monkey community has done are also great. If someone says that the Azuki community is better than the Monkey community, I think this conclusion is relatively hasty, because there are many indicators for evaluating whether a community is good or not. If quantitative indicators are used for analysis, just like what we do in growth, I like to use quantitative indicators, such as the content produced every day, the total number of people in the community, or the number of people who use their PFP avatars in the community. These quantitative indicators can all serve as standards for measuring whether a community is good or not, and the Monkey community is actually excellent in these indicators. The number of people using the Monkey PFP is the most on Twitter, whether they are true or false, at least its community is diversified enough and its influence and brand power are strong enough.

So I think this argument is not very good, and it is a bit provocative. And there is a reason why I never like to say this myself, because Zaga, the founder of Azuki, likes to say a sentence, “We are the strongest community”, which is more provocative. So I think everyone will slowly be brainwashed and think that they are the strongest community. But the Monkey community is also great, this is the truth.

Mable: The classification theory of the crowd you just mentioned is quite interesting. The people who play STEPN and the people who play Axie Infinity are very different. Therefore, many user behaviors and consumption levels are different. Regarding the art of Azuki, how did you know that it was outsourced from a tweet you mentioned?

Nomad: The outsourcing was discovered by a member of the group, and I am not entirely sure of the specifics. There were screenshots of their outsourcing studio on Weibo, which the group member shared with the group. I investigated and found that Azuki’s World 2 and World 3 were both outsourced to a domestic studio. Regarding the Azuki Elementals series, I spoke with Azuki’s APAC ambassador, who said that 80% was completed by Azuki’s team itself, but this is a matter of perspective, as it is the official statement. I think there is still a difference in detail between Azuki’s second and first generations, as you can see many areas that have not been cleaned up properly by just looking at the images.

Mable: Actually, Azuki’s team did a lot of preparation work in the early stage of the release. For example, they created riddles; and there was an offline Vegas conference, which was widely spread on the Internet. Can you tell us about the details before and after the Vegas conference, why everyone was disappointed? Was it because of expectations? Is it because expectations were raised by a lot of online preheating, including the possibility that the Vegas conference would push expectations to a climax when everyone met offline? So, can you share with us some of the details about this part?

Nomad: I didn’t actually go to the Vegas offline conference, but I saw a lot of tweets, including some messages from group members. Everyone who went said that the atmosphere was great. The night club in Vegas that was chosen at that time was quite famous, and they probably spent a lot of money on this. It was said that there were more than 3,000 people at the scene. Actually, this event was like a hype event for Hive. At 12 noon US time, they played that promotional video, which lasted a little over a minute. There didn’t seem to be many Red Bean Elements on site. It was a little more flashy than before, but culturally, it may have been lacking a bit.

Mable: So, regarding these unofficial introductions that they have done in the past, such as the collaborations with Bilibili and Red Bull, what is the general communication process like? Because I have also tried to contact Azuki in the past, and it doesn’t seem like they are very open to collaborations. They are like Yuga Lbas and want to create their own original content, rather than collaborate with others, unless it is a very powerful IP. So, how is this kind of contact usually made, and do they have a BD department?

However, many people experienced issues during the Elementals Mint, with many OGs even being mistaken for bots because of the 10-minute window, resulting in them being unable to mint. The second phase was for OGs to mint for the first 10 minutes, followed by BEANS holders, and during the BEANS phase, many people couldn’t even access the website, making it impossible to mint. So personally, I think the experience was pretty bad. Even some big holders tweeted that they couldn’t mint at all.

Mable: What was the atmosphere in the community like after the mint? Because earlier, Junzhu mentioned that this time it was a bit like everyone was denouncing Zaga for his rug pull and things like that. What were the different factions this time?

Junzhu: Right after the mint ended, the official Twitter account sent out a tweet celebrating the sellout, and it was silent for about two hours before they started posting pictures. During this time, the community was generally quite harmonious, although some people who didn’t manage to mint expressed disappointment and wanted to see if the official team would offer any compensation, but there was none. When the pictures were released, I remember very clearly that a community member posted a picture that someone else had opened, and everyone was silent. At first, everyone thought the picture was fake, just some second-generation image that had been randomly found, but it turned out to be real and was indeed a second-generation image. At the time, the floor price for Red Beans was around 12 ETH, but after the pictures were released, it immediately dropped to 9 ETH.

Over 90% of the community was dissatisfied with these types of pictures because they used many elements directly from the first generation, including the entire character model. The floor price is the most direct expression of everyone’s emotions. After some time, some people thought the rare pictures were still okay, and that this set of pictures had been well thought out. So there were some people who, for whatever reason, chose to support Red Beans. Then there were people like me and Junzhu who thought the pictures were just perfunctory and completely hurt the interests of first-generation holders. They didn’t consider the first-generation users when making this decision, so we just left the community. That’s roughly the two types of people.

This is equivalent to diluting one generation, which is very damaging to the interests of the holders of one generation. I didn’t expect them to do such a thing, including the poor delivery quality. I can no longer trust the Red Bean team. My previous belief was that everything they made was very cool.

Before the launch, I actually chatted with my friend from the first day until now. He said that he believed that the picture would definitely not be a problem, and the team should be trusted. The delivery process was very frustrating for me. I think I can no longer trust such a team, and the delivery quality makes me feel that the team’s ability may be just like this, and the first generation may be a coincidence that was designed perfectly.

Mable: When talking about the product, isn’t it more about whether the picture is correct? Because the so-called product experience, I always thought that there would be something that can be interacted with and used, but in this context, the product experience only refers to this picture.

Nomad: Yes, in fact, the second generation is very thin, without any narrative, and has no connection with the previous story. What we got was just a set of pictures made based on the first generation template, which I think is very disjointed.

郡主: I just want to say that I didn’t leave because the picture was ugly. If it is a team that cares very much about its own brand, why would it deliver such a product? If you really cherish your wings, why would you choose to damage the interests of the OG community at a high price in a bear market? I can’t figure it out and can’t get a reasonable explanation. Then, in February, Tea told me that the purpose of issuing the second generation was to attract holders from other blue-chip communities, including Duoyue Niao and Klon, and the price was about 2 ETH. But the minting mechanism chose to let all communities pay for his two ETH prices. If you want to truly attract users from other communities, you should try to win some opportunities for them. Why did you choose to let everyone mint within 20 minutes, including 10 minutes for soybeans and 10 minutes for small beans?

If you are confident in your product and really want to attract others, why not say that clone Holder can come to Mint? Azuki’s approach and its rhetoric are at odds, and the logic is flawed. I hope to attract other communities, but when Mint is launched, it is only open to its own community, and it uses a very high price to force everyone to Mint in a very short time.

The second point is, why do I still doubt his original intention? Because he did not release any teaser images. Azuki released teaser images during the first generation of Mint, because if you are very confident that your image is not a problem, I think you can release one or two images for everyone to see what they are buying on Ethereum, but currently they do not provide any teaser images.

Of course, I think he may want to play mysterious, which can also be explained, but it is a bit far-fetched. When designing products and projects, any product will invite people to test it before it goes online, and invite consumers to provide feedback. This includes Internet companies, but Azuki has no testing at all, and it is the same for big customers. These big customers are also confused when they see the pictures. So based on the above two points, I think this time he will make me feel a little risky, so I choose to withdraw.

Mable: In other words, if Azuki still says that he is doing the animation thing, because I really know that making an IP animation takes time, including this kind of big IP may not be that the team does not want to do it, but if he does not go to Mint now, everyone may still be willing to give him time and space to believe. But once this thing is done, it is actually a bit different, because after all, it is inconsistent with many things he said before.

Jiangzhu: If a team’s original intention changes, it is something that cannot be changed. If it is only because of insufficient ability, I think it can be changed and saved. If the original intention has deviated, it may be difficult to pull it back. This is my inner judgment, so I cleared my position decisively for this reason.

Mable: I am not a particularly in-depth person who communicates with everyone in the NFT community. So sometimes I don’t have a very deep understanding of why everyone is willing to pay for a certain culture, for example. But after talking today, I think there are still many gains, of course, there are some things that will also surprise me, but I found that some problems may not need answers in a certain stage of the community, it may need a broader and more imaginable space, and everyone will be willing to believe that it will move forward.

I think this reflects some confusion that may exist across the entire NFT market right now. For example, if he goes to Pudgy Penguins, it’s interesting that it was a turning point. The original founder didn’t want to do things properly, but when someone spent 800 ETH to buy the penguin, he started to seriously do something that could be implemented. So I’m also looking forward to seeing the future development of Azuki. I don’t know if the power of the community will push it back up again, or if it will be another result.

County Princess: I think the penguins are doing great. They’ve got the offline part going. I’ve always been curious about how they do it, because Azuki has always talked about doing these things, but they haven’t done it.

Nomad: I actually did some research on penguins, and I talked to a lot of people in the penguin community, because the penguin’s Instagram has over a million followers, and they don’t say they’re NFTs on Ins. They’re more about funny, easy to spread emojis, and their BD network is great. They make a lot of popular emojis that attract a lot of fans. Lucas has a triangle theory of his own, where the penguin IP attracts a million people to get to know the penguin’s emojis and image, and in the end, there may be 100 people who come to buy NFTs, which is enough. They mainly take the route of landing on WEB2, and they don’t rely on the community. The team has a great sense of the net, and they’ve done a lot of popular emojis and other things. It’s all about network effects.

Mable: There shouldn’t be many people on the penguin team. As for what you just said about offline, I want to say that it’s purely a matter of willingness. For offline stuff, as long as you’re willing to run and spend time to get everything sorted out, including logistics and production, you can completely handle it. To put it bluntly, it’s the least troublesome thing, because the hardest thing is to build an IP. Once someone is willing to pay for you to do offline stuff, everyone will spend a lot of money to pay for you, it’s just a matter of whether there is a willingness to get it done.

County Princess: Are there more than 20 people on the penguin team?

Nomad: Probably not, they are very few in number.

Princess: Then actually Azuki people are fewer.

Mable: That’s right. Because his chart is not difficult, he has a Head of Blockingrtnership who specializes in things like offline cooperation with some IP in Asia, etc. He will also establish official contacts with his offline fans, basically these things. They actually value cooperation based on whether it matches their style, the kind of cute and chill lifestyle. But they do have a clear division of labor. Because the founder of Penguin was not the current team at first, but the team that was brought in now is still quite serious, you can feel it.

He is thinking about trying to expand his circle, such as with Layerzero. Of course, the Layerzero team also likes them and has done a lot of cross-chain NFT things. These are some things that may not have obvious value now, but I can explain to you why I want Penguin to cross to other chains.

Princess: Penguin also focuses on branding, but they do it very well. I saw their products at an offline event in Beijing some time ago and the product quality was quite good.

Nomad: Penguin toys are the bestsellers on Amazon.

Mable: Why did I really want to talk before, Azuki’s current team may really have no intention of doing anything. You have been looking at it for so long and there is no explanation. Because I think it’s normal for people who are willing to spend money on him to want to know what I can do with NFT.

Princess: Yes, this is also what we want to ask, we can’t ask, we don’t know. I think another topic that can be discussed is that the birth of the mung bean was actually because the Fud was more serious this time, and the official immediately Airdrop gave everyone a mung bean after this mint. But his Asian ambassador said in the group that the use of mung beans will not be revealed within this year.

Nomad: At least next year, or maybe the year after.

Mable: From the perspective of a project party, it is because they have not thought about it, they just feel that they need to draw a pie first, stabilize it first, and then talk about it.

郡主:So you know after a lot of people listened to it, they became even more determined to leave. The green bean thing really affects a lot of people’s mentality, because although we are loyal, we are not stupid. So after listening to the announcement, everyone’s mentality collapsed.

Nomad: I cleared my positions after hearing the green bean announcement.

郡主: There are many points for me to think about this matter, because I really like Penguin, they do things very steadily. I will compare, if you don’t compare it’s fine, but if you compare with Penguin, you will feel that things are a bit slow.

Mable: The Penguin team doesn’t like to blow things up like the consensus conference. The Penguin team, including AMA, is rare. They won’t always chat on Twitter. Because we worked with them before, I have a lot of Penguins myself, and I asked their advisor to find them, and I chatted with them to know what they are doing. They are in contact with these offline consumer brands and want to do this kind of co-branding. This is a more reasonable way to operate projects.

郡主: I still think that there is something strange. Xiaohongshu welcomes teams like Azuki to do content. Azuki has always emphasized that it is necessary to break the circle, and what platform is better than Xiaohongshu in China? For this trendy culture and luxury goods, they were very active in promoting the team to do Xiaohongshu, but in the end, there was no splash. The result is that our Red Bean did a Xiaohongshu account, and the Xiaohongshu account did a good job. In February, Tea told me that they would officially start cooperation with Xiaohongshu in January 2023, but there was no sound afterwards. I think this is also very strange. Think about it carefully. As a project side that wants to do its own brand, the biggest flow in China is the trendy brand flow pool. Xiaohongshu came over and said that I am willing to help you promote as long as you come and post content, they won’t do it. I don’t think this matter is difficult, because the person in DJ TOOLS team who is responsible for marketing is posting on Xiaohongshu every day, very diligent. He is a foreigner and doesn’t understand Chinese culture, but he posts every day. I think this foreigner is very simple, persistent and serious, and I will be moved by this spirit. But there is no news about Azuki’s execution and landing.

Mable: He just doesn’t work. I feel that there may be some PUA elements in the U.S. sales team.

Nomad: He is gone.

Mable: It is normal to be gone. The core point may be that people are a bit lazy and not very hardworking. In the past, I used to think that it was difficult to cooperate with Azuki and Yuga because they were not very easy to please, but later I found out that Yuga Labs went to spend money to find a game team after he melted the money, which I think is okay, especially their waterway game. I played it and I was quite addicted to it. Azuki’s way is that he originally wanted to raise his own tone and make everyone feel that it is a luxury. This has always been my intuitive feeling, but it may really not be very good in delivering some real and useful things. I think there is a limit to the time when people are brainwashed by narratives. You can’t always make empty promises. There must be something.

郡主: After the community has undergone rounds of reshuffling, the people who are left can be said to be fans of the circle, dead loyal fans. They have successfully gathered these dead loyal fans into the community, so I think if we release another series next year, priced at 2 Ethereum, or even 3 Ethereum, and priced at 10 Ethereum in a bull market, these people will buy it. In my opinion, many of my friends around me no longer look at the fundamentals of things, but instead look at the slogans of the community and whether he just posts that content every day? It is reasonable for them to pay for their idols. Because of this, I later figured it out, because Nomad and I do not have the mentality of chasing stars or paying the bill, it will cause us to feel very low about this matter at once.

But it is true that there are friends who are here to chase stars and pay the bill, and they just want to pay for their favorite stars. I think this is understandable. Because there is a girl who left a message under my Twitter, she said it is the culture of the circle, she just wants to pay for the brand, then I think this is the same as buying a bag, and it can be understood. I don’t think this brand will disappear in the future, because it has collected the best and highest-quality group of consumers who are willing to pay for it, and it has succeeded. So I think he is indeed more successful than the monkey from this perspective, because the holders of the monkey still have to look at the quality of product delivery, whether the game is fun or not, and they are still very picky.

Mable: So let’s wrap it up here today. We talked quite a bit, and we got to the core of things. We discussed how communities are formed.

County Princess: Communities are formed through constant screening. Just like how we cannot keep paying for them and blindly supporting them, we get screened out. Yes, we are the OGs who have been screened out.

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