SHIB Investment Experience Sharing A Journey from 30,000 U to 2.6 million U in 52 days

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1. Introduction

Many friends online and offline are curious about how I hold $shib. I have shared my story with different people many times. Last year, I didn’t have the mood to organize it because I was always losing money. Now, taking advantage of this extremely boring market, I review this experience and summarize some experiences and opinions for myself and everyone to refer to in the next bull market.

This short essay is not here to show off, because the money earned by relying on the wind has been lost, and I can’t pretend to be anymore. I just want to survive the bear market and make a comeback with my brothers.

In late January to early February 2021, $doge soared 10 times. At that time, because the big coin dropped from 40,000 to below 30,000, I regretfully stopped the long position of $doge. At the same time, I realized a truth from the rally of $doge, if there is another chance, I must follow Musk closely. This also laid the groundwork for later getting on the $shib.

That period of time was destined to be unforgettable. I was fishing during the day at work, and I almost didn’t sleep at night to relieve my anxiety in various groups. Every time I was shown by my friends in the group several times or tens of times in the early morning.

Before buying $shib, I knew many old coin friends who had already made a fortune by holding bnb/cake or mining defi. And I played with the 200 I had left from the 200,000 yuan loan from China Merchants Bank in 2019 to only 1000 yuan in 2020, which was far different from my friends. At that time, I made a comparison in my heart. If I continue to play mainstream and common altcoins, it is impossible to catch up with them, and I have to pass the baton to them. At that time, I really wanted to firmly grasp a hot spot and suddenly amaze everyone.

2. The gears of fate begin to turn

Looking back, it has been two and a half years since this picture was taken. It seems that everything happened yesterday.

On the morning of March 15th, I posted this paragraph in a small group. It contains a lot of information in just a few sentences. First of all, I studied it on the evening of March 14th. I dare not say that I was the first person in China to discover it, but at that time, I specifically searched WeChat and no one mentioned it. It was because no one mentioned it that I was not confident enough to get on the bus that night. On the morning of the 15th, I saw the big shot CX in another group, and I followed him to get on the bus. This big shot is the famous Mr. Li @liping007.

Small group CX $shib

Mr. Li took the lead in buying

I found the record. I bought about 650 billion that morning, which is equivalent to 5.31 million U at the current price (0.00000817*650000000000). According to the highest price of $shib, it is equivalent to 57.43 million U (0.00008836*650000000000). Of course, this is calculated to be cool, but the actual amount received is far less.

On-chain Buying Records

The picture below is a little episode. At that time, LianGuai did send a flash news about $shib, but I forgot the specific content. After I saw it, I went to chat with my group member CX, because the unreliability of LianGuai was not taken seriously by the group members.

The second time CX $shib

After buying on March 15th, it rose less than twofold in the middle, and then kept falling. During the month from buying to the sharp rise of Amechi on April 16th, I sold 20,000 U at the original price because I ran out of money due to being trapped by $fei, leaving only 30,000 U in my position. In the middle, the 30,000 U was halved to only 15,000 U.

At the end of March, the whole network was fomoing the stablecoin $fei, and I went all in with about 2 million. So the period when $SHIB didn’t rise was actually very difficult to endure. At the same time as I didn’t have money to operate, I also had to endure the group members showing off their coins soaring. At that time, I really thought that this money might not be able to come out. When I thought about how hard I had worked to earn money in a bull market and how it was all gone, I really felt hopeless. Fortunately, half a month later, the situation changed.

Third, the first crazy rally of $shib (resignation storm)

On April 16th, an ordinary Friday, Amechi listed $SHIB. Coincidentally, good brothers who had started a business together came to Shenzhen, and we had dinner, massages, and reminisced about the past together. I didn’t sleep that weekend at all, boasting with them on one side and staring at Amechi on the other side, not even blinking.

From the 16th to the 19th, it surged more than 20 times. It rose to the point where I didn’t care about being locked in the whole position of $fei anymore.

I don’t know why I was so determined not to sell $shib at that time, maybe the desire to get rich overnight was too strong. I remember that my heart was actually very clear, and I even made a short-term wave to get lower-priced chips.

On-chain deposit to

Speaking of which, I want to praise Although I don’t like its UI and interaction, other exchanges can only find the transaction records of the past year at most, while seems to be able to find all the transaction records, and the search speed is very fast.

The first surge K-line chart

April 19th, Monday. I just arrived at the company and opened the enterprise WeChat to sort out my work. When the leader assigned me a task, I wanted to confirm the process with him, and he replied with this sentence:

Unreasonably attacked

At that time, I was furious. I had no choice but to say it. After he finished speaking, he wanted to talk to me in the office. He kept blabbering for half an hour. I asked him if he was done speaking. Once he finished, I had something to say: “I want to resign.”

When I said this, I felt a sense of satisfaction like the protagonist in a cultivation web novel counterattacking. It was mainly because I had endured him for a long time, and he often belittled me.

Looking back now, I still didn’t do it ruthlessly enough. I cared too much about face, and I regret not confronting him directly in the work group. It’s true: endure for a moment, become angrier with each thought, take a step back, and become even more at a disadvantage.


At that time, my $shib should have been worth a total of about 600,000 to 700,000 USDT, plus the amount locked in $fei, which could have been around 900,000 to 1 million USDT if withdrawn.

There was an interesting episode during the resignation process. I didn’t tell him that I had made money because my personality tends to be low-key. I just told him that my significant other was in Guangzhou and I wanted to go back. This person tried to retain me for the entire half month. Later, during a team-building activity, he had a private conversation with me and kept blabbering, wanting to retain me. I couldn’t help but say that I actually made some money and wanted to take a break. Now that he knew he couldn’t retain me, he still insisted on asking how much I made. When I answered that I made 7 to 8 million RMB, this guy wanted to save face and said that 7 to 8 million RMB is not much. He even mentioned buying a house in Shenzhen, but I couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

The most interesting part was about a week later, when I had already liquidated my assets. This person asked me how the cryptocurrency market was doing, and I said that the previous 700 to 800 tokens had turned into 2,000. Oh well, this time he shut up, speechless, and no longer wanted to save face.

Four, liquidation and exit (crazy zoo)

After the correction on April 20th, there was no more continuous decline, and it has been relatively stable. This is also the reason why I was able to hold on. If there had been a sustained decline, I might not have been able to resist running away. And in this short period of over half a month, positive news kept coming out. For example, more and more people were discussing $shib, and fans spontaneously left messages when Musk launched rockets, which was particularly crazy. Everyone thought it would continue to rise. And at this time, none of the top three exchanges had listed it. Xue Manzi got on board at the end of April and publicly made a buy recommendation. A few days later, OKex, one of the top three exchanges, listed it.

Mr. Li is very powerful and everywhere.

Never have I been so crazy about a coin in the friend circle.

I clearly remember that $shib was listed on OKEx at noon on May 8th, because a friend from OKEx hinted me about the listing at noon. However, at that time, I was having lunch with my leader (I hadn’t completed the resignation procedures yet and hadn’t left the company). We spent a long time in the underground parking lot and elevator, and the signal was too poor during the whole process, so I missed the opening and didn’t sell at the peak price. This incident deepened my hatred for this leader.

Then, Huobi went live in the afternoon. At that time, I thought to myself, “Both OKEx and Huobi have listed it, and they have gained so much attention. Binance, as the largest exchange, should not list it so quickly. So I sold all my holdings, thinking that if there is a deep correction, I can buy some back. Unexpectedly, this shameless Binance listed it on the 10th, and I missed half of the A9 in less than 48 hours.

Everyone knows the story that followed, the zoo went crazy for more than a week, and then it exploded on May 19th. My story with $shib also came to an end.

Listing on three major exchanges for two consecutive days

5. Experience & Summary

  1. To make big money, luck is a small part, but destiny plays a big role. However, people who can change their destiny seem accidental, but there are actually many prerequisites. If you give up everything and lie down completely, even a fairy cannot save you.

  2. If you want to make big money, you have to dare to think. At that time, I thought to myself, why can others who started with me succeed while I cannot? Of course, I’m saying this after making money. If luck is not good, my experience might have been mediocre.

  3. Luck plays a part in making big money, but hard work is a prerequisite. During that period, I really worked hard, to the point of developing kidney stones due to staying up late and irregular sleep. I bought various new projects, whether I understood them or not, and studied them. This way, I could seize opportunities when similar projects appeared.

  4. The determination to never give up is very important. With this determination, I surpassed most of my primary/secondary/university schoolmates. Especially in this market, you can choose not to trade, but you must not leave the circle. The wheel of fate will turn to you.

  5. Investment ultimately comes down to risk management (position management). I suffered heavy losses in this bear market because I didn’t learn how to manage my positions. I can only say that in the next bull market…

Finally, I wish all friends who want to turn their fortunes in the crypto world can buy their own $shib.

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