Deep Experience Report: How to Pre-layout Web3 Social Protocol Lens Protocol?

Web3 social graph protocol Lens Protocol has completed a $15 million financing round. BlockingNews columnist Wu Hai has written an article analyzing this Web3 social protocol and early participation opportunities. This article is a re-release of an old article, first published on November 4, 2022.

The Lens protocol aims to solve the problems existing in current social media. By allowing users to create profiles and enabling interaction between profiles, Lens allows creators to have their own connection with the community, forming a fully composable, decentralized social graph. Users own all actions taken on products built on the Lens protocol and can take them to any application built on the protocol.

Profile NFT is the main object in the Lens protocol, and owning this NFT means that you have control over your content, achieved through tokenizing and modularizing user behavior. Tokenization refers to the Lens protocol’s use of ERC721 NFTs to grant ownership rights at three levels, which are fully composable. Modularity is at the core of the Lens protocol, with everything built upon community extension and constant development of innovative features. As true owners of their content, creators no longer need to worry about losing their content, users, and business models due to changes in algorithms and policies on individual platforms.

Lens ecosystem projects: 1) Lensfrens, a Lens Profiles curation webpage built by the Lens team; 2) Lenster, a decentralized social media application built on the Lens protocol; 3) Lenstube, an open-source video sharing social media platform supported by Livepeer and Vercel. 4) ORB, a decentralized professional social media application with an end-to-end on-chain reputation system that can connect companies, projects, and users, suitable for Web3 practitioners. 5) Phaver, a Share-to-Earn decentralized social application supported by Lens.


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