Evening Must-Read | The Underrated BTC Ecosystem Behind the Major Players, Value, and History

1. Opepen’s Re-explosion: A Community of Co-creation and Win-win

A new cultural movement is taking place in the NFT community.

Opepen, a small frog composed of various block patterns, suddenly became the Twitter avatar of many people overnight, and they all used the same Opepen image.

Opepen is a work by well-known digital artist Jack Butcher, and the avatar that everyone changed to is the Twitter avatar of ThreadGuy, a KOL who focuses on NFT content output, created by a MAYC mutant monkey NFT. The base color of this mutant monkey is green, with pink eyes and eye corners, and a small devil with a red angel circle on top of its head. Click to read

2. Latest Proposal from US Two Parties: DeFi and Crypto ATMs also Need AML and KYC

A group of US senators is introducing new bipartisan legislation to prevent money laundering and curb criminal activities and violations of sanctions through cryptocurrencies. The legislation requires decentralized finance (DeFi) services to meet the same anti-money laundering (AML) and economic sanctions compliance obligations as other financial companies, including centralized crypto exchanges, casinos, and even pawnshops. The legislation also updates the anti-money laundering authority of the Treasury Department and establishes new requirements to ensure that “crypto ATMs” do not become channels for illegal money laundering activities. Click to read

3. Sorting Out 28 Projects That Received Top Crypto VC Investments in June: What Airdrops and Opportunities Are There?

Observing the latest investments from crypto VCs can help you see market trends and identify new trends early on. Which projects in which tracks have VCs been bullish on recently? This article sorts out 28 projects that received top crypto VC investments in June to help readers quickly understand. It should be noted that any projects and opinions mentioned below should not be considered as investment advice. Click to read

4. The “Undervalued” BTC Ecosystem: Behind the Scenes, Players, Value, and History

On July 7th, Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin praised the development of Ordinals and BRC-20 in the article “What Bitcoin Can Learn from Ethereum” by SLianGuaice on Twitter, saying that they are a counterattack against the “stagnant politics” in the Bitcoin ecosystem, allowing a culture of “actually doing things” to revive. Click to read

5. Will Traditional Financial Games Change? Exploring the Opportunities Brought by Asset Tokenization

Tokenization has long been a major theme in the cryptocurrency world, and now it may finally be ready for its golden age. Wall Street is delving into creating tokens for everything from buildings to gold bars. One advantage is the relatively low level of regulatory scrutiny. Think about the biggest shortcoming of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not “real” because they are not backed by real-world hard assets; they are highly speculative, and the large price fluctuations can be disastrous for inexperienced investors; usually, they are even considered absurd, as MeMe coins and cartoon monkeys can sell for millions of dollars. Click to read

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