Inventory of 26 latest projects from a16z Crypto Startup School

Crypto Startup School (CSS) launched by a16z is a 12-week accelerator program aimed at providing guidance, education, and funding for outstanding Web3 startups. ARES Alpha Labs, a cryptographic tool project, has compiled a list of 26 Web3 projects selected for the spring of 2023.

1. Bello transforms complex blockchain data into actionable insights without code, helping creators drive growth; 2. Blockus is a Web 2.5 in-game economic platform that seamlessly integrates into games; 3. Capsule is building developer infrastructure to make signing transactions on-chain easier and safer; 4. ChainBlockingtrol is a real-time security platform that prevents phishing attacks in Web3.

5. Discove is a decentralized social client built on Farcaster, integrating community-created subscription sources and plugins; 6. is the Web3 version of Facebook; 7. FINE is a Web3 design platform that provides offline metaverse experiences; 8. Formless is a creative tech lab; 9. Frens is Web3’s WeChat; 10. Fuul is a consortium marketing protocol that establishes trustless partnerships between crypto projects and creators.

11. Gandalf allows users to create exclusive content for their Web3 communities on Web2 platforms; 12. IYK enables anyone to create verifiable digital consumption experiences; 13. KIKI World is a community-driven beauty platform for co-creating and co-owning cosmetic products; 14. Lockbox supports programmable workflows, transforming on-chain and off-chain data into actionable insights.

15. mbd is a better recommendation system; 16. Mentaport is Web3’s geolocation platform; 17. Narval is an organizational Web3 wallet platform; 18. pimlico is building infrastructure based on ERC-4337; 19. plurigrid is a P2P interactive energy protocol for decentralized energy coordination and open gaming; 20. Primev is a block builder communication network for MEV participants to better execute trades.

21. Shield helps Web3 platforms adopt higher security standards to build trust and drive growth; 22. Sky Lab is building primitives for autonomous worlds; 23. Stackr Labs offers micro-rollups to scale Web3 applications; 24. Triangle Labs is building a new web browser called Hourglass; 25. Web3Analytic is building user acquisition tools for DeFi; 26. ZeroDev is a scalable and embeddable smart wallet.


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