Evening Must-Read | Besides BRC20, there are also Layer2 solutions like RGB for Bitcoin

1. The Mysterious Creator behind Nostr: How to Attract 18 Million Users

Welsh software developer Ben Arc first met Nostr’s developer @Fiatjaf in 2019 when he hacked a Pac-Man arcade game to accept Bitcoin. After struggling with software designed to streamline the process, Arc sent a message to a Bitcoin developer mailing list seeking help. “The only person who replied to me was @Fiatjaf.” This was the beginning of their collaboration. Click to read

2. LSDfi Summer: What is LSDfi and a Overview of LSDfi Ecosystem

Recently, with the outbreak of multiple LSDfi protocols, such as Lybra Finance TVL and its token LBR’s 40-fold increase in a month, many people are saying that LSDfi Summer is here. So, what is LSDfi? Why is it expected to explode? What projects are in the LSDfi ecosystem? Crypto KOL Yugi Ai summarized the above content in a tweet. Blockingcryptonaitive translated the tweet for readers to learn. Click to read

3. Overview of Unsecured Loans in DeFi

Our recent article “The Open Metaverse Under Attack – Fight Back” covered many encouraging development paths in the Web3 field, while this article will focus on a specific area with immense potential. The unsecured personal loan market in the United States alone reached $210 billion in the first quarter of 2023, surpassing the total locked value of decentralized finance (DeFi), which was only $61 billion. This means that the DeFi space as a whole has tremendous growth potential, especially in the area of decentralized lending. This significant growth potential prompts us to take a look at the current profile of leading decentralized unsecured lending protocols. Click to read

4. 5 LSD Protocols Worth Paying Attention To

Liquid Staking is one of the hottest topics in DeFi this year, with growth of over $10 billion since the beginning of the year. With the arrival of the LSD liquidity uptrend, it’s just getting started. This article introduces 5 LSD protocols that can benefit from the LSD wave. Click to read

5. Research Report: In addition to BRC20, there are also these Layer2 Bitcoin RGBs

Since the debut of the Bitcoin NFT protocol in February, it has attracted a series of attention—from NFTs based on Ordinals to BRC20 tokens based on Ordinals. However, for the BRC20 protocol, some Bitcoin researchers believe that they are not the best solution, and that Bitcoin second-layer solutions like RGB are the better choice. Click to read

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