Smart Token Labs: Connecting the Traditional Business World and the Web3 Value Internet

Hash Global member Walter Huang reviews the speech given by Zhang Wei Wu, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Smart Token Labs, at EDCON 2023. He explores the innovations of Smart Token Labs in connecting the traditional business world and the Web3 value internet, as well as the groundbreaking concepts of Smart Token and Smart Layer.

Smart Token aims to redefine traditional digital assets. Weiwu proposes to tokenize everything into Smart Token, from email to smart car keys. Things after Smart Tokenization can freely circulate and integrate in the environments of Web2 and Web3, allowing market forces to optimally allocate resources. In addition, the openness and composability of Smart Token are necessary prerequisites for activating AI potential.

Smart Layer is the necessary bridge to realize the landing application of Smart Token. It allows Smart Token to be executed in the environments of Web2 and Web3, and deal with the data generated by Smart Token. It responds to the use, query, and verification from all parties in a trustworthy way while ensuring user privacy.

Smart Token Labs’ solution will be the necessary condition for activating AI potential. Weiwu envisions a future scenario where travel agent AI needs to interact directly with service providers of hotels, flights, tickets, and insurance when executing travel plans. Existing collaborations among enterprises on the Internet require permission, are inefficient to integrate, and cannot achieve AI’s executive ability. However, in the design of Smart Token Labs, all products and services can be Smart Tokenized, and the execution process of travel agent AI can be as simple as buying e-commerce products.


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