How did celebrities “destroy Web3” by scamming fans out of $100 million?

Celebrities don’t lack traffic. After naive fans are deceived, they always have all kinds of reasons to whitewash themselves.

Written by: Rile NFTs, Karafuru Marketing Specialist

Compiled by: Peng SUN, Foresight News

Web3er, who was hurt by Azuki, once again shouted the slogan “Web3 is dead”. However, compared with the self-PUA and self-colonization of people in the circle, those entertainment stars and internet celebrities who are riding the Web3 traffic are the ones that make outsiders feel that Web3 is a scam and ruin the image of Web3. Yes, they are popular rappers, boxers, Kardashians, NBA stars, they have tens of thousands of fans, but so what? Are they really reliable? Today, this article will reveal how these stars cheated 100 million US dollars from fans.

Lana Rhoades

AV star Lana Rhoades launched the CryptoSis project last year, and she promised many practical functions, but never fulfilled them, including the so-called FREE MONEY.

She said that “negative” comments hurt her, so she left the project. She cheated 1.5 million US dollars from naive fans.

Jake Blockingul

KOL Jake Blockingul promoted many Rug Pull projects in the past two years and cheated 2.2 million US dollars from fans.

He has participated in scams such as Animoon, Apes in SBlockingce, Safe Moon, MILF token, and issued his own Rug Pull project StickDix.

Logan Blockingul

YouTube star and professional wrestler Logan Blockingul became famous for promoting the NFT project CryptoZoo sales, and he promoted it as “a truly interesting game that can make you money.”

CryptoZoo’s small images included poorly edited Adobe images. CryptoZoo failed, and Logan Blockingul was also sued.

He also promoted a memecoin called Dink Doink, but did that project progress smoothly?

Adin Ross

American YouTuber Adin Ross once promoted MILF Token to 75,000 viewers on Twitch in 2021. Another YouTuber, Coffeezilla, tweeted that Adin Ross was committing fraud, but Ross himself later admitted that it was a scam and believed that his fans “shouldn’t buy it”, but he didn’t care about the cheated users.


New York rapper Tekashi69 once collaborated with Trollz but never fulfilled the promised return on investment. He soon gave up on Trollz, and then Trollz went to zero.

But he didn’t stop there and later launched his own NFT project, Gine, which those who bought it couldn’t sell out. When promoting Gine, Tekashi69 “apologized”: “I want to apologize…I’m sorry because I got into the NFT community without knowing what NFTs were…I was not knowledgeable. I used paid partnerships. It was different from paid partnerships. This is my own brand. There’s a strong team behind it.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian promoted a fraudulent token called Ethereum Max, which had nothing to do with the original ETH.

The project promised to launch an NFT market and a “VIP experience”, but failed to deliver. Subsequently, the coin plummeted, and Kardashian’s fans lost money as a result.

Of course, in 2022, the US SEC fined Kim Kardashian $1.26 million for improper promotion of Ethereum Max.

Lindsay Lohan

American actress and singer Lindsay Lohan promoted a project called Canine Cartel, but the project went to zero after she deleted the related promotional tweets.

John Wall

In 2021, NBA star John Wall launched Baby Ballers NFT just 7 days after admitting he didn’t know what an NFT was.

John Wall drew inspiration from Baby Boss and even Fortnite for the artistic creation of Baby Ballers NFT, which was priced at 0.15 ETH.

Floyd Mayweather

American boxer Floyd Mayweather has long been a promoter of Rug Pull projects and is notorious for Ethereum Max and Bored Bunny scams.

Not only that, but he also promoted Bored Bad Bunny, a project similar to Bored Bunny, so they could do two Rug Pulls. In addition, Floyd also launched three of his own NFT collections.

He said “You can never lose.” In fact, you really can’t lose because those NFTs are now worth nothing, but he made over $5 million from users.

Kevin Hart

In 2022, American actor Kevin Hart released “Confessions From the Hart” NFT, allowing fans to watch it in the Kevin Hart Nation metaverse, seemingly receiving mixed reviews.

Lil Uzi Vert

In 2021, American rapper Lil Uzi launched a series of NFT collections called Eternal Beings. However, he later abandoned the project and deleted all promotional tweets, and the NFT went to zero.

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