Evening Must-Read | Understanding the Past and Present of the Rare Talent

1. Former SEC Official: Why the DOJ is Said to be Bringing Criminal Charges Against Binance

I worked in the enforcement division of the US Securities and Exchange Commission for nearly 20 years and oversaw many joint prosecutions with the DOJ. Forgive me for being direct, but a series of indicators suggest that the DOJ is preparing or has already prepared criminal charges against Binance. Money laundering involves disguising financial assets so they can be used without being detected for illegal activities that spawned them. To me, the CFTC and SEC charges against Binance read more like criminal charges, rife with allegations of fraud, deception, obstruction of justice, and money laundering. Click to read.

2. Understanding the SEC’s Regulatory Timeline and Responses from All Sides in One Article

Since the news of “US SEC sues Binance and its CEO Zhao Changpeng for violating US securities trading rules” on June 5th, the SEC has been taking action and its regulatory attitude towards the crypto field has become increasingly strict. Not only have major trading platforms been affected, but market trends have also fluctuated dramatically. Blocking combed through the SEC’s regulatory timeline to clarify the SEC’s actions and responses from all sides. Click to read.

3. Detailed Explanation of the Maverick Protocol Mechanism, Which Entered the Top Five of DEX Three Months After Launch

There is such a protocol that, within three months of its release, DEX trading volume will exceed 31 billion, and it is expected to earn a fee of $7 million per year and still has no tokens. That is the Maverick Protocol. Click to read.

4. The New Direction Web3 Should Take in the AI Era

With the popularity of GPT, AI has officially entered the public’s view. Many VC and projects in the crypto field are gradually approaching/integrating AI technology, and many institutions have even abandoned crypto and turned to AI. Of course, the best way is to innovate at the intersection of AI and Crypto, and there are new narratives such as AIDPoS, AI concept coins, and zkML. As mentioned in the article, a “new technology” that has been hyped for many years, the ultimate reason for the collapse is mostly attributed to “human subjective thoughts,” while in this respect, AI robots will surpass humans both technically and operationally, and AI will indeed liberate humans in certain operational layers. Click to read.

5. Understanding the Past and Present of Satoshis

In fact, many years ago, “satoshis” existed as the smallest indivisible unit of Bitcoin, that is, 1 Bitcoin = 10^9 Satoshis. However, it has not been in the mainstream players’ view because it was too microscopic and had no use cases. But in the past three months, with the explosion of the Bitcoin ecosystem, Satoshis as an inscription carrier have naturally received a lot of attention. In addition, Satoshis, with its intuitiveness, anti-volatility and other characteristics, has replaced USDT as the throne of the Bitcoin ecosystem pricing unit. Click to read.

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