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Explore the intersection of AIGC and WEB3 games: How Does Ai tell the story of a WEB3 game?

The Crypto market has been a bit chilly in the recent ai-generated content (AIGC) boom, so here’s a meme:


What are some of the early projects on the AI + Web3 game exploration path?

Regardless of whether this trend continues or not, one of the things that worries me about the current AIGC is that if it’s centralized, it leads to the concentration of power, and power leads to corruption, this is not the future I want to see.

But it’s undeniable that AI is becoming more and more influential. GPT3, Dall · E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Stable dreamfusion, GET3D and other AI models are emerging in an endless stream, from generating 2D images to videos to 3D modeling, aI skills are developing at an astonishing rate.

So the AI is irrelevant to the Crypto?

An example of combining AI with web 3 games

In my opinion, they are complementary, especially to the meta-verse super-narrative.

Imagine a day in the future when we can access the magic of virtual worlds via AR/VR devices, we can use prompts to instantly create 2-d and 3-D objects that we can imagine or can’t imagine, like a magic spell, and then having them (data hosted on the public chain) , we can also interact with intelligent AI npcs in the virtual world and influence the story development of the entire game world, all of this will be supported by a fully transparent open source infrastructure.

In this vision, human creativity will be unleashed.

It was this vision that drove my focus on the open meta-universe and AI-driven gaming. Here are four examples of projects that have received VC funding so far.

Note: the following refers to the level of interest in the project by the top VC members, not the number of fans or dicord members.

1、 AI Arena

Ai Arena, an AI-driven Web3 competitive game, last year completed a $5 million seed round led by Paradigm and Framework, players design and train AI-driven NFT combat characters in a global PVP Arena tournament and have them fight each other automatically.

圖片來自:ai arena

Participants throughout the game were mainly divided into competitors and researchers, in which researchers provided motivation for game competitions by creating optimal machine learning (ML) models and obtained the game’s native token neurons ($nrn) , this can facilitate the development of AI algorithms, on the other hand, players from all over the world compete to develop the best training strategies to maximize their NFT performance in the arena, and the higher you rank in the global league table, the more tokens you get.

Game Difficulty: you can get started quickly, but it is difficult to master.

Highlight: promote the development of AI algorithms.

Game implementation difficulty: Easy.

Token release status: Not Yet released.

Attention: average.

2、 Delysium

Delysium, a Web3 FPS game with AI elements, completed a $4 million seed round in March led by Alameda Research, Republic, and Galaxy Interactive, and in October led by Anthos Capital, immutable and other investors in a $10M strategic round of financing.


One of the highlights of the FPS game is that AI-driven MetaBeings can own property and participate in the game to generate income, instead of being controlled by the player, it’s an AI-powered robot.

Game difficulty: can quickly get started.

Bright spot: AI robots are more intelligent than traditional computers.

Potential problem: AI can also be disruptive to motivated chaining, and it’s important to design economic models.

Game implementation difficulty: more difficult.

Token release status: Not Yet released.

Attention: average


In 2019, the rct.AI , a start-up offering AI solutions to the gaming industry, secured a $one million seed round from Y Combinator, a well-known start-up incubator, this was followed by a series a round of $10M from the Makers Fund, and a series A-32021 of $10M in November from Capital, Galaxy Interactive, HashKey Capital and others.


The rct.AI ‘s most important product is Chaos Box, an AI engine that uses Chaos Box algorithms to analyze real-time player input and dynamically generate NPC responses and new storylines based on deep reinforcement learning, it supports large-scale emergency behavior in AI and NPC games.

Short-term highlights: through AI Robots in P2E games to achieve profit.

Difficulty of development: more difficult.

Attention: Poor.

4、 Webaverse

The Webaverse, an open-ended metasomatic project of open-source software, 2021 a $2m seed round led by 1confirmation.

According to the project White Paper and the github Repository, Webaverse provides an open source and browser-based meta-universe engine on which anyone can build and host virtual worlds and gaming experiences, the webverse team is currently building an open-ended metasomatic world, Upstreet, based on the engine. In the Upstreet virtual world, players can randomly generate 2D or 3D assets from a variety of AI models (Note: The webverse fork has modified open-source AI models such as Stable Diffusion, Stable dreamfusion, GET3D, AdelaiDepth, etc.) , in addition, Upstreet will also use AI in npcs to enhance the user experience of the game.

Game difficulty: can quickly get started.

Bright spot: the integration of a variety of open source AI models.

Potential problem: the amount of funding is small and may not match the ambitious project vision.

Game implementation difficulty: more difficult.

Token release status: Not Yet released.

Attention: high.

Use Ai to tell the story of Web 3 games

Storytelling is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of communication, and when a story catches our attention and attracts us, we are more likely to absorb its message and meaning.

And one of the important things about the meta-universe game, is that it requires the user and the platform to be involved in the creative process, rather than a limited set of games, in which we have a concept of a Lore, in a traditional game, it’s planned by the game designer, it’s completely predictable, and with AI models, we can put together inputs and produce unpredictable outputs, the possibilities for such a game are endless.

Figure: This is a model of a neural network, AI such as GPT-3 is much more complex but similar in structure.
This is another potential use of AI in web 3 games, in addition to AI-generated content and AI npcs.

Third, some humble opinions

Compared to the current very mature AI image generation field, the development of AI games involving 3D assets is still at a very early stage, which is why, the amount of financing for related game projects is relatively small.

However, it was undeniable that the size of the game market was much larger than the picture market, and Ai would be a very important trend for the next development of games.

So, in my opinion, the potential for AI + Web3 gaming is huge, however, the road to exploration will inevitably be bumpy and bumpy, so the early projects discussed in this article, they are likely to fail, but their direction of exploration is worth learning from.

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