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Blockchain is a new technology that affects the future world, let's Gambling and Investing in it

Potential black swan? What would happen to BTC and ETH in the event of a US debt default?

For the encryption market, there are both risks and opportunities. This article is from Decrypt, the original author is André Beganski. Translated by Odaily…

Evening Read | The Value and Ambition of Worldcoin

Evening Must-Reads: 1. Coinlist: A detailed explanation of the Archway, the Cosmos native L1 public chain; 2. A quick overview of this week's key…

Hong Kong’s Anti-Money Laundering Guidelines: How to Identify Money Laundering Related to Virtual Assets?

Chapter provides guidance on money laundering/terrorism financing risks related to virtual assets, as well as regulatory provisions and standards for combating money laundering/terrorism financing…

ERC-6551: NFT as Wallet, Bringing a New Paradigm of SocialFi

ERC-6551 proposal is a new token standard that greatly enhances the functionality of ERC-721 (i.e. NFT), which was launched on the Ethereum mainnet on…

EU Encryption Regulation Bill Passes – Is the US Worried?

The long-awaited EU "Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation" (MiCA) was finally settled on May 16th.

Magic Eden “Chapter 2”: Trading Aggregation, Composability, Transaction Rewards…

On May 25th, Magic Eden, a leading multi-chain NFT marketplace on Solana, announced the launch of its "Chapter 2" plan, further opening up its…

Quick Look at a16z’s Investment Landscape in Q1 2023

Observing the capital movements of venture capital funds can help users discover market trends early. Undoubtedly, a16z is a venture capital institution that must…

Interpreting data on the Fantom blockchain during the “Multichain Crisis”: What is the true extent of market panic?

The crisis of Multichain continues, and Fantom, a blockchain supported by smart contracts powered by its native FTM token, has become a focus of…

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