WEB3 marketing handbook: A Practical Summary of 15 years of Internet veterans

Everything about web 3 marketing

By Yudee (@yudeewxy), founder of WXY

Yudee is the founder of WXY, a marketing consultancy. With more than 15 years of marketing experience in Ogilvy & Mather, Tencent, 36KR, Meituan and other platforms. He joined WEB3 in 2017 and started his own marketing consulting company WXY in Singapore, serving more than 300 projects such as dYdX, KLAYTN, Tron, KuCoin and others.

Web 3 is sometimes mysterious, sometimes dark and deceptive. as WEB3 is closely related to technology and finance, which in turn represent the direction and humanity of today’s world. A lot of people say that WEB3 is about the transfer of ownership of data, and I think that in addition to that, Web3 is about the restructuring of so many organizations, interests, resource allocation, and so on in society. In the current familiar crypto world, WEB3 represents a change in the relationship of nodes to capital, markets, users, investors, institutions, and so on.


Web 3 is on the rise, and projects are emerging along with ideas. At present, most of these projects along the traditional currency circle to do marketing, very template, and efficiency is not high. The average project costs $100,000 or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in initial marketing, but most have little effect, not as good as the last big firm or crazy pull-up. This is a misconception, or a weakness in the business capabilities of most web 3 entrepreneurs. Efficient marketing can help the project to achieve twice the result with half the effort, can reduce the project life cycle of the integrated operating costs. The author will be more than 5 years of blockchain marketing experience, I hope to help the project side less detours, improve efficiency.

Let’s start with the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs mapping in web 3

The classic Maslow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has five levels of needs, from the bottom up: physical needs, security needs, love and belonging needs, respect needs, self-actualization needs. All marketing needs to be based on the needs of the target group to carry out the corresponding promotion. But with web 3, things change slightly. Logic is the same logic, human nature is the same, but in the current mass market, 90% is the bottom to make money needs, 10% is high-level needs, such as special, interesting, self-realization, and so on. With that in mind, today’s web 3 entrepreneurs and marketing teams have to think about what needs your project meets, or both, in your target market, but which groups to target how to communicate.


Without tokens, without the monetization effect, Web3 wouldn’t have grown so fast, and there would be 90% fewer people in the industry right now. So the project side should look up at the sky and Down to Earth the sky when drawing the big picture for the project. It should be sure to pay attention to how it can make money for some of the public investors, while wrapping the story in a nice candy wrapper, make it popular. Only then will the public Marketing buzz and approve.

Of course, many geeks and early adopters have always been interested in exploring new things, so they are willing to experience all kinds of new and interesting things continuously, and at the same time, they will use this to show that they are different from the traditional world, show superiority. This segment is niche, but there is a much higher density of presence in web 3, especially where there is special value and innovation in the project to make sure that this segment of users are found and included as early members of the community in the dissemination, most of them will also be seed nodes for the project.

There are many young people in this field, so young that they can write analytical articles for investment agencies while still in the internship stage. But it is also true that communication in this field must combine a sense of value mission with the expectation of making money. Let these young people feel that they can not only contribute to the industry to achieve self-worth, but also life-changing wealth and freedom channel. If a project can do this, it will hold fast to the basic needs of the target market.

Good narrative

The ability to tell a story, but the“Story” here is not a startup story, not a story of the past, but of the future. Narrative is the brand for the industry, for the market to describe a better blueprint, and how to achieve, commonly known as the“Pie in the sky”, to allow the market to identify their own project concept, mission, vision, become a brand buyer, user and advocate. Most likely, when a new project is set up, it is to become the most valuable brand in the industry, that means at least one thing: creating a new track, complementing the existing one, and getting better at homogeneous events. In the life cycle of a project, the founder needs to let the market know the macro-narrative of the project, the project does not know at the beginning of the narrative, the project into the middle of the second growth curve, the same need for narrative.

Chainlink is a great narrative model: in the early days of the project, when the Defi ecosystem was beginning to open up, Chainlink’s narrative perspective was“Prophecy,” which is not a new term, but a very mature concept in the traditional domain, wikipedia concept: The Oracle can be thought of as a Turing machine connected to an oracle. A soothsayer is an entity that can answer a specific set of questions, often using a specific subset of natural numbers to represent the question. A seer can perform many operations that are unique to a Turing machine, and can be asked by a seer to answer a specific form of the question, “Is X in a?”. It’s complicated to read, but one of the most important pieces of logic is data connectivity.

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle project designed to provide blockchain with the most secure way to deliver data generated in the real world. Still complex, the market couldn’t take it all at once, and then Chainlink made an industry application that was easily understood in the DEFI world, allowing the market to instantly understand some of the explicit functions of the prophecy machine, the feed price. Even gradually let the market think that the machine is Chainlink, category and brand on the same sign, which established a very high competitive barrier. Now that Chainlink has taken over the top brand of the blockchain prophets circuit, the business itself is expanding from the prophets to a larger narrative.

In a number of cases, there are several criteria for a good narrative:

– there’s macro logic. Enter a future that seems perfectly reasonable, and bring the audience into that space. In a logical space, the audience can easily follow the narrative of the brand and identify with the brand concept.

– good brand positioning: positioning can be inferred from a number of angles, the market also has a lot of positioning theory, can refer to. Because of Ogilvy’s work experience, my usual positioning theory is the triangle positioning method, that is, from three angles can promote positioning strategy: product, audience, benefits/value.

– Different: a good narrative must be different, or challenging or diverging from existing brands. No one pays attention to the sameness of the narrative or positioning, people usually only remember the first or the best one.

– heart-stirring/inspiring: a good narrative description will certainly be more enlightening, giving a feeling of sudden enlightenment and“Tapping the thigh”. For example, “The distributed computing machine of Ethereum”, when I first heard it, I felt that feeling, “Although I don’t understand it, I am shocked and will accept it.”. It will attract more thought and recognition from the audience.

– self-propagating. My Great-great-great-great-grandfather Ogilvy & Mather told us, “A mediocre idea is like a ship sailing at night. No one knows it.”. The same is true for narrative and positioning. Plain tactics and descriptions will only increase long-term operating costs. Short-term laziness will lead to long-term problems. A creative and communicative narrative/positioning/strategy must require a lot of thought from the founder, not just a perfunctory powerpoint presentation.

– technically supported/possible. This is also extremely important, otherwise it becomes a castle in the air, or the credibility is not strong. If the technology of the project can partly explain the implementation path, the trust to the community and communication efficiency will be greatly improved. In the case of Ethereum, the 2014 Ethereum White Paper was very clear about future landmarks: Frontier, Homestead, Metropolis, and Serenity, to show the community developers and the public a clear path of development ether, so that the world is full of expectations.

– there are clear applications in the current industry. Some projects in the promotion has been some industry applications, these applications for the market packaging, it is important, but also part of the fact base.

– the network is malleable and can structurally drive the synchronous development of various cooperative fields and rely on each other.


Clear values

People have no addiction can not hand, the brand is the same. To give up one part of the group is to gain another part of the love. The more cutting-edge, the more likely there is to be a bias, which can easily be caused by the values the project espouses. But don’t try to please all groups just because of this bias. All of it means that there is no direction and the community will not be happy. At the same time, moderate prejudice is the basis of making money for believers in the community, without prejudice all the things approved, but there is no chance to make money for ordinary people. So some projects are very suitable to create some unique, different brand flavor, from logo design, font style, visual system, medium to external communication personality, words and deeds, to the value system.

A sense of identity, belonging, and ceremony

There are many ways to create these feelings in web 3, from technology to differentiation.

– NFT avatar. The 2021 of BAYC became the face of the wealthy Web3 mogul. BAYC started as a yacht club in Miami, where most middle-class Americans have worked their whole lives to buy sports cars, yachts, go fishing and live the life of the rich. This idea has also brought together a group of middle-class people with similar interests. By the time of NFT, BAYC had borrowed this sentiment well, and used its quirky but sophisticated design to form the intellectual representation of this group. This is very much in line with human nature, whether it is traditional society or the era of WEB3. From the American Express Black card to the icon next to the Linkedin/Weibo profile picture to the NFT profile picture, this idea has proven to be effective. What the project team needs to think about is the growing sense of identity and ritual in the industry, and how their project can break through and gain the support of the community.

– based on a sense of identity is a sense of ritual, and an appropriate sense of ritual can also bring a sense of belonging to the community. For example, big clients of coin security would receive gifts with the coin security logo printed on them during the holidays. This kind of well-designed gift was actually a sense of ritual. It was no different from spending time on gifts to woo a girlfriend. Every now and then a sense of ritual makes the community feel valued, which in turn makes them value the project more, and they are more willing to be the tap water for the project.

Facts and emotions

Don’t be naive, mass communication is never purely matter-of-fact. Facts are just the basis for dissemination. The content that is easily spread is often in line with the public mood at the time, and the logic and facts contained in the content are just the clues that organize these emotions. Mass communication must be based on the emotions of the public or the community. A good marketing team should look at the micro-level of community sentiment and the macro-level of market sentiment on a daily basis. Whether it’s exaggerating in the face of a cold market mentality in a bear market that something can make a quick buck, or promoting a solid product in a big bull market, it’s not appropriate. People will think, “My pants are off, that’s all I get? “. Remember the 2016“Escape from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou” marketing campaign, set against the backdrop of high housing prices in first-tier cities, the high cost of living pressure on the young people out of breath mood, shot to fame.

Marketing requires leverage

In Crypto circles this is called“Making the most of what you have,” and in the marketing world it is more commonly known as“Making the most of what you have.”.

– good idea. Competition in the traditional world has been fierce for a long time, brand side is very dependent on Agency to design brand ideas. Creative awards and Showreel are presented every year at major festivals and media events like Cannes and Oneshow, many of which have helped brands achieve great success and word-of-mouth in regional markets. The marketing of WEB3 circle is still in a relatively rough stage, and it starts from a small community, but now with the development of the project and the increase of mass communication, good ideas will be more and more needed by the project side. There aren’t a lot of great ideas out there that people in the web 3 community can applaud, but this is where the focus will be in the next few cycles.

– lap. “Thigh” can be a person, can also be a thing, is what can be, the important thing is to be able to get on. A good combination will give the brand a 1 + 1 effect far greater than 2. In the early days of the 2021, an American artist, Beeple, worked with Christie’s to sell his work “Everydays” for a whopping $69 million, this is the third highest price for a work by a living artist at auction. Beeple’s success, of course, had many factors, but one of them involved working with Christie’s, which first shook up the industry with its association with a well-known auction house.


– working with mature products. Not every project partner has the ability and opportunity to work with the head organization and the Big Boss, but with hard work, there is a good chance of creating a collaborative relationship between projects within the industry. Good cooperation can help both sides to open up the market at the same time, and set a project feasibility case for the industry.

– tracking or creating hot spots. In addition to riding the heat, founders or marketing teams should also create their own heat. For example, if Elon Musk buys Twitter, a normal acquisition would be a smooth transition, but a person with marketing skills like Elon Musk would never pass up such an opportunity, he walked into the lobby with the sink on the day of his arrival and uploaded a video to Twitter. This incident has brought about a second spread to this issue that was already on the hot spot. Even many netizens have created some meme memes to push it to the hot spot again. Of course, not every hot spot has to be captured, nor does it fit. When tracking hot spots to pay attention to whether and brand tone match, but also to consider the negative risks.

Lunch Trap

– what’s The Real Deal? And what does it really take? From the traditional IT and internet fields can be learned, IT and software industry in 2000 when the beginning of the rise, genuine software are required to pay to buy, but people do not pay to buy the habit, there is a lot of pirated software, not to mention the quality, there is a lot of virus infection risk. As the mobile internet matures, business models change, as production costs drop dramatically and C-end hardware is often given away as extras to content and service buyers, content and services can be consumed repeatedly, but hardware devices can not. So brands are putting more of their business models in the software, while low-frequency, low-cost hardware is being given away as a free“Lunch trap”. Human Nature is visual and emotional, with the free hardware that can be seen and felt, is willing to pay for the content or service once or twice, after forming habits and binding loyalty, it gradually becomes a long-term paying customer. Traditional areas such as mobile phone operators and other categories will play this model incisively. But the same logic applies to more than just the combination of hardware and services, it also applies to all business models that have“Low vs. high”, “Low vs. high”, and“Short-term incentives vs. long-term benefits” as contrasting elements. In the case of Web3, everyone’s business model is based on virtual worlds, with few hardware products, so you can think about this logic in terms of finance, services, content, and so on. Case: such as contract trading platform experience gold and Kol rebate system. As a contract trading platform with retail counterparties, it is clear that 80% of their profits come from the extreme market, which can cover their entire daily operating costs, so they are willing to give Kols a high percentage of their daily rebates to drive traffic to the platform, allowing them to maximize their monetization from their fans. And most of these platforms also give new users expensive experience fees, because they know that these experience fees only make them the cost of platform viscosity, and after the addiction

– the product runs as if there’s a free lunch. Human Nature is selfish, the mob environment, it is“Good things do not go out, bad news spread far.”. Positive Things always need to be promoted at a high cost, and gossip can quickly be smuggled out. To do the operation of the product to give users a feeling, let them see the“Opportunity.”. The best hunters come in the form of prey.

Case study: let the initial participants spontaneously pull in more people. This is from the traditional model of pyramid selling. MLM itself is not a tiger, but is used by bad people, and the three-tier model of pulling people is legal and effective. It is also used by many internet giants, such as the Toutiao points model and Doddo’s “Chop me up”. The Web3 space is a new frontier for multi-level marketing, as it brings participants closer to money and humanity through tokens, making them more willing to volunteer to help the project spread. There are many forms of this, such as early bird tickets, rebates, and so on, but the ultimate goal is to give the early adopters some benefits and make them profitable, and through the profit incentive they pull more new users, they have more rights, and even free zone more profit. Case Study: Xen

– simple. If the product is aimed at the mass market, it must be simple. While tracks like DeFi are aimed at scientists and the barriers to entry are very high, because of the very high cost per trip, each project and platform does not require the participation of the general public, and only a small number of high net worth individuals. But each project and platform needs to evaluate their target market, and if it’s a mass market, they need to have a simple experience, even if it’s easily profit-driven, simple Experience is also one of the core competencies. Alternatively, you can put complex parts in the background, or you can have long-term deep experiences, but you have to be simple to get started in order to have a scale effect.

How to do PR well

– intent. PR content is the core idea. That is, what is the core of this article to say, the height of the article where, who to prove. Each project life cycle has a large number of PR articles from different perspectives, then these articles of clue logic and horizontal support is how, whether after careful planning? Or does the marketing team have to decide what to write about today? These are the things that a good PR team has to manage. Pr content is just a means, must be for commercial purposes to service. So what are the business goals, and what kind of PR articles at different stages can support the goals to which stage? After these questions are pondered clearly, PR article how to write also clear. As for the quality of writing, that is another level to consider things.

– Believe and endorse. The goal of PR is to make people believe. There are a lot of ways to make people believe, some of them are emotional, some of them are factual, some of them are“So they say”, some of them are powerful, and you have to pick the angle that you want people to believe, create it even if you don’t have it.

– sponsorship doesn’t have to work. Even if you have money, you have to spend it on the right things. Especially in a bear market, it is not uncommon to see brand owners who are not short of money spend heavily on brand sponsorship, such as OKX’s F1 sponsorship, crypto.com NBA and FIFA sponsorship, Bitget’s Messi endorsement, and so on. These brands are industry leaders, rich willful, but from the sponsor effect, not necessarily to achieve good results. In addition to measuring economic benefits before sponsorship, be sure to consider the relationship between brand and traffic. Think about how to make the brand awareness of sponsorship to the maximum, and long-term. At the same time must be bound to the sponsored main flow of resources when signing the contract.

In general, sponsorship has several expected functions:

Brands borrow momentum

Get the fan base of the sponsored brand

Spontaneous transmission effect

– how to deliver global media news

The Associated Press is a distribution channel.

The founders need to keep in touch with some Western journalists for a long time, and whether or not there is a PR need, contact them as friends. Twitter is a good way to find them.

To pay for PR, suggest those who can be selected to be a large number of re-published channels, such as Coindesk content first, other languages of the media, most will be directly re-forwarded, and very timely.

Of course, advertise for WXY, which was founded in Singapore in early 2018 and has served over 300 projects, including dYdX, KLAYTN, Tron, and others. Email: Peter. Yu@wxycon. Com

– invite Head Kol to help write the content. First, most of these Kol fans already had a certain amount of traffic and could reach them directly. Second, many of them had columns in their headlines. Their content was also likely to be retweeted by these big media outlets at the same time.

– keep exposure, all angles, all kinds of media/social platforms/communities, in various forms such as space/AMA/PR/afterparty/poster/logo shown, permeate like water, and stay with the community like air.

How to be a community

No field or era has ever relied so heavily on the power of distributed communities. The traditional field of communication is more from the top down, cold, far away, the user is just a user. The Web 3 space, from top to bottom, still needs to be done, but more is about official endorsement and the creation of a sense of authority. But more is to mobilize the community, let them advocate, let them make money, let them promote. The core fan group and its cohesive community are the primary productivity of WEB3 marketing.

– product experience and community building are inextricably linked.

Friends With Benefits, a Social Dao, is initially just a Discord group With Token access.

Loot, a game that starts with content and then moves on to gameplay.

Smoothie, a discover-to-earn rewards platform, was originally built around discovering web 3 startups’ content and communities.

– community aggregators that take advantage of WEB3 attributes such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc. . Twitter and Telegram are essential tools for posting announcements and public group discussions, but Discord has become the primary platform of choice for project leaders who want the most flexibility in managing their communities.

– clear common purpose. When new people arrive, they should be able to easily find and understand your organization’s purpose (why you exist) by browsing through the regular posts and channel titles. Include links to your website, project documentation, or introductory blog posts or videos so that people have the opportunity to learn as much as possible. While this can be done by robots, it is important for project owners, community managers, and community members to reach a consensus.

– common enemy. Each project has its own mission and vision, which is why founders spend so much of their time and money forgoing other platforms to do it? What problem is he trying to solve? Since it is a problem, there must be an obstacle before it can be solved, and that obstacle should be the common enemy of the community. Each founder can try to ask their community to see if there is enough consensus within their community on the issue, for example: the enemy of IPFS is centralized storage, the enemy of Uniswap is centralized trading platforms, the enemy of ENS is urls, and so on.

– clear boundaries. Once a culture has been accepted by the community, it is difficult to change and it is therefore important to set clear boundaries for acceptable behaviour from the outset. Identify actions that may lead to a gag order and quickly and consistently address violations.

– not everyone is the same. Brand side must have close relatives, different relations have different management. It can be divided into six broad categories: * * : * * * close friends, friends, neutral, competitor users, new Lin Bai, and hostile. Mature communities need to differentiate these groups from the start and communicate with different strategies.

– the top 100 community fans are extremely important. It’s important that the founders come out and interact directly with the community, especially the first 100 supporters, and that the founders maintain the channels and habits of constant communication with each and every one of them, listening to their suggestions. These 100 people with product experience, industry Kol, research analysts, external community managers, etc. as the main composition, through unremitting communication and project optimization, to win their favor and self-promotion, then the community gradually snowballed to 1,000 healthy and active people. With 1,000 people, the community is beginning to take shape, and then it can be expanded to the next volume with conventional cognitive marketing. Mao Zedong’s “A single spark can start a prairie fire” is still true. The project side must combine the target market area and the local public order and good customs, in the regional layout of the market, especially at the beginning of the local area 100 people, so as to make a good distribution for the global promotion, the rest is the east wind.

– arm them to the teeth. For community advocates to reach out on their own, have a handy arsenal, the richer the better, and the Arsenal’s tone should match the project’s features. Here’s an example of an Arsenal list:

  • Meme memes.
  • Posters for community events, which can be serialized, such as the 2019 MEXC poster design series, are popular.
  • Every once in a while articles, not only PR content, but also can be the founder of the analysis of the industry point of view, in the community prize essay, and so on.
  • The progress of each phase of the project, produced into a notice.
  • Small designs that incorporate the characteristics of the project: a game segment trial for Gamefi, a technology project that allows one technical knowledge point per day, an educational project that collaborates with some platforms to generate some academic credentials, a music project that allows social media auditions and ratings, etc. .
  • It is important to note that these arsenals should have their own dissemination properties, which can be re-transmitted to third parties after they are seen by the community, and that there are mechanisms for channelling them back to the community.

– the incentive system is clear. Whether it’s expanding your content to reach a wider audience, providing comments or feedback, testing new features before they go live, creating analytics tools, completing a bounty program, and getting the community involved and spreading the word as much as possible, incentives should be as clear as possible.

– podcasts are a great tool. In the Internet age, because most brands need a large audience and there are too many convenient communication tools to use, but in WEB3, most of the initial projects are aimed at the core audience is a small but well-informed group, especially early members of the community. These groups are early explorers, and podcasts are more widely accepted and used in these groups. The founder or core technology developer needs to take advantage of the local market leader’s podcast platform to produce content on a regular basis and maintain the viscosity and activity of the early community.

– a system of division of tasks. Let each member of the community know his or her role in the community and what the rewards are. The best use of this part is BanklessDAO. They are built on the Discord and co-manage a community of over 30,000 people… Many of the members are not native crypto, but ordinary people around us: shop assistants, fitness trainers, lawyers, IT guys . There is no clear KPI to associate with a vision in a large crowd. But a shared vision can bring people together, spontaneously forming a dozen or so unions in different directions, based on their own interests and abilities. Unions are like small departments in a company: design, development, and legal. Each department performs its own responsibility independently, and together they can promote the development of the Dao. There’s one word that keeps popping up all over BanklessDAO-“Action.”. Not just talk, but encourage action, which is their basic community culture. There are 13 guilds based on this culture, they are writing, finance, translation, research, operations, marketing, law, education, design, business development, development, video, and data analysis. (this analysis is from the Dao preacher.)


– uniform identification. It’s not a requirement, but because of the development of DID, if you have the right platform to tie the community to your wallet, everyone has a community-specific NFT, and the benefits, functions, levels of community are tied to the NFT, it will also be a good means of community cohesion and promotion.

– cross-transmission with other communities. Establish partnerships and collaborations that help to cross-communicate the WEB3 community. In a bear market, there is little good news around co-operation, so every relatively positive announcement is magnified. Whether it’s through a project partnership, a joint AMA, or a joint content initiative, be sure to play your part when you do have the opportunity to cross-promote and leverage your partner’s marketing clout.

How to find Kol and exploit their value

People have class, and so does Kol. And not every Kol has real traffic and impact. When looking for Kol, it is best to look for familiar, or have word-of-mouth, or long-term contact. Kol falls into many categories and has its own chain of contempt:

  • Industry leaders (e.g. Vitalik/CZ)
  • Large institutional partners (e.g. , A16Z/paradigm/author Hayes)
  • Editor and partner of mainstream Crypto media
  • Head project put founder
  • Researchers from various institutions
  • Social media platforms
  • Small local community leaders

How to do a good job of user growth

While each project’s definition of growth is unique, there are some common Web3 growth indicators that can be categorized:

  • L1/L2 protocol: number of independent contributors, number of active wallets, number of interactions, number and size of transactions
  • DEFI: Total Value locked (Tvl) , number of active wallets, number of interactions
  • Games: number of active players, number of transactions per user, number of guild partners
  • Market/trading platform: monthly active users, number of coins, number of transactions, total transaction volume
  • Saas: revenue per customer, customer acquisition cost (CAC) , customer churn rate

Start-ups have several good weapons for MMP1 strategy:

– the influence of the core team members themselves. Everyone should already be or can be the Kol of the industry, so make the most of your presence on Twitter and other related social platforms, and become the biggest Sales in the world first.

– core team around industry KOL resources

– cooperation cases. It may be zero at the start, but the project side still has to work hard to find a number of industry applications, either to C or to B, that can be used to demonstrate the feasibility of the demostrate project to the industry, it also uses the marketing clout of the projects it collaborates with to expand its own brand awareness.

– seo optimization. This is a very low cost or even zero cost can do, through SEO optimization, so that everyone’s personal website/blog/PR content, become more search-friendly, and need continuous investment, imperceptibly, it will help the brand to get higher search conversion and natural traffic growth for a long time.

Airdrop is a great way to get users. It seems simple and requires careful planning and operation.

1. Carefully design the Token inflation/deflation logic and ratio. Airdrop is clearly inflation, and if poorly designed, a large number of wool party inflation will cause the project to stumble from the start.

2. Most of the airdrop proposals will be distributed through interaction/tasks. This will raise the threshold for wool to a certain extent, while also designing some interactive tasks that will help the project grow, let the Experiencer know more about the project.

3. Combined with DID, previous airdrops rarely considered the identity of the receiving address and the reputation on the chain. However, DID racetracks have exploded, resulting in many CRM solutions for managing the addresses on the chain, airdrop might consider working with some DID projects. An address on the chain often brings together investors, consumers, communicators, and multiple identities, but it can be more clearly distinguished by address data on the chain, such as Nansen data queries.

4. Similar to Airdrop, there are other reward platforms to consider. A reward is when a user is encouraged to perform certain actions in the chain (such as trading, pledging, swapping, lending, following social, etc.) , reward them with Token. Similar platforms include Flipside Crypto, Layer3, Project Galaxy, Rabbithole, Quest3, DappBack, CREW3, CoinList Karma

How to do an activity well

Web 3 events are conferences, Meetup, Hackathon, After Party. As the epidemic wears off and most countries open up, we can see the web 3 activity in full swing around the world. Doing an activity is a very“Heavy” thing, but it can be partially standardized, and it doesn’t have to be a very“Heavy” thing to do every activity, again, an activity is just a marketing tool, not an end, again, think about what the fundamental purpose of each activity is. Good planning and implementation of activities are basic to consider the following links.

  • Local volunteers are responsible for the execution
  • Attractive and multi-dimensional combination of guests
  • Create an atmosphere
  • Suitable moving line
  • Take away
  • Comfortable time
  • Warm up the activity
  • The dissemination of regional community promotion
  • Most importantly, after the event, the brand is expected to achieve the goal, corresponding, how to set the link in the event to assist in achieving.

Token is also an operational tool

– the Inner Loop logic of the project itself is consistent

– early Token distribution should be a reasonable incentive. The free Token may not be treasured, after going to the bathroom, most of the turn into selling pressure, this time by Token to pull traffic is“Vanity”. Effective distribution requires:

Token is assigned to the right people who are really interested in the project, making a valuable contribution, or at least avoiding scientists from fleecing.

Better to have a pow-style task to get more tokens. Things like sharing, bug hunting, staking, and so on.

If these tasks have their own propagation properties, the probability of secondary spontaneous propagation is greatly increased.

– appropriate balance between issuance and destruction. The early tokens are likely to be selling pressure, or inflation. So it is better to think about deflation at the same time, not necessarily at the same time, but certainly at the same time.

I hope this article can help the industry for each of the marketing needs of the team, hope the industry less deception, more consensus, hope that everyone in the“Bias” in the bull market again.

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