GPTScan Breaking Boundaries with AI-Driven Smart Contract Vulnerability Catcher

As a leading global Web3 artificial intelligence security service provider, MetaTrust Labs has provided a new weapon, GPTScan, for the Web3 security industry to deal with smart contract vulnerabilities. As a powerful engine, GPTScan combines generative pre-trained transformers (GPT) with static analysis, integrated in the AI-driven security scanning tool MetaScan, and efficiently detects logical vulnerabilities in smart contracts.

A research paper on GPTScan, titled “When GPT Meets Program Analysis: Towards Intelligent Detection of Smart Contract Logic Vulnerabilities in GPTScan,” was first published in early August 2023 and has been submitted to top conferences in the field of software engineering, which indirectly confirms the enormous value of GPTScan in theory and practice. For researchers, GPTScan opens up a new situation in AI-driven security field, and further research on the comprehensive application of AI capabilities will be stimulated on the basis of GPTScan’s technology. With the help of GPTScan, the field of software engineering can make rapid progress in building more robust, reliable, and secure decentralized systems. Researchers from MetaTrust AI Labs expressed in academic visits:

“GPTScan is the first tool that uses GPT technology to match potential vulnerability functions based on code-level scenarios and features.”

By guiding GPT to intelligently identify key variables and statements, and then verifying them through static confirmation, this method improves the accuracy of smart contract scanning and reduces the problem of false positives that may occur when relying solely on GPT to identify vulnerabilities.

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In a recent study, GPTScan was evaluated on three different datasets, covering about 400 contract projects and 3,000 Solidity files. The results showed that GPTScan achieved over 90% high accuracy in large projects like DefiHacks. It effectively detected real logical vulnerabilities with a recall rate of over 70%.

GPTScan is definitely an important innovation in the field of Web3 security. Its advanced capabilities lie in discovering previously unnoticed vulnerabilities while reducing false alarms, making it a valuable addition to the field of smart contract security. As smart contracts and DeFi projects continue to expand, the exploitation of vulnerable contracts has already led to billions of dollars in losses. The demand for advanced security solutions in the industry has become urgent. GPTScan provides clear advantages for smart contract developers and auditors by identifying previously undiscovered vulnerabilities, reducing financial and reputational risks.

It is worth mentioning that researchers have discovered 9 new vulnerabilities using GPTScan, which were not found in the Code4rena auditing report, highlighting the value of GPTScan as a useful supplement to human auditors.

As a powerful tool, GPTScan’s innovative AI+ blockchain features are considered to have the potential to change the blockchain ecosystem, and this innovative combination has also been recognized by researchers in the field of AI.

“The inherent autonomy of artificial intelligence fits well with the decentralization and autonomy characteristics of blockchain and smart contracts. It has the potential to transform the prevailing centralized governance in the blockchain ecosystem into a truly decentralized and autonomous paradigm.”

GPTScan has significant potential to enhance the security of smart contracts and the entire Web3 ecosystem. It can not only discover previously unnoticed vulnerabilities, but also reduce false positives, making it equally valuable in the field of smart contract security. The Web3 security industry urgently needs tools like GPTScan to fully unleash their infinite potential in identifying complex smart contract vulnerabilities.

About MetaTrust Labs

MetaTrust Labs is a leading global provider of Web3 AI security services and audit services, providing developers and project parties with powerful AI security tools to efficiently protect project and contract security. Services include AI security scanning, security auditing, and security monitoring. We provide fast, accurate, and effective solutions for every stage of the software development lifecycle, helping builders easily develop secure Web3 applications.

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