2023 Beijing • Web3.0 Music Development Conference Held Successfully

On May 27th, the “2023 Beijing Web3.0 Music Development Exchange Conference”, initiated by KOLO.Market and Media Dao, and co-sponsored by Element, Newland, Blocking, North Latitude 30°, and Amazon Cloud Technology, officially ended. The theme of this exchange conference was “Music Development in Web3.0”, and invited guests, project parties, and media from VIP3, WBSR, Black Cat Academy, Whale Research Institute, Beiyu Blockchain Association, etc. to participate in the exchange and discuss the development prospects of Web3.0 music. At the same time, participants discussed music creation, the development of Web3.0 music, the application of blockchain technology, and more, sharing their thoughts and experiences.

2023 Beijing • Web3.0 Music Development Exchange Conference

KOLO.Market is the world’s first vertically integrated Web3.0 classical music platform, aiming to create a complete and healthy classical music ecosystem. KOLO aims to leverage the potential of the music copyright business in the Web3.0 trend, protect intellectual property rights, maximize the income of music creators and copyright owners, provide fair profit distribution, and use blockchain technology to establish a sustainable decentralized business.

This exchange conference not only invited heavyweight guests such as KOLO.Market CEO: Lenny, Media Dao Co-founder: Matt, WBSR NFT Founder: Xinxin, Core Member of KOLO.Market: Elijah, Element BD Head: Naomi, NewLand Co-Founder: Alan, Shangfang Media Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Yan Tao, Black Cat Academy Co-founder: Teitei, but also received media and community support from North Latitude 30°, Debox, VIP3, Lens Chinese, Concave-convex World, TigerVC, CLUB3, YIBI, Nextme, Jubi, Whale Research Institute, and PlayDao.

KOLO.Market CEO Lenny

First, KOLO.Market CEO Lenny gave a keynote speech on “Classical Music in the Streaming Development Wave”. Lenny shared the KOLO project plan with everyone and said, “When classical music is combined with various technologies and services in the Web3 wave, the management of copyright income sharing will be more fair, transparent, and efficient. This can provide unprecedented solutions for musicians and music copyright owners, effectively promote the development of the music industry, and make individual investment in the music industry possible.” At the same time, KOLO announced its innovative plan to establish an artist committee in the future to promote a win-win situation for artists, music fans, and investors.

Elijah, KOLO Art Director/Kuke Music Group Art Advisor

Afterwards, Elijah, KOLO Art Director/Kuke Music Group Art Advisor, introduced Gabriel, a cellist who had previously performed for everyone in video format, and gave a detailed explanation of why Gabriel was set as a member of the KOLO Art Committee, discussing KOLO’s future artist collaboration models, artist self-management, and new avenues for artists.

Larry, Vice President of Bosh Cloud

Larry, Vice President of Bosh Cloud, gave a keynote speech on “The Cloud Road of Web3.0 Music,” explaining to the audience the application of cloud technology in Web3.0 from a technical perspective, stating that “Web3.0 and NFT have brought more direct connections between artists and fans, new business models, and more equitable revenue distribution to the music industry. However, the technical risks on Web3 are also pervasive. Bosh Cloud, as an important partner of Amazon, can provide users with comprehensive one-stop security protection services in subsequent collaborations to ensure the smooth output of music content and artist performances around the world.”

(From left to right) Matt, Media Dao Co-Founder; Elijah, Core Member of KOLO.Market; Alan, NewLand Co-Founder; Naomi, Element BD Head; Xinxin, WBSR NFT Founder; Teitei, Co-founder of Black Cat Academy; Yan Tao, General Manager of Upward Media Technology Co., Ltd.

As the exchange meeting drew to a close, the 6 invited Web3.0 guests and Media Dao’s Co-Founder Matt, as the moderator, delved into topics such as “What is the current status of creator income, copyright, and user aspects in the traditional music or other entertainment industries?” “What changes may occur in music in the future Web3 scene?” “Will artificial intelligence and machine learning improve music creation and distribution?” Among them, Xinxin, WBSR NFT Founder, producer of “Wai Bo Mountain Song,” and music initiator, expressed from the perspective of a musician that in Web3.0, the income split of musicians will be more clear, and decentralized platforms can help users directly support their favorite singers. Elijah from KOLO.Market stated that the more complete music copyright rules in Web2.0 could be better applied to Web3.0, or provide important references for copyright establishment on Web3.0; Naomi, Element BD Head, from the platform’s perspective, stated that based on the chain’s open and transparent rights and NFT issuance model, effective linkage can be formed among the platform, project party, and ordinary users; as Co-Founder of NewLand, Alan stated that in the Web3.0 era, creators can directly obtain transparent and open income on the chain with the help of technology, and music enthusiasts can also support their favorite musicians in the most direct way; Yan Tao, General Manager of Upward Media Technology Co., Ltd., elaborated on legal and policy issues, stating that with the support of databases, musicians’ copyrights will be protected by law and policy and there will be more localized copyright protection solutions; finally, Teitei, Co-founder of Black Cat Academy, started from his design profession and believed that the Web3.0 era is a participatory era, and personalized creativity will be more popular… Everyone jointly discussed the most cutting-edge issues of global Web3.0 explorers, looked forward to the future, exchanged and cooperated, and promoted the development and innovation of Web3.0.

Through the “2023 Beijing • Web3.0 Music Development Exchange Conference”, KOLO.Market, Media Dao and other Web3.0 industry pioneers, in cooperation with partners inside and outside the industry, break the existing pattern, promote the development of Web3.0 music, explore the application of blockchain technology in the music industry, and explore the new future of the Web3.0 industry.

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