Weekly Preview | Azuki launches Azuki SBT series NFT “Elementals”; Tencent’s Huanhe will be offline at 24:00 on June 30th.


  • Circle, the issuer of USDC stablecoin, announced that their Cross-Chain Transfers Protocol (CCTP) will be launched on Arbitrum on June 27;
  • Azuki, an NFT project, will release the Azuki SBT series NFT Elementals, with pre-sale starting at 0:00 on June 28 (Beijing time);
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) announced that the first season of the space building game HV-MTL Forge will be launched on June 29, with the game revolving around the HV-MTL robot NFT created by BAYC creators;
  • Japanese telecom giant Fujitsu will launch a new blockchain-based cross-border collaboration platform, the “Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform,” on June 30;
  • The Tencent Huanhe app will be removed on June 30, 2023, and users who hold collections will be unable to query, download, display, or share purchased digital collections on the app and cannot apply for a refund. Users are advised to apply for a refund early.

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June 26

Policy Regulation:

The Shanghai Clearing House will launch digital RMB clearing and settlement services for bulk commodity spot clearing business on June 26

The Shanghai Clearing House issued an announcement regarding the launch of digital RMB clearing and settlement services for bulk commodity spot clearing business. The service will be launched on June 26, 2023, and the operating time will be adjusted to 9:00-18:00 on working days. At the same time, in order to reflect the design concept of inclusive finance for digital RMB, digital currency clearing and settlement services will not be charged for the time being.


Binance will delist 12 privacy coins, including XMR and ZEC, in France, Italy, Spain, and Poland starting on June 26

Starting from June 26, Binance customers in France, Italy, Poland, and Spain will no longer be able to trade 12 privacy coins, such as Monero (XMR) or Zcash (ZEC). Binance stated that it must comply with local laws and regulations regarding privacy coin trading. The affected tokens include Decred (DCR), Dash (DASH), Zcash (ZEC), Horizen (ZEN), PIVX (PIVX), Navcoin (NAV), Secret (SCRT), Verge (XVG), Firo (FIRO), BEAM (BEAM), Monero (XMR), and MobileCoin (MOB).

Project Update:

FC Barcelona teams up with World of Women to launch NFT, auction starts at 10 pm on June 26

FC Barcelona has teamed up with NFT project World of Women to launch the second NFT of the Masterpiece series, “Empowerment.” The series will start a 48-hour auction on OpenSea at 10 pm Beijing time on June 26. The NFT was created by World of Women artist Rhi Madeline, featuring football player Alexia Putellas in honor of her impressive performance in the UEFA Champions League semi-final against Wolfsburg.

Lido opens applications for Ethereum node operators, fast-track evaluation requires submission before June 26

Liquidity staking protocol Lido has announced the opening of applications for Ethereum node operators. Lido reminds applicants that those who want to be considered for fast-track evaluation must submit their applications before June 26. Applications will remain open until 7:59 am Beijing time on July 14 for those who do not require a fast-track evaluation.

Community Activities:

One-stop game asset trading platform Lootex will launch “Lootex Alpha Season 1” on June 26

One-stop game asset trading platform Lootex has announced the launch of Lootex V3, which is planned to go live during Japan’s largest international crypto summit, IVS Crypto. Lootex will also launch “Lootex Alpha Season 1” on June 26, which will last for one month. According to the official introduction, Lootex V3 has updated and optimized the UI, and launched player profiles, player mission boards, and game information center sections.

Governance Voting:

Gitcoin community initiates proposal voting to impose conditions on proposers on Snapshot, closing on June 26

The community of open source software funding platform Gitcoin is voting on a proposal to “limit who can propose governance proposals on Snapshot,” which will end on June 26. The proposal states that over the past month, Web3 (including Gitcoin) has experienced a series of false or fraudulent Snapshot proposals, which have been posted on various DAO Snapshot sites. Because database updates are not 100% effective, accounts have been updated to only allow users with a balance of at least 100 GTC or more than 1,000 Twitter followers to post.

SBlockingCE ID DAO is considering using half of the platform’s revenue from the past three months to purchase and burn ID tokens, and the relevant proposal will be voted on by June 26.

The DAO of decentralized identity protocol SBlockingCE ID is currently voting on the IDP3 proposal to “purchase and burn ID tokens.” The proposal has a current approval rate of 99.76% and voting will end on June 26. The proposal suggests using 50% of the total revenue generated by the SBlockingCE ID platform between March 23 and June 23 to purchase and burn ID tokens, with the remaining 50% allocated to the DAO treasury and managed by all eligible ID token holders.

Curve initiates proposal to deploy WETH market with 200 million crvUSD debt ceiling, voting ends June 26

Curve has initiated a proposal to deploy a WETH market with a 200 million crvUSD debt ceiling. According to the proposal, the safety parameters of the new stablecoin market will be the same as those of the ETH market being staked, and voting will end on June 26.

June 27

Project updates:

Circle’s cross-chain transfer protocol to go live on Arbitrum on June 27

USDC stablecoin issuer Circle has announced that its cross-chain transfer protocol (CCTP) will go live on Arbitrum on June 27. CCTP is an unlicensed on-chain tool launched by Circle to facilitate the transfer of USDC between different blockchains. Circle does not require liquidity on the target chain, but instead burns USDC on the source chain and mints native USDC on the target chain, enabling USDC to flow natively across blockchains.

Governance voting:

Binance Brazil director called to testify before council to help investigate pyramid scheme, vote on attendance to be held on June 27

Brazilian congressman Alfredo GasBlockingr has requested that Binance Brazil director Guilherme Haddad testify before the Brazilian congress. The request, made on June 21, is part of an ongoing investigation into alleged pyramid schemes operating in Brazil. The request made by Alfredo GasBlockingr still requires a vote, with the vote on the subpoena to be held on June 27. If the vote passes, Guilherme Haddad will testify before the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies. Additionally, Alfredo GasBlockingr emphasized that pyramid schemes such as Ever Operations and Investments and BraiscomBlockingny use Binance for asset transfers.

Arbitrum DAO community member proposes activating support for account abstraction endpoints on One and Nova, relevant vote ends on June 27

Arbitrum DAO community has initiated a proposal to “activate support for account abstraction endpoints on One and Nova”. Currently, the support rate is 99.89%, and the vote will end on June 27. As part of the broader development of account abstraction standards and tools, Ethereum researchers proposed a new RPC endpoint, eth_sendRawTransactionConditional. Offchain Labs contributed to this new method by developing, testing, and incorporating the necessary adjustments to support the Arbitrum sequencer endpoint into Nitro v.2.0.14, which is now running on the Arbitrum testnet.

Token Unlock:

Yield Guild Games (YGG) will unlock 8,039,121 tokens worth approximately $1.28 million, accounting for 0.804% of the total supply on June 27 at 22:00 (UTC).

June 28


The European Commission will release legislation on digital euro on June 28.

European Union Chief Financial Services Officer Mairead McGuinness confirmed that the European Commission will release legislation on digital euro on June 28. She stated that she will be advancing a bill to support central bank digital currencies, covering topics including privacy, distribution, and offline transactions. “We are looking forward to two proposals next week on the legal status of the digital euro and cash,” she said at an event in Brussels.


Robinhood will stop supporting ADA, MATIC, and SOL on June 28.

Robinhood will stop supporting Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC), and Solana (SOL) on June 28 (UTC+8), but other cryptocurrencies will not be affected. Users can continue to buy, sell, and hold ADA, MATIC, and SOL until the delisting. After the deadline, any ADA, MATIC, and SOL in a user’s Robinhood Crypto account will be sold at market price, and the proceeds will be credited to the user’s Robinhood account.


Azuki launches Azuki Elementals, presale starting at 0:00 (UTC+8) on June 28.

NFT project Azuki will launch the Azuki SBT series NFT Elementals. Azuki and BEANZ holders will receive one Soulbound Token (SBT) airdrop to commemorate the 2023 Follow The Rabbit event at Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas. The Azuki Elementals presale will start at 0:00 (UTC+8) on June 28.

FTX debtors request a deadline for customers to file claims, motion hearing set for June 28

On June 14, 2023, FTX debtors filed a motion requesting a deadline be set for submitting proof of claims for FTX customers. The claims deadline and claims submission procedure have not been approved by the bankruptcy court, and the committee continues to work with the debtors on the motion. A hearing to discuss the motion is scheduled for June 28, 2023.

Hashflow to provide compensation to eligible users, applications must be submitted by July 1

Decentralized exchange Hashflow will provide compensation to eligible affected users, including: (1) wallets that were affected by the white hat incident between 23:13 on June 14 and 03:38 on June 15 Beijing time; (2) attempted to recover funds before Hashflow announced its recovery guide on June 15, and (3) have withdrawn all allowances for deprecated contracts in accordance with the recovery fund guide. Eligible users must submit their applications on Discord before 08:00 on July 1, Beijing time.

Community Activities:

HashKey Capital and Wanxiang Blockchain Lab launched the incubation platform Future3 Campus, the first phase of registration will end on June 30

HashKey Capital and Wanxiang Blockchain Lab jointly announced the launch of the Web3.0 innovation incubation platform Future3 Campus, focusing on the Web3.0 Massive Adoption, DePIN, and AI tracks, with Shanghai, the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, and Singapore as the main incubation bases, radiating the global Web3.0 ecosystem. Future3 Campus will launch a seed fund of $50 million for Web3.0 project incubation. The first phase of incubation camp-Future3 Camp 1 will focus on Web3.0 Massive Adoption, global registration has now opened and will end on June 30, with the camp starting on July 22.

Japan Blockchain Week IVS Crypto 2023 KYOTO to be held from June 28 to 30

Japan’s largest international crypto summit, IVS Crypto, will be held from Wednesday, June 28 to Friday, June 30, 2023, at the Kyoto International Exhibition Center “Miyako Messe” and the Kyoto Rohm Theatre. Speakers at this year’s summit include: Mo Shaikh, CEO of Aptos; Akio Shiozaki, Secretary General of the Liberal Democratic Party’s web3 project team (web3PT) and author of the Japanese web3 white paper; Sandy Peng, co-founder of Scroll; Jeremy Allaire, CEO of Circle, the issuer of the stablecoin USDC; and Junichiro Tsugami, head of the Bank of Japan’s CBDC policy.

Token Unlocking:

1inch (1INCH) will unlock 64,286 tokens worth about $21,580, accounting for 0.004% of the total supply, at 8:00 a.m. on June 28.

SingularityNET (AGIX) will unlock 10,125,891.1 tokens worth about $2.46 million, accounting for 0.506% of the total supply, at 8:00 a.m. on June 28.

June 29

Project Updates:

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) announced the launch of the first season of its new game, HV-MTL Forge, on June 29. This is a space-building game where players can construct or customize a uniquely themed space. The HV-MTL Forge game is centered around the BAYC creator’s HV-MTL robot NFT, and holding the NFT allows access to the game.

Sui Network will release the mainnet v1.4.0 version on June 29.

PUMA will collaborate with Gutter and NBA star LaMelo Ball to release NFT digital sneakers on June 29.

PUMA is teaming up with NFT community Gutter Cat Gang and LaMelo Ball (an American professional basketball player currently playing for the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets) to launch the GutterMelo MB.03 NFT digital sneakers, which will be available for purchase on June 29. After purchasing the NFT, it can be redeemed for physical sneakers and digital collectibles during a one-month redemption period starting on July 18, 2023. The GutterMelo MB.03 NFT will be listed on OpenSea, and the official price of GutterMelo NFT will be announced soon.

Velodrome releases V2 version, which will start running on June 29.

AMM protocol Velodrome on Optimism has announced the launch of Velodrome V2 version, which currently allows VELO and veVELO holders to migrate their positions to V2. LP migration will require unstaking and withdrawing liquidity from V1 and then depositing it into V2. From June 22 to June 28, V1 release will continue as usual to give users and protocols time to migrate, and V2 release will start running from June 29. Velodrome has completed two rounds of audits by Spearbit and will also launch a $200,000 Immunefi bug bounty on June 29.

Community Activities:

ETHShanghai 2023 Developer Summit will hold offline main venue activities from the 29th to the 30th of June. ETHShanghai 2023, hosted by Mask Network, will be held from June 25th to June 30th, and the event will be divided into two parts: a five-day offline hackathon (June 25th-29th) and a two-day offline main venue (June 29th-30th). This year’s developer summit will focus on Ethereum’s open source technology ecosystem, focusing on many technical topics such as the underlying infrastructure of blockchain technology and decentralized storage, and conducting in-depth discussions on topics such as the future of Web3 digital economy, decentralized social networking, and Asian Web3 developers.

Token Unlock:

Galxe (GAL) will unlock 586,666.66 tokens worth approximately $800,000 on June 29th, accounting for 0.293% of the total supply.

June 30th

Project Updates:

Japanese telecommunications giant Fujitsu will launch a blockchain-based Web3 acceleration platform on June 30th.

Japanese telecommunications giant Fujitsu announced that after completing a one-year pilot experiment, it will launch a new cross-border collaboration platform based on blockchain technology on June 30th, namely the “Fujitsu Web3 Acceleration Platform”, to use blockchain technology to connect transactions in different economic regions. It is reported that the completed experiment uses Fujitsu’s blockchain technology called ConnectionChain, focusing on improving cross-border settlement of securities in regions such as Japan, China, South Korea, and other Southeast Asian countries.

The NFT market Mint Square will close on June 30th.

NFT market Mint Square, based on Ethereum Layer2 ZK Rollup, announced that it will end its operations on June 30th. Before June 30th, users can continue to trade, and after that, trading services will no longer be provided.

The bankruptcy court has ordered that FTX creditors submit claims other than “customer claims” before June 30th.

On May 19th, the bankruptcy court issued an order setting June 30th at 4 pm as the deadline for creditors to submit claims other than “customer claims”. The deadline for submitting “customer claims” has not yet been determined and will become the subject of a separate motion submitted by the debtor.

Tencent’s Huancore APP will be offline on June 30th, and users are reminded to apply for a refund before this date.

Based on business adjustments, Huancore APP will be offline at 24:00 on June 30, 2023. After the Huancore APP is offline, users holding collections will not be able to query, download, display, or share purchased digital collections in the APP, and cannot perform refund operations. Huancore recommends that users apply for a refund before June 30, 2023.

Token Unlocking:

Optimism (OP) will unlock 24,159,191.04 tokens, worth about $32.37 million, accounting for 0.562% of the total supply, at 12:00 on June 30th.

July 1st

Policy Regulation:

The Governor of Florida signed a CBDC ban that will take effect on July 1.

The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has officially signed a CBDC ban, prohibiting the use of central bank digital currency statewide. The bill will take effect on July 1. DeSantis is a vocal opponent of issuing and accepting CBDCs in Florida, and he views CBDCs as tools for monitoring Floridians and American citizens statewide.

Wyoming will ban courts from forcing individuals to disclose private keys to digital assets from July 1st.

The US state of Wyoming passed a bill that will prohibit courts in the state from forcing individuals to disclose their private keys to digital assets, “in any civil, criminal, administrative, legislative, or other proceedings, no person shall be compelled to disclose a private key or to disclose information that would reveal the details of a digital asset, digital identity, or other interest or right”. However, exceptions may be made if public keys are not available or if detailed information on digital assets, digital identities, or other interests or rights cannot be disclosed. The bill will take effect on July 1, 2023.

Token Unlocking:

Acala (ACA) will unlock 27,433,333 tokens, worth about $1.33 million, accounting for 2.743% of the total supply, at 15:00 on July 1st.

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