Maverick Protocol Data Overview

Today, Maverick Protocol officially announced the launch of its MAV token. Cryptocurrency researcher Murathan.eth created a Dune dashboard to monitor Maverick Protocol and analyzed the relevant data.

1) Since February 2023, Maverick has processed nearly $2 billion in trading volume. Maverick processes an average of $20.5 million in trading volume per day with a TVL of only $24.2 million. The capital efficiency is approximately 84%.

2) Maverick’s share in the LST market: Maverick processes approximately 30% of the LST trading volume, and its dominant position is growing every week.

3) Maverick’s share in the LST market: In the past 30 days, Maverick has processed over 50% of the swETH trading volume and 35% of the wstETH trading volume, making it the second-highest usage LST trading AMM platform after Curve.


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