King of Crypto Trading Su Zhu Returns, OLAS Surges Over 10 Times in Half a Month

Inventory of three whale addresses highly coinciding with Su Zhu’s “recommended list”

Original author: czgsws, Kaori, Bob, 0x711

In the past month and a half, when the cryptocurrency market has been sluggish and the Bitcoin volatility index has reached a new low, the discussion in the community has been sparked by Autonolas, a cryptocurrency project whose token has increased more than 10 times in the past half month and is not a meme coin.

A whale, who previously did not hold any Autonolas (OLAS) tokens, has recently made multiple large purchases and has become the 9th largest holder of this token on the blockchain. Although the associated addresses that frequently transfer with this on-chain address are not clearly attributed to anyone, the large holdings of these addresses overlap with the altcoin watchlist previously shared by Su Zhu, the founder of Three Arrows Capital, leading the community to speculate that these addresses likely belong to Su Zhu.

Let’s take a look at the holdings and activities of these suspected addresses belonging to Su Zhu and see which assets this whale has been paying attention to recently.

Address 1: Asset value of approximately $2.46 million

Address 1: 0x51eb4521ac4c354447a699ffcfb827dd941da04b

Autonolas (OLAS)

Autonolas, also known as Olas Network, is a protocol that aims to create a unified network incorporating off-chain services such as AI, oracle, and cross-chain communication by using a DAO organizational form to coordinate contributors (code developers) and capital providers in the token economy.

According to the official website, Autonolas DAO was established in the summer of 2022, and its token, OLAS, was launched through a liquidity bootstrapping pool in July 2023. After a month of silence following the token’s launch, it started to surge on August 9th from $0.1 to today’s $1.5, an increase of more than 15 times. The Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) is also approaching $800 million.

The suspected Su Zhu address has been accumulating OLAS tokens in batches since 3:35 on August 23rd, and as of writing, has accumulated more than 1.4 million OLAS, becoming the 9th largest holder of this token on the blockchain.

Pear Swap (PEAR)

PEAR is the governance token of the DeFi protocol Pear Swap. According to the official website, PEAR holders can post trading information for any token on the platform, and Pear Swap acts as an intermediary matching platform to facilitate OTC and P2P trading between buyers and sellers without the need for intermediaries.

PEAR was launched in May this year, and after three months of sideways trading since the token’s launch, the price surged with the announcement of the public testing version of PearSwap v1 on August 11th, rising from $0.009 to $0.062 within half a month, an increase of about 7 times.

The suspected Su Zhu address started buying on August 21st and currently holds a total of 437,000 PEAR tokens, worth about $22,000. As of writing, PEAR is priced at $0.05166, with a current FDV of $5.1 million.

PEAR 30-day price trend (Source: CoinGecko)

Address 2: Coin assets worth approximately $1.8 million

Address 2: 0xc49a3e19c90f86035dfba5a6d7e326b857bddbab

Hilo Dapp

Address 2 holds 2,451,514 HILO tokens, worth approximately $435,000. From the price trend, it can be seen that HILO has had a small and slow rise in the past month, and the price of HILO has risen sharply since August 19th, reaching a peak of 0.2347 on August 23rd. Coincidentally, Address 2 received HILO for the first time on August 20th, which proves that the address has a timely grasp of the market. As of the time of writing, HILO is priced at $0.1783.

HILO 30-day price trend (Source: CoinGecko)

Hilo Dapp introduces a user-friendly token binary options prediction market. With the support of HILO tokens, users can predict the price trend of specific cryptocurrencies to rise or fall within a selected time range. Users vote (higher or lower) and lock in $HILO tokens in the voting process for a chance to win a share of the prediction pool prize.

The meaning of HILO is High+Low, which revolves around predicting whether the price will rise or fall, essentially option A or B.

Dubbz (DUBBZ)

Address 2 holds 178,638 DUBBZ tokens, worth approximately $419,000, and these tokens were purchased by Address 1 starting from August 15th. As can be seen from the chart below, DUBBZ’s price took off around August 17th, and Address 2 made the first purchase of DUBBZ on August 18th. DUBBZ then maintained a high-speed increase for several days and has experienced a slight decline recently. As of the time of writing, DUBBZ is priced at $2.2 with a 24-hour decline of 17.3%.

DUBBZ 30-day price trend (Source: CoinGecko)

Dubbz is a platform that connects traditional games and Web3 through innovative monetization and seamless Web3 onboarding. It mainly builds SaaS and esports platforms, integrating the excitement of esports with the transformative power of blockchain, and provides a new way of game monetization. Holding a certain amount of DUBBZ tokens and becoming a professional member will entitle users to a 50% fee discount, exclusive tournaments, early access to features, games, and more in the platform’s competitions.

The Dubbz team collaborates with game developers to integrate dApps into games and provide monetization and exposure for their products. Players will be able to use their existing Dubbz balance in games, eliminating the need for players to have separate tokens for each game.

Unibot (UNIBOT)

Address 2 holds 8010 UNIBOT tokens, worth approximately $960,000. From the price trend perspective, UNIBOT has experienced significant fluctuations in the past month, jumping between doubling and halving. Looking at the price trend of UNIBOT in the past month, there was a small price peak at the end of July, which was also the first time Address 2 held UNIBOT.

UNIBOT 30-day price trend (Source: CoinGecko)

Unibot is a type of Tel trading tool robot that can help users achieve faster transactions than DEX. Some users have also achieved good returns through Unibot. The trading speed of this bot is six times that of Uniswap.

The total supply of UNIBOT is only 1 million tokens, which is one of the reasons why its unit price can be pushed up to $200. Currently, all tokens are in circulation, with a trading volume of $13,180,156 in the past 2 hours.

Address 3: Asset value of approximately $4.5 million

Address 3: 0xa54d176707d72e22163630ffb82342559e00b547

HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (BITCOIN)

As the meme coin second only to PEPE in this bull market, Address 3 holds 21,740,385 BITCOIN (HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu), worth approximately $2.61 million. Although meme brother is the most popular this year based on the overall performance of BITCOIN, its performance in the past month has not been very good.

BITCOIN annual price trend (Source: CMC)

It is worth mentioning that Su Zhu previously published his private token “watchlist” in mid-July, and HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu was prominently listed. Looking at it after more than a month, Su Zhu is still quite capable, and the recommended MKR, COMP, RLB, and OX all have considerable gains.

AirTor Protocol (ATOR)

Address 3 holds 1,146,748 ATOR tokens, worth approximately $756,000. From the price trend, it can be seen that ATOR has maintained an upward trend in the past month, with a slight decline after achieving a doubling achievement.

ATOR 30-day price trend (Source: CoinGecko)

AirTor Protocol is an innovative system that provides support for relay operators on the decentralized internet and enhances the privacy of online users. AirTor Protocol is responsible for distributing ATOR tokens to recognize the contributions of operators and provide incentives to keep the Tor network safer and more efficient.

ATOR has a total supply of 100 million coins, all of which are currently in circulation. However, the daily trading volume on the entire network is only $374,555, making it a coin with low attention and participation.

Rollbit Coin (RLB)

Address 3 holds 4,000,000 RLB coins, worth approximately $587,000. From the price trend perspective, the current price has doubled compared to when Su Zhu made the call. However, the recent downward trend in the cryptocurrency market has also had a certain impact.

RLB 30-day price trend (source: CMC)

Rollbit, a gambling platform on the Solana blockchain, has experienced rapid growth in 2023. Although specific operational data has not been obtained, as of the time of writing this article, the RLB token has increased by more than 50 times this year. On August 9th, the project team announced a change in tokenomics, with 10% of Casino revenue, 20% of Sportsbook revenue, and 30% of 1000x contract revenue used for daily buyback and burn of RLB, in order to further boost its price.

The total supply of RLB is 5 billion coins, with a current circulation of 3.29 billion coins and a 24-hour trading volume of $5,896,093. Compared to other coins, the daily trading volume of nearly 5.9 million is still considerable.

MOG Coin (MOG)

Address 3 holds 9,655,628,871,577 MOG coins, worth approximately $570,000. Looking at the 30-day price trend, it has achieved a crazy gain of more than 7 times.

MOG 30-day price trend (source: CMC)

With a total supply of 4.2 trillion coins, MOG is another meme coin with a daily trading volume of $3,999,279 on the entire network. Earlier today, Su Zhu just opened a 1000MOG contract for OPNX, so it’s hard to say that the coin’s surge has nothing to do with Su Zhu.

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