Founder’s Complaint: What Has Moonbirds Done This Year to Make People Feel Disheartened?

Kevin Rose, founder of Moonbirds, rekindles faith in the community in the darkest moment of NFTs.

By Kevin Rose, Founder of Moonbirds

Translated by Luffy

What a wild and turbulent few months…we’re already halfway through the year, and I wanted to publish a post to update everyone on the latest from Moonbirds.

Starting from the beginning of this year, I wanted to truly challenge myself and answer some very important open-ended questions. So on January 5, 2023, I posted the following on Discord to the Moonbirds community:

Now, onto the update. In March, we released Moonbirds’ beliefs and goals: Moonbirds is a PFP for art collectors. At PROOF, we are committed to creating unique experiences for collectors, connecting them with artists, and owning and championing their art.

We will continue to develop products that align with our core vision: supporting artists, media, virtual/real-world events, and building meaningful community/artist relationships.

Let me take a moment to share some highlights from the past 6 months: we have directly paid artists over $1.6 million and created opportunities for more than 70 artists.

This was accomplished through a series of events such as Grails III, Evolving Pixels, Diamond Exhibition, Outliers Program, and Archive of Feelings. Additionally, partnerships with Blockingce Verso, Venus over Manhattan, and Transient Labs have expanded the reach of these artists.

At the same time, we have created exceptional in-real-life (IRL) experiences. We held events for over 1,500 holders in Tokyo, Austin, New York, and Los Angeles, and sponsored 4 community events.

I’m proud of two curated trips we’ve taken: one led by Emily Xie and the other by Tyler Hobbs. Providing Moonbirds holders with the experience of meeting exceptional artists is a core advantage we will continue to double down on.

We will also launch The Foundry, our experimental physical space in Los Angeles, which will bring more surprises and opportunities to artists and collectors.

PROOF Daily NFT Countdown (launched in collaboration with @punk9059) continues to serve collectors by providing many commonly used market indicators. (Also, let’s not forget about PROOF every week)

Our media team has been producing top-notch content for the past six months. Our YouTube content has been watched for over 46,000 hours, and our live performances, market reports, and artist interviews have accumulated hundreds of episodes.

Soon…our new series Mythics will be born. We have hired two outstanding illustrators, Colin and Luke, for Mythics. This is a real-life story about exploring creativity, and it also depicts what happens when fear, uncertainty, and doubt dominate.

Finally, let’s talk about the incentive system we are about to launch. We have a dedicated team developing the incentive system and researching allocation mechanisms to connect creators and collectors, which will form the foundation of our ecosystem.

Our token will have many use cases, and it will become a link for all art, digital, and real-world rewards, allowing holders to connect with what they consider valuable.

We have never wavered in our pursuit of every product, in order to achieve our vision of providing experiences for creators and collectors. TALONS (incentive token) and Mythics are just a part of it, and PROOF’s core product should be a more unified whole.

We know we still have more room to grow. One thing I want to clarify is that we will not stop iterating until we get the right results. The past six months have not been perfect, but we have laid a solid foundation.

Web3 is a wild world, and we are all looking for our own survival space in it. But we know who we are, and what drives us – all of you are the key to our success.

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