Evening Must-Read | In-depth Analysis of the 8% Annual Yield Source of DAI

1. Exciting Changes in the Inventory of DeFi Stablecoins

Is the golden age of decentralized stablecoins coming? Don’t be misled by the total market value of stablecoins dropping from over 180 billion US dollars to 125 billion US dollars (DeFi stablecoins accounting for only 9%). Let’s take a look at the exciting changes in DeFi stablecoins that are ready for the future bull market! Click to read more.

2. Analysis of the Current State of ERC-4337 Accounts on the Chain and New Opportunities

Vitalik described the adoption of smart contract wallets as one of the most important changes Ethereum is facing in a recent blog post. ERC-4337 is the standard for smart contract wallets, also known as smart accounts. Click to read more.

3. Rethinking the Web3 Creator Economy: From Metaverse to UDL

Currently, the state of the Web3 creator economy is not performing well, whether it’s NFTs, GameFi, social media, or other attempts are in a silent period. Azuki’s reckless behavior has even caused significant damage to the entire NFT track and creator economy. However, looking at the entire industry development cycle, the current Web3 creator economy is still in its very early stages. This is not just a slogan, but a statement based on the experience of comparing the development cycle of the Internet creator economy. Click to read more.

4. In-depth Analysis of the 8% Annual Yield Source of DAI and How to Participate

This article will explain in detail the sources of the 8% annual interest rate, what DSR and EDSR are, and introduce four locations and steps to deposit $DAI since MakerDAO does not have an official deposit page. Click to read more.

5. Summary of the Bybit Compensation Incident and the Financial Management Concept Web3 Needs

Wu Shuo’s Blockchain reported on July 28th about the “Mysterious Case: Bybit Payroll Officer Steals a Large Amount of USDT – Singapore Court Explains the Nature of Cryptocurrency Assets” incident, which sparked a lot of discussions in the industry. This article will analyze and summarize from a financial management perspective. Click to read more.

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