Ant whale probe online custom-made clothing and decorative paintings, physical custom is the future of digital collections?

In the complex environment where the head platform is not open and the small and medium-sized platforms are mixed with fish and dragons, can whale exploration step out of the new direction of Chinese Digital Collection?

whale scout NFT

There have been some new changes in the way digital collections are played.

On September 8, the Digital Collection Platform Whale Survey of the ant group was updated with an official“Entity customization” function, this feature allows users to customize some of the published digital collections as derivative physical objects. Currently the first support of the number of collections more than 20, whale exploration said that the future will support more collections.

Specifically, can be customized for the physical t-shirt and decorative painting two kinds. Users just need to find a collection with a“Custom-made” logo in the whale APP, choose to pay for custom-made T-shirts or decorative paintings, and make a selection of border materials and sizes for 1-3 days. According to the page description, the next custom products and play will continue to expand.

This function needs the user to carry on the second payment, because the domestic digital collection price is on the low side, whale exploration releases the collection price mostly below 100 yuan, if the custom-made 40cm aluminum alloy border decoration painting’s price is 118 yuan.

In the T-shirt aspect, the user can choose whether to display all the unique blockchain hash values of the collection, which also means that the physical goods launched by whale probe are also rare and unique, a real-world derivative of a digital collection.

It is reported that prior to the trial with Hangzhou Wanli silk features whale survey, whale survey said the pilot led to Hangzhou Wanli online custom sales increase.

It also means that when big factories reach a crossroads with their digital collections, Tencent chooses to shut down the phantom core, while ant chooses to keep digging.

Since NFT entered China, there has been a problem of acclimatization. Whether it is digital collection or NFT, because of the shielding of financial attributes, its collection of marginal effect is naturally lower and lower. For the platform, how to attract users and maintain long-term vitality without opening up free trade has become an insurmountable barrier, even the digital collection business itself has become a major factory line of business in the existence of a relatively weak.

From the current international brand into the NFT field of cases, community and IP soft power determines the vitality of NFT. Avatar-like NFT, such as“Boring ape” and “Crypto punk”, has swept through the real world with its powerful community outreach, and has established itself as one of the strongest IPS in the meta-universe and WEB3. Traditional brands such as Nike and Tiffany & Co. , which are themselves IP powerhouses, have also used the NFT concept to broaden their marketing and marketing strategies. According to Dune Analytics, Nike generated $93 million from its NFT sales and earned an additional $92 million in royalties. Tiffany & Co. ‘s pendant sold out within 20 minutes of its launch, grossing $12.5 m.

In contrast, in China, the head platform did not open the ecological closed loop, small and medium-sized platform fish dragon complex environment, whale exploration can go out of the new direction of China’s digital collections, it is not known at present.

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