HashKey Capital transferred out 4547 ETH from Binance, buying at a price of $1643.

According to blockchain analyst Yu Jin’s monitoring, HashKey Capital has exchanged 7.47 million USDT transferred to Binance yesterday for 4,547 ETH, at a buying price of $1,643 per ETH. Furthermore, the USDT transferred to Binance yesterday was from the Ethereum sold by HashKey on April 19th. Previously, on April 18th, HashKey transferred 3,540 ETH to Binance and withdrew 7.4 million USDT from Binance on April 19th at a selling price of $2,090 per USDT.

Asset and transaction record inquiry: https://debank.com/profile/0x760484042a7856e62b627318796ebb609c8131a1

Reference: https://twitter.com/EmberCN/status/1669544471288229889

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