Bitcoin Ordinals: A Review of this Week’s Key Events and Highlights

Bitcoin news community Ordinals Global has compiled a summary of the major events and highlights in the Ordinals field that occurred this week.

1) Vitalik Buterin’s participation in Twitter sBlockingce demonstrates the importance of Bitcoin Ordinals. In the discussion, Buterin emphasizes the key role of Ordinals and BRC-20 standards in revitalizing BTC culture.

2) According to the latest announcement, Ordinals Wallet is about to release a game that allows collectors to battle each other for prizes.

3) Silk Road BitRunners can be considered one of the most creative games ever created on the Bitmap block.

4) Holders of $OXBT and $ORDI have been claiming free Blockingss and migrating them to Emblem Vault. After migration, these holders will experience certain benefits granted by the platform, such as lower gas fees and a more liquid market.

5) Holders of $MXRC can now confirm the upcoming 1k series snapshot, which is fully engraved on a special Satoshi. Top holders will be granted the ability to design their own Meta ID by combining various unique features.

6) Bitcoin Bears is about to release another special Cub, called “Space Invader: 8-bit Cub.” This upcoming cub is designed to bring holders a sense of nostalgia and joy while exploring pixelated challenges in retro adventures.

7) A total of 772 recursively generated inscriptions have been engraved on uncommon Satoshis. This collection alone represents 30% of the current uncommon Satoshi supply (745,855).

8) DogePunks recently launched the first on-chain treasure hunt game, where players need to find 12 words to form a mnemonic phrase. Clues will be posted through Twitter and Discord channels.

9) Bees On Bitcoin and Titan Meka are the first recursive sets engraved using the BRC-69 standard initiated by Luminex. So far, BRC-69 is the most cost-effective and time-saving engraving method.


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