What other projects does Su Zhu, who is optimistic about GambleFi, besides the fivefold surge in RLB?

After Telegram Bots, the market is anxiously looking for the next hot spot. In the past seven days, GambleFi has become the second best-performing token category on CoinGecko, second only to Telegram Bots, with a total market value exceeding $700 million.

Currently, Rollbit, which ranks first in market value, has increased its market value by $570 million in two months, directly driving the GambleFi ecosystem to take off again. At the same time, the price of Rollbit’s native token RLB has also increased more than fivefold. According to CoinGecko’s data, RLB is currently ranked 63rd in terms of market value.

Su Zhu, the founder of Three Arrows Capital, recently shared on social media the altcoins he focuses on during this cycle, including RLB in the DeFi/CeFi sector. At the same time, in the article “Su Zhu, the King of Speculation, Returns, OLAS Soars More Than 10x in Half a Month,” BlockBeats also analyzed that an address suspected to be owned by Su Zhu holds 4,000,000 RLB tokens, worth about $587,000. What exactly is this project and why does it have the favor of Degen player Su Zhu?

Rollbit: Comprehensive GambleFi Platform

Rollbit is a comprehensive GambleFi platform founded in February 2020. In addition to games, it also provides diversified product services such as encrypted leverage trading and a gasless NFT market. According to the official website, Rollbit has over 1 million registered users, with daily betting amounts reaching $40 million, and the total betting amount has exceeded $5 billion.

Rollbit’s platform token RLB has an initial circulation of 5 billion tokens and did not undergo a traditional token ICO. Instead, it was rewarded to platform users in various ways. In October 2021, Rollbit launched a series of Rollbots NFTs with a total supply of 10,000. 77% of the RLB tokens will be distributed to Rollbots stakers based on the rarity of Rollbots’ eye features, while the remaining RLB tokens will be distributed through multiple airdrops to users’ Rollbit accounts and giveaways. As a utility token, RLB provides holders with benefits such as increased rebates, reduced fees, and lottery draws.

Since July of this year, Rollbit has announced a series of major moves, which have directly led to a sharp increase in RLB price. First, the team migrated RLB from Solana to Ethereum, which has a larger user base. Then, Rollbit co-founder Lucky announced the introduction of the RLB repurchase and burn mechanism, using a certain proportion of the platform’s business income to buy and burn RLB tokens daily. Last month, Rollbit also launched Degen EXchange, which provides users with token trading functionality, with popular tokens such as RLB, OX, and UNIBOT being the first to be listed.

From the recent rise of Unibot in the Telegram Bots track, it can be seen that the outperformance of a track often starts with a surge in the market value of a leading token, followed by a series of competitors. If you can spot potential projects early in the game, you can often achieve decent returns when more attention is drawn to the track. BlockBeats has compiled a list of potential projects in the GambleFi track for you:



GMBL.COMPUTER aims to become the first fully decentralized online entertainment platform on Arbitrum, and all platform profits will belong to token holders. It is understood that GMBL.COMPUTER has raised $750,000 on the Camelot platform and over $2.2 million through an LBP on the Swerve platform. The GMBL platform provides completely non-custodial services and will officially launch next week. xGMBL is the staking token of GMBL, and staking xGMBL can earn dividends and incentives, as well as be used to play games on the platform.


GMBL plans to launch more games in the future, including sports betting and slot machines, aiming to provide users with all the games of traditional entertainment platforms, while distributing all profits to xGMBL stakers. The governance token of GMBL.COMPUTER is GMBL, with a total supply of 100 million tokens. Core contributors account for 20% and will be allocated to developers with a linear release over 2 years. The fair distribution ratio of GMBL tokens is 20%, and the “HOUSE” fund of GMBL accounts for 20% of the total supply.



Reflow is a tokenized prediction market that supports depositing assets on multiple chains, shares profits with stakers, and allows remote access to the platform through a Telegram bot. Users can integrate their Twitter and Discord accounts with the game to earn XP rewards and create game pools. Users can participate in price predictions through “Price Forecast” and “Price Duel”. The initial version will launch a series of games such as coinflip, mystery box, roulette, and Limbo. Users can stake RFL tokens to share profits with the platform and authorize participation in platform decisions, empowering users.


According to the official roadmap, Reflow has developed an MVP private testnet from Q1 2023 to Q2 2023, will launch a public testnet in Q3 2023, conduct an IDO and launch the MVP mainnet and staking in Q4 2023. In Q1 2024, on-chain governance will be launched, integrating the Telegram bot and issuing original Reflow games. The governance token of Reflow is RFL, which has features such as profit-sharing, DAO voting rights, XP point acceleration, and token-based referral programs. The total token supply is 1 billion, with the community treasury accounting for 20%, private sale 15%, team 15.5%, and 3% of the tokens being airdropped.

SX Network


SX Network is Polygon’s first Layer2 sports and entertainment application chain, established for its namesake application SX Bet. In April last year, SX Network raised $9.5 million in funding, led by Polygon and Hack VC, with participation from CMCC Global, Nascent, FJ Labs, and angel investors including Sandeep Nailwal, the co-founder of Polygon. SX Network will use this funding to further develop its prediction market platform SX Bet (formerly SportX) and decentralized prediction market governance. The SX Bet platform currently offers a range of sports event prediction activities, including football, basketball, tennis, and esports. As of the time of writing, the platform has a total trading volume of $361 million and protocol revenue of $4.5 million.


The SX Network protocol token SX has a total supply of 1 billion and a circulating supply of 489.6 million. Following the token mechanism of DeFi protocols, SX also has a mechanism for burning tokens based on the development status of the protocol. According to information on the official website, 759,119 SX tokens have been burned so far. According to CoinGecko data, SX is currently priced at $0.116815, and its price has been consistently low this year.



Macaw is the entertainment platform of the Mantle ecosystem, and its early version has been launched. According to information on the official website, the platform currently supports USDC and will support tokens such as MNT, PEPE, DOGE, and SHIB for payment in the future. The games currently offered on the platform include coin flipping, dice rolling, and roulette, and the protocol will also launch an exclusive NFT series in the future. The protocol has not yet issued tokens, but its official Discord community has set up a channel dedicated to tokens, leaving room for the possibility of token issuance.

The Roller Game


The Roller Game is an on-chain cryptocurrency entertainment platform that is currently in the early stages and has not disclosed any official website address. The project is only promoted through official Twitter and opened Discord on August 31st. Before applying to enter the official Discord, users will first face a platform feature test: dice rolling. There are a total of two dice, and users can start rolling by issuing the command “!roll”. Only when both dice show 1 can users pass the verification and gain access and identity.


The Roller Game has officially announced that its native token symbol is ROLLER, and other information has not been disclosed.


In the next few days, the project will select 50 KOLs and lucky community members. The selected individuals will receive unique roles in Discord. Those with unique roles will have the opportunity to receive limited edition NFTs (a total of 50), which will be golden tickets for special allocation/airdrops.

The Roller Game has decided to conduct a complete presale through NFTs, with a total supply of 5,000 NFTs, providing users with the opportunity to become Roller legacy.

The project aims to achieve a broader token distribution while taking measures to minimize witch attacks and robot interference.

The NFT minting process will be carried out in stages: OG players will have the first opportunity, followed by advanced players, then regular players, and finally potential players. Each group will have its own allocation.

Dice roll


Dice roll is a blockchain dice game built on the Coinbase L2 network Base. By combining dice games with blockchain technology, Dicegame NFT provides a unique gaming experience for players and token holders. By becoming a holder of Dicegame NFTs, users automatically qualify for early DGT token airdrops. The more Dicegame NFT tokens held, the more DGT tokens users can receive.

By throwing the dice each time, there is a chance to win DGT tokens. Due to the immutability of the blockchain, the gameplay is fair and transparent. Users can enjoy the game entertainment while also having the opportunity to earn DGT tokens.

Currently, there is limited information about the introduction of Dice roll. Its official Twitter account stopped updating on August 17th. The previously announced launch date of the Dice portal website was August 25th, but it has not been launched yet. Users need to discern and be aware of the risks.


The native token of Dice roll is DGT. DGT tokens have been airdropped to early supporters of the community. According to the published content, the first 500 users who liked and retweeted the official tweet and left their addresses will have a chance to receive the airdrop. It is worth noting that the tweet was posted on August 14th and the comments section is now closed, with 422 comments.


Dice roll started the minting of DGT Cards on August 17th. The total supply of DGT Cards is 3000, with a maximum minting limit of 10 cards per wallet and a minting price of 0.01 ETH. According to mint.fun data, this NFT is currently unable to be minted, with a total minted quantity of only 53, and the Card NFT metadata cannot be displayed.

The main rights of DGT Cards are:

– Only used to access Dicegame;

– Can be staked to earn DGT rewards;

– 60% of DGT tokens will be distributed to DGT Card holders.

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