Web3 and DAO

The evolution of Dao

In the 2021, as concepts such as the blockchain and the metaverse catch fire, another derived term — DAO — is also gaining attention. The development of Dao has gone through many changes. While the concept of decentralization has been deeply accepted by people, the organizational model of Dao has been adopted by many organizations and institutions through the way of community collective governance, to promote the continuous development of organizations and institutions. At the same time Dao also presents a diversified development, in the venture capital, media, funding, collection and other fields there are a large number of projects and applications.

Dao has a long history and has no sequential relationship with WEB3. Dao has different representations at different stages. In the early days, we might have used the phrase“Gather as a ball of fire, scatter as stars,” but that example was illustrated by volunteers scattered around the globe, mostly for a single purpose, the belief or the spirit to dominate the self-occurrence of many acts, such a mode of operation of autonomous consciousness is probably formed, but also need a certain person or organization to participate in it.

Does not result in complete decentralization. When the rise of the Internet and the rise of entrepreneurship, the management of the company began a bottom-up approach, encouraging employees to participate in co-governance in the form of ownership, but this time full autonomy cannot be established, their work is still owned and supervised by the boss.

Can the current DAO be called a more advanced DAO? Yes and no, but it does describe decentralization, autonomy, and organization more comprehensively. A completely open source and autonomous first-class system that basically carries the requirements of Web3.

Supported by smart contracts, they are able to automatically build around a mission, coordinate and collaborate through a set of shared rules enforced by blockchain smart contracts, allowing any member to make decisions and participate in governance. More specifically, a DAO is an organizational form enabled by technology. Behind the goal, there will be a strictly enforced rule system, which is completely free from the will of shareholders or individuals, and integrates a series of advantageous features such as high transparency, globality, full voting decision, and rules that cannot be tampered with.

What exactly does DAO do for Web3?

What WEB3 requires is a more open source and open web system than WEB2. In 2017, the industry branded it as the value Internet. Until now, there has been no shortage of concepts, but the ultimate goal is to return value around the user.

Democracy, which is the most basic of DAOs. For a project, it first needs to establish clear operating rules to ensure the fair participation of participants in the operation of the entire process, without exception.

We all know that in the context of the overall prosperity of the Internet, one Internet giant has emerged one after another. In a centralized organization, users generate data, but they cannot own the data. Big factories use users’ data to create waves of benefits, but they also reduce users’ trust in the platform time and time again. Under the public grievances, DAO organizations have also been born. Under the condition of decentralization, the value of data will be returned to users and the support of the people will be gained.

The DAO in the circle

The DAO at this stage is not as “cool” as expected last year, and it will take time to see whether it can become a hot spot in future. Even so, it does not affect its “hot sector” position in the industry. In this sector, a market value of nearly 10 billion has been formed.

The work of DAO is very simple. As an open economy, it does not require you to abide by the nine-to-five working hours. All contributions are based on your own time and will. The short-term and flexible work mode makes the connection between work And switching costs become lower, and access to opportunities for participants will be easier. Whether you’re involved or not, DAOs have to be a big part of Web3, and it’s taking off right now.

We work hard, and the capitalists only need to pay a little bit as a reward. Judgment of contribution is too subjective in traditional company mechanisms, and the fruits of your labor do not belong to you. And you work day after day on things that you may not like, and the individual value of human beings is infinitely reduced in the increasingly perfect company mechanism.

The emergence of DAO allows us to freely combine and establish a DAO organization. This organization is only based on interest, and the smart contract automatically distributes your income according to your contribution to the DAO. The greater the contribution, the more income.

This DAO organization does not belong to any one person, even the founders of this DAO organization, they cannot make outstanding contributions to the DAO nor gain wealth, and they are anonymous in the DAO, the other party does not know who you are, your Education, experience, and resume will become irrelevant. The only thing that matters is your contribution to the DAO.

And if this DAO organization loses its original ideal, you can also leave this DAO at any time, with all the wealth, to find the next ideal DAO.

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