Nostr 2.0: A Bitcoin Layer2 Off-Chain Data Storage Layer

Nostr 2.0 may be able to serve as a Layer2 built on top of Bitcoin, providing secure off-chain data storage, much like the Lightning Network serves as a Layer2 providing instant off-chain payments. This article explains how Nostr relays synchronize their data while maintaining their lightweight nature, allowing users to selectively delete their data.

As the number of Nostr relays storing specific address data increases, it becomes more difficult to censor that data. This means that popular data hosted by many Nostr relays may be harder to censor than unpopular data that is downloaded less frequently. On the other hand, the Nakamoto consensus blockchain can prevent censorship based on data age. The longer data exists in the blockchain, the more difficult it is to delete it using a 51% attack.

Without the Nakamoto consensus blockchain of Bitcoin, the Lightning Network would not exist because users would have nowhere to store their off-chain transaction bundle proofs. Just as users bundle all these Lightning Network transactions together and put small proofs in the blockchain, we bundle all Nostr data and put small proofs in the blockchain. Similar to how the Lightning Network provides instant payments on the second layer, Nostr may be able to provide data storage on the second layer without the risk of insecure sidechains. It uses the same approach as the Lightning Network, where Bitcoin’s Nakamoto consensus blockchain is on the first layer and Nostr+ZKCSP Lightning is on the second layer.


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