An Exploration of Oasys, the Japanese Public Chain Specifically Designed for Game Developers

Japan, the world’s third-largest gaming market, is usually the preferred destination for Chinese mobile game companies to go global. Recently, miHoYo’s new game “Honkai: Starry Rail” ranked first on the game category app sales chart of the Japanese App Store, sparking market discussions. In fact, according to a research report on the 2023 mobile game market published by Sensor Tower, Chinese games have captured five spots in the top ten of this list. According to an article published on Japan’s largest comprehensive game information website “4Gamer” on February 16, 2023, Japan ranks second after the United States among the main target destinations for Chinese game companies to go global. In terms of overseas revenue for Chinese game companies, revenue from the United States accounts for 32.21%, while the Japanese market accounts for 17.21%.

Source: 【AppStore(5/18)】”Honkai: Starry Rail” ranked first in 12 countries including Japan! “Shadowverse” and “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion” are rising rapidly!

Source: Sensor Tower, The State of Mobile Gaming 2023

In the mature Japanese gaming market, Web3 games are becoming a new “trend”. In fact, many Japanese game giants, including Square Enix, have already started to layout Web3 and participate in the development and incubation of multiple Web3 games. Many game giants from South Korea, Europe, and the United States also see Japan as one of the most promising markets and have entered the market one after another.

There are several reasons why companies from various countries are entering the Japanese Web3 gaming market.

Firstly, the Japanese government is actively promoting the development of Web3. From the establishment of the Digital Society Promotion Headquarters by the ruling party, the Liberal Democratic Party, which focuses on the development of Web3, to the proposal by the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) to include Web3 in the national strategy, it is evident that the government and related officials are actively promoting the promotion of Web3. At WebX, the largest Web3 conference in Asia, which is scheduled to be held at the Tokyo International Forum from July 25th to 26th, 2023, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will deliver a video speech on the government’s recent Web3 promotion plan.

After experiencing major hacking attacks in the field of cryptocurrency assets, Japan has taken the lead in proposing to discuss and establish laws and regulations related to investor protection and other Web3 industry-related issues on a global scale, thereby creating a safe environment for traditional enterprises to enter Web3.

The high acceptance of Web3 games by Japanese users is also an important factor. According to a market survey conducted by LianGuaicific Meta, a leading Web3 consulting company in Japan, about 90% of the 1,030 respondents aged 20 to 70 in Japan have a neutral or positive view of Web3 games, which is different from the negative attitude of most game players in the North American market towards Web3 projects such as NFTs.

Information source: Web3 Gaming Consumer Behavior Report by DappRadar x LianGuaicific Meta

And Oasys, a Layer1 blockchain focused on gaming, is the leader in the Japanese Web3 gaming market. Several game companies have become validators for Oasys, including global well-known traditional game giants such as SQUARE ENIX, SEGA, NEXON, UBISOFT, as well as leading Web3 game companies such as MYTHICAL and double jump tokyo, and also large non-gaming industry enterprises such as Softbank and KDDI. For Web3 game companies wanting to enter the Japanese market, the advantages of using Oasys are as follows:

Firstly, Oasys itself is a blockchain project established in Japan, and the team members come from many large local game companies in Japan. In addition to the above-mentioned partners, the Oasys ecosystem also includes many local game companies and player communities. Joining the Oasys ecosystem means getting various support for promotion in the Japanese market and being able to conduct business more effectively in Japan.

Another attractive aspect for game developers is Oasys’ dual-layer architecture, which includes a Hub Layer (Layer1) and a Verse Layer (Layer2). It maximizes meeting the needs of game developers while complying with Japanese legal regulations. Specifically, this dual-layer structure achieves a win-win situation by enabling private chains to meet developers’ customization needs for game economies, ensuring the high decentralization and security characteristics of public chains, and also ensuring that developers comply with Japanese laws regarding encrypted asset transactions.

More importantly, the Oasys Council, established with Oasys node operators at its core, is expected to become the leading organization in the future Web3 gaming industry. The purpose of establishing the Oasys Council is to become the decision-making body for the entire Oasys blockchain, but in the future, the Council will also discuss more extensive topics such as industry standards. As the Council incorporates more leaders from the Japanese and global gaming industry, the decisions made by the Oasys Council may become industry standards for Web3 games in the future. Participating in the Oasys ecosystem is the first step in joining this Council.

Under the support of the advantages of many public chains themselves, in addition to Japanese game developers, many overseas game companies have announced plans to release games on Oasys. For example, game giant Ubisoft recently announced the upcoming release of the blockchain game “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles” on Oasys, and more games from around the world can be expected to be released on Oasys.

Oasys China MeetUp

Oasys will hold an exclusive offline event for the first time in Shanghai during ChinaJoy 2023 on July 28th, inviting colleagues from the gaming industry to participate, exchange industry insights, and contribute to the continuous development of the Asia-Pacific gaming market.

At that time, Ryo Matsubara, the representative director of Oasys Japan, and Dominic, the Chief Business Officer, will attend the event and share market dynamics between China and Japan with the guests present, exploring the future development of the gaming industry together.

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