Gitcoin Guide|What are the high-quality projects in the 18th donation round?

“Climate solution projects are worth paying attention to.”

Gitcoin’s new round of donations is here. This donation is called Gitcoin Grant 18, divided into four crypto parts: Web3 open-source software, Web3 community and education, climate solutions, Ethereum infrastructure, and an additional Featured Rounds for project creators. The donation starts on August 15, 2023, 12:00 (UTC) and ends on August 29, 2023, 12:00 (UTC).

It is worth noting that Gitcoin recently announced a one-year partnership with petroleum giant Shell Global Solutions International BV to support the development of open-source climate solutions. Open-source software in the form of public goods for climate solutions is a key factor in this collaboration. The partnership will include matching funds from Shell to Gitcoin Grants program for the next four rounds of climate solution projects, as well as a hackathon focused on blockchain-related energy use cases in Q4 of this year.

Based on the recent collaboration between Gitcoin and Shell, climate solution projects may shine in this round of donations. BlockBeats has compiled the following projects that can be donated:

Climate Solutions

A total of 68 projects have been shortlisted in the climate solutions category for this round of donations. Most of them are dedicated to reducing global carbon emissions, increasing clean energy (solar energy), or protecting renewable resources on Earth, bringing more sustainable and high-quality development to the Earth’s climate.


GainForest is a non-profit organization that protects forest resources. The project uses existing AI algorithms to detect species and biodiversity, collects forest data through drones based on decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePIN), and is committed to building the world’s largest and most valuable forest drone image dataset, changing our understanding of Earth’s biological resources and enhancing protection. In addition, the project provides sustainable income for these forest data collectors.


GoodDollar is a decentralized UBI protocol whose vision is to create UBI asset income using blockchain technology. Its funds are stored and held in mainstream DeFi protocols to generate interest, used to support the minting of the project’s native token G. This token is distributed to users as a basic income through GoodDollar’s network and mobile wallet application, and anyone with a mobile phone and internet connection can create an account on the platform and claim G tokens.

Litter Token

Litter Token is an application similar to “earn while collecting garbage”. The project’s token LTK is used to pay users for collecting garbage. Users can collect garbage, take photos as proof, and claim LTK on the project’s DC. LTK will be sent to the user’s wallet and can be exchanged for USDC. Additionally, the project provides open-source images of the garbage to prove user behavior after each collection.

M3tering Protocol

M3tering is a token incentive protocol that aims to enable individuals and organizations to become electricity suppliers through decentralized solar devices, promote capital investment in solar power generation projects, and provide electricity to areas with a lack of power services. Consumers can pay their electricity bills using DAI, while suppliers can earn protocol tokens as rewards. This protocol promotes the growth of electrification services, drives capital expenditure in sustainable infrastructure projects, and enables people to access cleaner energy.

Solar Foundation

Solar Foundation is also a decentralized solar solution that aims to accelerate access to off-grid solar power for underserved communities in emerging markets. We utilize decentralized small-scale solar devices to provide reliable and affordable electricity while reducing carbon dioxide emissions to protect the climate. Our small-scale solar solutions bring tangible benefits to humanity, such as self-sufficiency and climate protection.

Silvi Protocol

The Silvi team is dedicated to developing an application that gamifies tree planting and management experiences, similar to Pokemon Go, through social media mechanisms and user frameworks, with the vision of planting trillions of trees worldwide. In addition, Silvi will also issue a native governance token in the future, which will be used to generate utility NFT pairs containing all the data and contracts of each tree.

Web3 Open Source Software

In this round of donations, a total of 105 projects have been shortlisted in the Web3 Open Source Software category, which is not much different from previous rounds of open source software donations.

Geo Web

Geo Web is a public goods AR geolocation network, similar to the concept of “metaverse”. On the geolocation network, publishers use open protocols to bind digital content (images, videos, audios, or 3D objects) to physical locations, while users discover such content in their browsers on devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and smart glasses based on their geolocation. The combination of geolocation network with AR’s 3D, persistent, and shared experiences allows users to enhance the physical world through digital content. Geo Web utilizes a property rights system to enable augmented reality use cases to exist in reality, creating discoverability and incentive mechanisms for user consensus in the natural world.


Otterscan is an open-source privacy-focused blockchain explorer based on Ethereum, created by Ethereum developer Willian Mitsuda. Its basic functionalities are similar to Etherscan and it has previously received donations from teams such as Gitcoin and Optimism RPGF.


Horiza is a DEX on the Base chain that combines the advantages of Uniswap V3’s concentrated liquidity algorithm, automated position management, and the ve(3,3) mechanism proposed in Solidity, providing users with a more efficient trading experience and better incentive mechanisms.


OPML refers to machine learning on the OP rollup mechanism, also known as FPML (Fraud Proof Machine Learning). Previously, zkML, “Related reading: Will zkML be the new direction of the zk track?” appeared. Unlike zkML, OPML can provide ML services at low cost and high efficiency, while ensuring decentralization and verifiable consensus of ML services. should be familiar to everyone. It is a tool to prevent wallet theft. It can disconnect the wallet from malicious websites, manage wallet tokens, and keep the wallet secure. was created by Rosco Kalis in 2019 and has since become an important tool for Web3 security.

Via Protocol

Via Protocol is a cross-chain DEX aggregator that aggregates bridges from over 25 chains. Currently, Via Protocol also provides one-click login and liquidity for any protocol in the same application. Users can engage in multiple transactions on different chains and trade through decentralized bridges integrated with DEX, among other features.


PrivX is the first DEX powered by the Aleo network. Through Aleo’s privacy features, PrivX brings more private and secure encrypted transactions. It enhances liquidity and attracts privacy-focused users, positioning itself as the leading DEX for privacy and secure transactions on Aleo.

Ethereum Infrastructure

A total of 26 projects were shortlisted for the Ethereum infrastructure donation, including node development, Web3 indexing, and underlying protocol creation and development.

Sigma Prime

Sigma Prime is the development team behind the Ethereum 2.0 client Lighthouse. In July, they released Lighthouse version 4.3.0. Starting from version 4.3.0, Lighthouse and the Ethereum network now support IPv6. They upgraded the Lighthouse bootnodes and added more IPv6-supporting nodes, allowing IPv6 users to access the entire Ethereum network. In the future, the Lighthouse team will make changes to some research and proposed changes to underlying protocols, potentially bringing better performance before the Deneb hard fork.


EthStaker is a knowledge community dedicated to helping Ethereum users securely and reliably stake ETH through the creation of guides, instructional videos, educational content, and technical support.

Web3 Community and Education

A total of 187 projects were shortlisted for the Web3 Community and Education donation, including the development of new communities, the provision of educational resources, the creation of content (YouTube tutorials, newsletters, blog articles, podcasts, etc.), the protection of users by investigating fraudulent actors, the focus on social DAOs, new user training, and work related to inclusivity, diversity, and advocacy.


EtherScore is a decentralized on-chain reputation system that can prove the on-chain reputation of Ethereum users based on their previous transaction behavior (transaction history). User activities are represented by NFTs that reflect the concept of collectible badges. Anyone can issue badges without code based on one or more minting conditions (e.g., conducting 10 exchanges on Uniswap) to identify and locate specific users.

Upgrading Ethereum Book

The Upgrading Ethereum Book is a technical manual written by Ben Edgington about Ethereum’s transition to PoS and other aspects. The content includes references to Ethereum’s consensus layer, Ethereum upgrade records, and explanations of current design, history, and decisions surrounding our PoS protocol. So far, Ben has written over 135,000 words with 126 illustrations, totaling 367 pages in PDF format. It is highly valuable for colleagues in the cryptocurrency industry to understand Ethereum-related knowledge.

Finally, there is one more point to note. The projects from the previous Gitcoin Beta Round are listed in the donation list of GG18. For more information, please read “Related Reading: Which projects from Gitcoin Beta Round are worth paying attention to?”

Author: Leo

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