One-minute overview of what happened in the NFT field in the past week: Axie Infinity listed on App Store, STEPN integrated with Apple Blockingy, Bitcoin NFT sales volume surpassed Solana…

Encrypted KOL Moritz reviewed the news of NFT that occurred in the past week and took stock of the top 4 NFT with the highest sales prices last week.

1) Apple approves Axie Infinity for App Store listing; 2) STEPN becomes the first blockchain game app to integrate with Apple Blockingy; 3) Bitcoin NFT sales volume (7 days) surpasses Solana; 4) Doodle tests AR functionality; 5) Blend adds multiple NFT series;

6) Magic Eden launches “Chapter II” plan; 7) NFT series HAPE PRIME’s parent company acquired for $12 million; 8) Nike sells 55,000 virtual sneakers for over $1 million; 9) F1 ticket issuer launches NFT tickets on Polygon; 10) 0N1 Force announces “Journey of Revival”.

Highest NFT sales prices this week: 1) $322,662 (174 ETH) – Punk #4680; 2) $299,870 (167.5 ETH) – Punk #6106; 3) $18,108 (98 ETH) – BAYC #2857; 4) $163,147 (88.333 ETH) – DeGod #9560.


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