Changtui X is about to launch an internal trading platform? An article speculates on Musk’s ‘Twitter Renaissance Plan

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Exciting announcement: X is about to launch an internal trading platform.

Generally, these platforms offer stocks, currencies, and cryptocurrencies.

Here are the changes Elon plans to bring to X (you may not like them):

Before we start, bookmark this post.

Trust me, you’ll want to come back and take a look later. Let’s see what X might become together.

→ Currencies

This will be X’s micro-payment tool.

You will be able to purchase and gift currencies to anyone:

a) Provide hosting space

b) Write articles

c) Live streaming

a) Provide hosting space

Receive donations from thousands of listeners.

Just provide your hosting space.

b) Write articles

Receive donations from thousands of readers.

Imagine being able to sell your books directly on X without dealing with multiple platforms.

c) Live streaming

The “ice cream is awesome” girl can earn $7,000 per day.

You can start live streaming to earn currencies.

This is now a high priority on X.

Which currencies?

There are numerous rumors about the specific currencies X will offer:

• X Coin

• US Dollars


“The most interesting results tend to be the most likely.”

1. The most interesting

Elon has dropped many hints:…

2. Trading platform

X plans to launch an in-app trading platform.

These platforms typically offer:

• Stocks

• Currencies

• Cryptocurrencies

3. Mentioned in the video

Elon mentioned DOGE in this video.

“I would pay…1 Dogecoin to read this article.”

4. Elon’s profile

Elon’s profile contains symbols of X and DOGE.

Coincidence? Joke? The most interesting result?

It’s up to you to decide…

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