Inventory of recent projects invested by The SBlockingrtan Group: Anoma, zkMe, DFlow…

Cryptocurrency KOL MooMs has listed 8 recent investments made by The Spartan Group, including architecture focused on intent, NFT DEX, RWA, and more.

1) Anoma is the first intent-based architecture that creates applications impossible to build on existing smart contract protocols. Raised amount: $57,500,000. Co-investors: Polychain Capital, Coinbase, etc.

2) zkMe is a decentralized Web3 credential network that leverages zero-knowledge proofs for secure and private credential issuance and verification. Raised amount: $2,000,000. Co-investors: Circle, Canada Makes Smokescreen, etc.

3) DFlow is an order flow marketplace that brings transparent and fair order flow payments (PFOF) to participants in digital markets. Raised amount: $7,500,000. Co-investors: Circle, Coinbase, Multicoin Capital, etc.

4) Tribe3 is an NFT DEX where users can leverage trade NFT perpetual products, battle NFT tribes with others in the community, and win in-game items to create personalized NFT avatars. Raised amount: $2,100,000. Co-investors: Cogitent Ventures, etc.

5) Catalyst serves as an unpermissioned liquidity layer for modular blockchain futures, enabling seamless liquidity connections and asset exchanges between blockchains. Raised amount: $4,200,000. Co-investors: Circle, Robot Ventures, etc.

6) Fractal allows all on-chain assets – from cryptocurrencies to real-world assets – to interact and collateralize each other through a universal margin account. Raised amount: $6,000,000. Co-investors: 6MV, etc.


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